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“Fuck. You’re not wearing panties,” I groaned.

She giggled but was cut short and cried out as I slid two thick fingers inside her warm, tight pussy. She was already wet for me, and I fumbled with my belt and zipper.

Shoving my boxers and jeans down, I slammed all of my aching dick inside her, stretching her, filling her up. “I want to be inside you all day, every day, Holly.”

Her arms wrapped around me and she dug her fingers into my rags. “Just keep me here with you, Bear! Don’t let me go!”

“Never!” I roared as I pumped into her harder and faster, exploding into her warm softness.

Chapter 9


Bearstrippedusbothnaked and carried me down the hall. He put me down in the shower and climbed in with me. I was exhausted, and my limbs felt heavy as he washed my body and my hair. I sighed as his huge, gentle hands massaged my scalp. We toweled off and laid together in his bed. No man had ever shown me so much tenderness as this giant of a man who had killed men to save me.

My fingers feathered up and down his wide chest and I inhaled his clean male scent. “I love you, Bear,” I whispered.

He lifted my chin and looked into my eyes. “And I love you, Holly.”

I sat up and smiled, “I want to move in here with you. I’m a good cook, and I can clean up around here for you.”

Bear sat up, placing his hands behind his head, and smiled back. He looked like a big content teddy bear. “Oh, yeah? What about your parents? Not sure they’d be too keen on you living in a shithole trailer park with an outlaw biker.”

“I told my mom and pops all about you the other day. They just got home from Louisville. I broke down and told them about what happened at the store. Pops saw the hole my brother left in the wall, too, and stormed out of the house to go find him.”

“Don’t think that went over too well.”

“Duncan, or Diezel, whatever he wants to be called, can go to hell for all I care. My parents know that you saved me when I was attacked. And they know that I love you.”

Bear went from relaxed and smiling to looking fierce. “Holly, the club life is hard, especially on young, pretty girls like you. It’s dirty, and it can be deadly.”

I huffed and climbed out of bed, “You don’t want me here, do you?”

“Don’t spaz out on me, girl.” His voice was low, but his eyes drifted down my body as I stood there naked and angry. “I do want you, all the fucking time! You just need to understand that club life is not easy.”

“I’m not spazzing out! If you love me, then that’s all that matters. Idowant to live here with you. Be with you.”

“Come back here.” He was quick and pulled me back into bed and on top of his warm hard body. “Go home and pack your clothes and things. You belong to me now and in my bed.”

Bear was right, Pops was not at all amped about me packing my things. He was already in a rare mood because apparently, he almost got into a fistfight with Duncan about what happened to me at the store. Mom was in tears, but I hugged her tightly and reassured her that I was only a few miles away. I told Pops I planned on coming back to the store and helping out once he was ready to open it up for business in the next few days.

For the first time in my life, I felt free when I moved in with Bear. I loved Mom and Pops, and I knew how lucky I was to have parents who loved me just as much. But I wasn’t a little girl anymore. My sheltered life was no more and my world was turned upside down the night I was attacked. And it changed me forever. It was time for me to leave the nest and live my own life and live it with Bear.

The weekend came and Bear was about to leave for the patch-over party. He shrugged his rags on, looking down the front of it. “Well, I guess this is the last night I’ll be wearing Hellion colors. When I come home tomorrow morning, I’ll be a Berzerker.”

I tiptoed and kissed him. “What happens to your Hellion rags?”

He wagged his finger. “Club business, darlin’.”

I groaned. “Why can’t I come tonight?”

“No, Holly. It’s club business. No ol’ ladies allowed tonight.”

I stepped back and crossed my arms. “Oh, but club whores are okay. I’ve heard stories about what goes on at these kinds of parties, Bear. Naked sleazebags and orgies!”

He grinned, and I wanted to sock him in the arm. “You’re so cute when you’re mad.” He leaned down, planting a long passionate kiss on my lips, and I couldn’t help but moan. “I’ve got some movies on videotape in the living room. Find one you wanna watch, and I’ll be home in the morning. Just ignore the porno.”

I fidgeted and paced the small living room in the trailer soon after Bear left. I didn’t want to be alone all night long imagining Bear with a bunch of club whores sitting on his lap or doing other things.

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