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“That is the reason he gives, but there have always been men like him, especially in his clan. His ancestors have always sought to purify the bloodline. They believe that the wolves have become lax and weak over the years, far too content to sit by and watch humans take over the world they believe should be ours. The blood feud is merely an excuse to justify his actions, although I don’t know how anyone can justify what he has done…” Jamie choked back a sob.

“And what will happen if Ishmael succeeds?”

> “War. Once he has dominion over the wolves he will only have one more enemy to fight; humans. He knows he can’t attack them yet because the wolves are divided. He thinks he can win, thinks that he can actually wrest some control away from humans because he believes it’s his divine right. He thinks that the goddess will smile upon him and grant him superior strength, giving him the power to turn back the wheel of time and return to a period where wolves and men were all equal.”

“And what do you think the goddess will do?”

“I don’t know. But I don’t think she wants this. The wolves have learned to live in peace. We are hunters, yes, and we are strong, but that is only part of who we are. We are also intelligent creatures who can tell right from wrong, who have dreams and ambitions of our own that extend beyond conquering land. She merged beast and man for a reason, and I do not believe that it is for something as simple as going to war with humanity. We are not blind to how the world has moved on and there is no sense in fighting a war the wolves cannot win. What must happen is for us to integrate ourselves more deeply into the world, to fashion a new beginning for ourselves where we can be proud of our heritage and yet create new traditions. Hiding in the forests does us no good, we must venture forth and find new lives for ourselves, spread through the world and hopefully begin new clans that live in secret in human society and, hopefully, one day the wolves will be able to rise and declare themselves as their true selves without fear of being slain or hunted. Only then do I believe the goddess will smile upon us again, but that requires our clan to persist. I can smell the fear on you Millie. Do you still seek to escape, or are you willing to accept the role the goddess has presented to you? Can you see yourself falling into a silver lake and emerging with a new purpose, or are you still tied to your old life?”

I thought about his words and what this all meant. I still had my hand resting against the stone altar, and I looked down at all the wolves that had come before. There was so much history waiting to be discovered here, and still much more history to be made. Unlike me, these three brothers were trying to accomplish something with their lives, trying to achieve something with meaning and purpose. They had a belief system and morality. They knew what they wanted to do, and they were prepared to go to any lengths to do it. I was just a woman with no direction. I’d had no direction ever since my parents had forsaken me, treating me as an unwanted burden. I’d fought back by running away as soon as I could, by isolating myself from anything good in the world and claiming I was doing it all for the sake of independence, protecting myself from the world, protecting the world from me. Only now did I realize how hollow it all was. I had accomplished nothing at all with my life. I had done nothing of purpose, and I knew that if I left this cabin I would never do anything that mattered. Jackson was right; it didn’t matter where I went, there would always be places like the Rainbow Bar, and somehow I would always find them. I’d end up a shell of a person, and when I looked back at my life I’d return to this moment, this moment when I could have chosen to be someone, but I walked away.

So I wasn’t going to walk away.

I had been brought here against my will, and at first I had done everything I could to escape, but what was I escaping too? I didn’t have a good life waiting for me. I didn’t have anyone who cared about me. My parents had forged different lives for themselves and they had found happiness, was I really going to deny myself that same chance out of spite? My life had always been driven by fear. I had always turned away from the thought of raising a family because I was afraid of repeating the mistakes of my parents, even though deep down there was nothing more I wanted than to be part of something bigger than myself. And in that moment I was thinking that perhaps the greatest revenge I could get on my parents was to be better than them, to cherish my children instead of pushing them away. They had always treated me like a mistake, but the wolves didn’t see me like that. I could prove my parents wrong, I could raise a new generation of wolves and claim myself a place in their history, and suddenly the path of my life made sense.

To any regular human living in the outside world I was nothing. I didn’t matter at all, but to the wolves I was the woman who could bring about a new generation. It made my heart beat faster, and the more I thought about it the more I realized I wanted to be that woman. I didn’t want my life to mean nothing.

“Okay Jamie, I’ll do it,” I said, trying to prevent my voice from shaking with fear. I wasn’t entirely sure I had succeeded. Jamie smiled.

“I’m glad to hear it,” Jackson said. I turned around to see that he and Logan were descending the stairs. I was a little embarrassed that they had been standing there and I hadn’t noticed them, but I was glad to see them. Now that I had accepted my fate I was more comfortable in their presence. There were things about each of them that I appreciated and was attracted to. I liked Jamie for his innocence and sweetness. I liked Jackson for his strength and power, and I liked Logan for the way he wanted to try and repay the debt that he owed his brothers. They cared for each other, and I realized that I could have that kind of feeling as well. I was attracted to each of them, and I saw in them the same kind of vulnerabilities that had plagued me for my entire life. I knew that I could matter to them in a way that I hadn’t mattered to anyone else, and I knew that if I went missing from this cabin they would come and search for me, not simply move on with their lives.

The three men stood around me and I felt the strength of their vitality. The air simmered with masculine heat and sexual arousal. They stepped closer, and I looked towards each of them in turn, reading the same expression on their faces. I turned to the altar, looking down at the smooth surface, and smirked with erotic delight as I thought about each of them taking me, wondering how I would cope. I started to peel away my clothes, exposing my naked body, and then turned to them.

“Shall we begin?”


Aroused growls erupted from the men as they watched me strip. There was something deeply exciting about putting myself on display for the three brothers, knowing that we shared this intimate secret and would never share this experience with anyone else again. It was entirely ours, and there was something special about that.

I reached around to unclasp my bra and then wriggled out of my thin panties, displaying every inch of my naked body for them. They looked at me, agog, each of them showing their desire. I was thrilled to cause such a sense of awe and I was eager to share sensual feelings with them. I stroked my hair and smiled at them in turn, and then moved towards them. I stood in the middle as they formed a circle around me and I soon felt eager hands reaching out to my body, strong fingers running along my burning supple flesh. Desire flashed inside me and my lips parted, letting out a soft, sharp moan. Sweat prickled on my skin because of the heat and I quickly lost myself to my desire. I reached out just as they did, tugging at their clothes, urging them to get undressed.

I loved the feeling of having multiple hands roaming over my body. I arched my neck back and closed my eyes so that I was left to wonder whose hands were groping my breasts and whose were wrapped around my hips and whose were resting on my back. I moaned loudly as I was pulled and pushed between the men, rolling around, being held against their bodies for a moment before I was moved again. Their hands were everywhere, and I didn’t know where they were going to touch next. Every second brought with it a new spark of fire that bloomed on my body, scorching me with intense heat. My lips were caught as I heard them pull off their shirts and throw them to the ground. My eyes fluttered open and I gazed at their bodies, three men in their prime, all muscled and taut, bodies rigid with tension, covered in masculine hair and their primal appearance appealed to a deep, savage part of me. It was as though my mind was being peeled open and a thunderous desire was pouring through me, flooding my body and my soul with exquisite delight. I had never felt pleasure so intense at just being touched before. I felt my knees grow weak and a pulsing sensation throbbed in between my thighs. I reached out and dragged my hands down their bodies, my fingers moving through thick beds of hair, my nails touched the tight muscles, the rippling abs, and I suddenly grew very hungry for them.

I was caught in an inferno between the three men. They closed in on me, trapping me between their sweaty, heaving bodies. I felt my skin being bit and nibbled, scratched and clawed, I gasped as they pinched my hard nipples and lightly spanked my ass. The ends of my hair were gripped in a fist and I my neck was arched back. I fell against a strong body and was pulled to the floor by a force more powerful than gravity. I sank to my knees and looked up at the three wolf brothers towering above me, looming over me with their power and their lustful force. I gaped at them with my mouth open, I was level with their groins and I could see the outline of their erections. I moaned incoherently as I groped at their jeans, pulling away their leather belts, dragging down their pants to expose them and unleash the masculine power that had remained hidden to me.

Their pants were flung away and they were naked now, as naked as I was. I gazed on their huge erections, each one seemed to be bigger than the last. They were thick and wide and gorgeous and all I wanted was to suck on each of them. I reached out and grasped two, and with the other I opened my mouth and took it deep inside me. I curled my hands around the ones either side of me, squeezing and stroking, feeling the heat rise around us as I clamped my mouth on the third and let my saliva drizzle all over it. It felt as though I was a cat in heat. I could feel my thighs getting slick as I pleasured the three men, moving between the erections, covering them all in my wet saliva, pumping each of them with my hand, feeling the heat of them smeared over my lips and my face. Hands were on my head, holding me in place as I made love to them with my mouth. In all the delirious heat I had no idea which cock belonged to which man,

and I didn’t care. All I knew was that I was pleasuring all of them, and that was all that mattered to me.

The future of the wolves might have rested on this night, but in the moment I didn’t care. All thought of the future had been driven away from my soul by the searing heat of lust, and the pleasure was all that seemed important. I opened my mouth as wide as it would possibly go and swirled my tongue around. I curled my hands around the shafts and ran my thumb along the soft mushroom tips, feeling the rippling veins, the thunder of blood rushing through them. My own mind was delirious. I felt hazy, as though I was rising through another world. All the fears and doubts had been burned away. My heart raced and my chest heaved with frantic breaths, I was flushed with arousal and sweat trickled in the valleys of my breasts. I was surrounded by the hot musk of these men, breathing in the aroma of their sex, tasting them on my tongue and lips and it was the most glorious cocktail I had ever tasted.

At one point I brought the three cocks together and took the tips in my mouth, surprising myself with how wide I could stretch myself, and then I reeled back, almost fainting because I was so light-headed thanks to everything that was going on. I looked up groggily and met Jackson’s eyes.

“I think it’s time,” he said. He and Logan picked me up and took me to the altar, where they laid me down on my back. I groaned as my arms splayed out either side of me. My legs were raised in triangles and I could feel the heat in between my legs. My head twisted from side to side as I attempted to process the passion that flooded my body. My hand rested in between my thighs as I played with myself, unable to resist the ache that throbbed and pulsed so violently and fervently. My fingers lapped at the wetness and I felt the rush of pleasure sweep me away like a crescendo.

Jamie walked up to me, his face a picture of nerves. I wanted to make him feel good, to prove to him that he was a desirable man. I was about to take his virginity and I wanted it to be a moment he would never forget. His hands tentatively reached out to caress my thighs. My legs parted naturally.

“I want you Jamie. I’m glad you’re the first,” I whispered breathlessly. He fumbled awkwardly as he positioned himself on top of me. I took him into my arms and helped guide him into me, taking his young, trembling body, feeling him press against me. I felt drops of sweat underneath my fingertip and I kissed him deeply as I twisted my body into position, until I felt him against me, and then suddenly in one swift, instinctual moment he was inside me.

“Oh God you feel so good,” I moaned, and he trembled and gasped as well. We held each other tightly, clinging onto each other as he got used to the feel of being inside a woman. I slowly rocked my hips, giving him a sense of what to do, whispering encouragement in his ears. His hands ran through my hair and I could feel his terse breath rattling against my neck. He kissed my mouth and skin until he was too busy moaning to kiss. I arched my back and felt his primal movements. His body had never been used before in this way so he displayed no skill as such, but his enthusiasm was more than enough to make up for any shortcomings in other areas. He gripped my body tightly, seized in the flurry of passion that clutched his heart, and I could feel the sheer joy and bliss, and for a moment I was taken back to my first time when life seemed so much simpler, so much more innocent, and I thought that these feelings would last forever.

I stretched my hands out and placed them on his back, feeling the rhythm of his body move up his spine as he thrust into me, the heat and the lust bleeding between us, our bodies joined as one, his fingers digging into my flesh as he lost control and suddenly surrendered to the powerful instincts inside him. A jolt of lightning flashed through my body as he released himself and I felt the full convulsion of his body as he hit his first ever climax with a woman. He buried his face in my neck and shuddered passionately, emptying himself of everything that had been building up inside him for so long.

He groaned.

“You were so good, Jamie, so good,” I said. He kissed me lightly and then dragged himself off me, looking groggy and drained. He wiped the sweat away and looked down at himself in confusion, probably wondering if this was how he was supposed to feel. I remember having similar thoughts when I had lost my virginity. Part of me wished that I could have risen and spoken to him, for it was a difficult thing to descend from the height of sex, but I was given no respite. Next was Logan, the middle brother, the man whose life had been saved.

He strode around the altar, stroking my body, groping my breasts, seemingly examining me. I writhed and groaned as his hand curled around my neck and his fingers delicately ran across my lips. I opened my mouth, hoping to suck on them, wanting to do anything to please him, but then he told me to sit up. He kissed me deeply, cupping my head in his hand while using the other one to explore my body. Our kiss was interrupted by a sharp moan as his hands found the sweetest part of me, the part that was extremely sensitive after what had just happened, and now Logan’s long fingers were dancing inside me, curling back and forth, creating a new swell of pleasure. My breathing became frantic again and I almost begged for him to stop. I wasn’t sure how much more of this my body could take. I was already feeling more than I had ever felt before. My body ached and was pleading for mercy, and yet the pleasure was so fierce that resisting it seemed futile. With his fingers inside me Logan was treating me like a puppet, making me move to his whims, his commands, and I could do nothing but enjoy it. Sweat streamed down my face, and juice made my thighs so slick they glistened. Logan thrust his tongue on my mouth and then lay down on the altar. Unlike Jamie, Logan knew exactly what he wanted.

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