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Searching for love.

She had fallen in love in a heartbeat and yet it had felt like a decade already.


“No. Drop the blanket, Harper.”

Her thoughts swirled all around in her head and fell into an abyss in a jumbled mess.

The Orlovs. The Smirnoffs. Uncle Jimmy. The broach. Her father. Her mother...

She looked up at them, in a frenzy. Completely overwhelmed. What if by choosing her they were putting themselves at risk?

She couldn’t fathom what the mafia did, but if it were anything like movies and books....

“Stop thinking. We’ll take care of everything. Now drop the blanket. You already made us ask twice.”

Harper closed her eyes and exhaled the breath that had been lodged in her throat, keeping her imprisoned with the thoughts.

She dropped the knitted throw off her shoulders. Despite the warmth of the room, she shivered. The way they looked at her, created a savage need within her to give them what they wanted.

“You know what it means when we say we’re going to claim you, Harper. Every hole you have?”

“Yes.” She could barely talk. Her pussy was already so wet, that her thighs were slick against each other.

But she clenched her whole body in raw anticipation as they started to strip off their clothes.

God, they were magnificent. Her three rough lumberjacks.

Eight-pack abs. Biceps which bulged with every movement that they made. Shoulders so wide they could break down a door. Powerful thighs.

“You remember the size of our cocks, little one?”

She gulped. “Yes,” she said softly.

“Three of us are going to share your ass and your pussy, Harper. Do you understand?”

She melted on the spot. The trepidation that she was going to disappoint them settled like a dark cloud around her. How was her little body going to take all three of them?

“Crawl to us, little one,” Karter ordered her.

She still managed to blush a deep shade of pink, despite everything they had done to her body already. She dropped down to her knees and started to crawl toward them.

The sounds of their grunts encouraged her and emboldened her. She swayed with more exaggeration now and never had she felt more powerful than on her hands and knees crawling toward them with her mouth salivating already.

By the time she reached them, copious amounts of pre-cum leaked from their thick silky round heads.

“Suck,” Ryder said, and keeping her eyes on him she opened her mouth and Ryder tapped his cock on her tongue until a silky ribbon of his pre-cum fell onto her tongue and ignited her taste buds. Greedily, she licked off every drop, swallowed then pulled him into her mouth and sucked.

She cupped his balls and then kissed him reverently before she moved onto Sawyer.

She couldn’t have stopped her own little growl from escaping her lips when she took him in hand and licked off the shimmering wetness from his head. Sawyer threw his head back and his hand crept into her hair as he pulled.

He was sensitive and that made her bolder. She licked the sides of his cock, up and down, then down to his balls. Then she took his head into her mouth and pulled on the mind-blowing taste that was his cock.

He pulled harder on her hair but she wasn’t ready to let him go.

“Brat,” he growled.

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