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He pulled me on top of him, never taking his gaze away from me, and I straddled him, placing my hands on his broad chest. He trembled with satisfaction as I lowered myself onto his erection, feeling it fill me up. I arched my neck back as I adjusted to the feeling of him, and then I started to rock back and forth. His hands rested against my hips and came up to grope and tease my breasts. His touch was electric and small bursts of tingles exploded over my body wherever he touched. He pushed me up so that I was sitting straight, my hair falling to my breasts, displaying everything for him. He held me tightly as I rode him, my moans becoming sharper and squeakier as he drove into me, drilling me with his big erection. He winced as I dug my nails into his chest, feeling his rampant heartbeat under his flesh. For a brief while I was under the impression that I was in control of the rhythm and he was simply there to enjoy my body writhing atop his, but I was wrong.

The passion gripped him and he reached up, clamping a hand around the back of my head, and he brought me crashing down to where I was pressed up against him, our sticky bodies sliding against each other. He held me down tight, his palms spreading over my ass, his fingers digging into my supple flesh as he took control of the rhythm, pounding away, thrusting deep inside me with no mercy at all. His hips slammed against the stone altar and the pleasure crashed through me in hot, tempestuous waves. My moans were muffled as I was held close to his skin and he got deeper and deeper inside me until I thought he was going to tear me apart, at which point I felt his body bristle with tension and then he erupted like a volcano, spurting inside me, filling me up with all his thick, viscous cum.

I collapsed on his body and we lay there for a few moments, drained and covered in sweat. I was already a sticky, writhing, wrecked mess. I had been fucked by two wolves so far, and there was still one more to come, the eldest wolf, the most powerful, the Alpha.

Logan slid away from underneath me, leaving me splayed out, helpless on the altar. My sweat dripped down, staining the stone. I was groggy and I was panting rather than breathing. I tried to push myself up but there was no more strength left in my arms. Then I felt him come up behind me. I heard his footsteps on the ground. Then his hand reached out and stroked my back. I gasped and winced, almost afraid of everything he could do to me.

I whimpered as he slowly got onto the altar himself, putting my body into position. He hooked his hands underneath my hips and raised them so that I was on my knees.

He stroked my back, pushing me down. My hair fell around my face, my hands gripped the edge of the altar. I felt him come behind me and I knew it was only a matter of time before he was inside me, fucking my raw and aching pussy. I knew I couldn’t take anymore but I was too broken to protest, and deep down I wanted it badly. I had experienced two wolves and they had taken me to places I had never known before. Now I wanted to know what it was like to feel the Alpha inside me, to be at the mercy of his strength and power. I wanted to feel everything he had to give me.

One hand clamped around my ass, then the other, holding me tightly. My eyes screwed up closed tight as I felt the tip of his cock rub against me, and then he started to push himself inside, slipping into my wet, aching hole, and I felt every thick inch of him stretch me. I moaned loudly and it seemed like he would never end, but then I felt him stop. He was inside. We were connected. He started slowly at first, gently, but quickly he increased the rhythm and started to thrust against me forcefully, pounding and pumping with all his might. I felt sweat drip off his brow and land on the small of my back. At one point he grabbed a fistful of hair and yanked my head back, and I recognized it as the same feeling as I had felt before, and I knew that he had been the one to make me fall to my knees. My body curled under his power and I felt the tremors of pleasure rippling over me once again, a quaking, quivering sensation that tore at my drained soul and made me dizzy. I knew I couldn’t take much more of this. I was on the verge of passing out. Every part of me ached and yet the pain blurred with pleasure, making me even more confused.

The Alpha was taking me, seeding me just as his brothers had. I was going to usher in a new era of wolves. I was going to be the matriarch, the one who gave them all life, who nurtured them and taught them and gave them a home. I was the vessel these mighty wolves used to bring about the restoration of their clan, and my life finally had meaning. I was doing something amazing with my life. I was going to be a mother.

Jackson slammed into me relentlessly. I heard his growls, and I was sure that he lasted longer than the other two, and by the end of it I was just a limp figure, nothing but a doll for him to use. His strength had completely overwhelmed me and when he gave me his seed I took it willingly, feeling it seep into me. He stayed connected to me moments after he came, pushing and pulsing inside me. I felt him throb and knew that every drop of his seed was dripping inside me, getting deep into my body, ready to give life to the next generation of wolves.

When he was done, Jackson pulled himself away from me gently. I rolled onto the slab, my chest heaving, my body a wreck. I panted and gasped and tried to catch my breath but my eyes rolled into the back of my head and my heart felt as though it was going to burst out of my chest. I looked at each of them. Jamie was on the floor, holding his head in his hands, looking as though he was still coming to terms with the intensity of the situation. Logan was standing with his arms folded across his chest, looking pensive, while Jackson was standing tall and proud, gazing right at me, at the mother of the new generation.

He walked over to me and placed his hand on my head. The others joined him. I didn’t know what was happening now but I didn’t much care. I was too exhausted and lost in my delirium to do anything.

“Mother Goddess of the Moon, look upon your servants and bless this woman for she holds the seeds of the future. Make our children strong, and give her the strength to bear them. Protect them and imbue them with your glory. Take them and be their salvation, just as you were the salvation of the first wolf. We pledge their lives to you, just as our parents pledged ours, and we promise that we shall do everything we can to pass on the teachings we have learned and make them into good servants for you,” he said.

I closed my eyes intermittently and I felt a strange wave of energy pass through me. The stone seemed to grow warmer underneath me and I felt…something. I wasn’t sure what, and even now I couldn’t explain it properly. All I knew was that something ethereal happened to me, something that was beyond science, something that was left to the realms of magic.

I stayed there for some time before the wolves lifted me from the alter and carried me back to my room where they placed me on the bed, wiping me down with damp clothes, soothing my skin. I was on the cusp of unconsciousness but even so I heard one of them say that he loved me, although I couldn’t tell which one it was. I was ushered to sleep by them and soon fell into slumber, my body yearning for rest after being exposed to such intensity. My last thought was that I was now the vessel through which the clan was going to rise again. I had taken their seed, and from their seed new life was going to grow. I was housing a new generation of wolves, and I was going to be a mother. It was a dramatic shift from the path I had been on before, but it was not a decision I had made lightly and as I let sleep fall upon me I was left feeling like it was the right decision.

I had met my destiny, and it was to walk along the same path as the wolves.


When I awoke I was still groggy and my body ached tremendously. I was naked in bed, and I was alone. I reached over to the bedside table and grabbed a glass of water, and as I did so I reached down and felt my stomach. I could already feel that something was different inside me. I wasn’t convinced of the existence of the Moon goddess, but if she did exist then she had certainly done something for me. I replayed the session in my mind, thinking about all the pleasure that had been shared with us, and I had never experienced anything so pure and raw and intense. Even thinking about it made my heart flutter, and I realized that the wolves meant more to me than I realized.

Then I heard a loud crash from outside and some loud yelling. Panic flared inside me. I leaped up, ignoring the pain in my body, and pulled on some loose clothes. I crept out of the room and made my way outside, where I saw a horrible sight. There was an ugly tall man standing at the edge of the forest, flanked by a number of other men, all with grotesque expressions on their faces, hungry for blood. The three brothers were standing in front of the cabin, their fists clenched by their sides, and I didn’t need them to tell me that this was the infamous Ishmael.

He walked forward confidently, ready to meet Jackson. I stayed hidden near the door, keeping away from the action. I remembered what Logan said; that if Ishmael appeared I should run. Part of me wanted to, it must have been the new motherly instinct inside me because I wanted to protect the lives I was carrying, but I couldn’t leave them. Not like this.

“We’ve finally found you,” Ishmael said. “You should have just stayed where you were and died with the rest of the clan. It would have saved you wasting my time.”

“You might think you’ve won, but as long as one of us remains standing you’ll never win,” Jackson said.

“Then I’ll make sure to kill all of you. But the question is, which one do I kill first? Shall I start with the youngest one, or shall I leave him until last so he can see where the mistakes of his ancestors have led him?” Ishmael moved before each of the brothers, studying them closely, moving with the supreme confidence of one who believed he had already won.

Fear clawed at my heart. I had heard from the wolves how Ishmael had decimated their clan, but more telling was the effect he had had on them. Ishmael had made them scared, had put fear in their hearts, and made them take drastic action to preserve the clan. I didn’t feel I yet knew enough to teach my children about the history of the wolves. They had to survive, they just had to, because I didn’t think there was a way out of this for myself. Ishmael and his men would surely sense me eventually, and then I’d be at the mercy of them with nobody else to save me, but there was nothing I could do. I had no special skills and no weapons. All I could do was watch and pray to the goddess of the Moon that my wolves would win.

Jackson, Logan, and Jamie looked strong as they stood before Ishmael and his army, the three of them were a small force against the dozens of men Ishmael had gathered. I didn’t see any way for them to emerge victorious after this, not after what I knew had already happened to their clan, but it was heroic of them to stand up to Ishmael rather than cower in fear. They were an honor to their clan and I took note, wanting the children to be just like their fathers.

The air was filled with tension and none of us knew what was going to happen next. I hoped that somehow Ishmael would see sense and return from whence he came, but from the scowl on his face I knew there was little hope of that.

“Finally, your clan will pay for the mistakes of the past, and the future will be mine to command!”

“Not while we’re alive,” Jackson said.

“You won’t succeed. The Goddess won’t allow it. I refuse to believe in a world where she endorses your actions,” Jamie said.

Ishmael seemed amused by this. “You can think all you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that I have proven myself to be the strongest wolf. That is the only thing the goddess respects, and when I am done with you I will have settled the feud, and then I can move forward to my true destiny, taking this world back for the wolves.”

“And you really think they’re going to let you?” Logan asked.

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