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Women around them swooned at the sight of man and boy together, and Tilly studiously avoided Logan’s gaze as this had him glaring at her.

“That’s what actually I came here for,” she said instead.

Tilly sounded worried, but Logan wasn’t buying it. If learning about her sister’s life-threatening condition hadn’t been enough to have her come apart, he highly doubted Liam suddenly deciding to call him Papa was even enough to make her blink.

This little troublemaker was up to something, the billionaire thought, and the only thing left to do was wait for her to reveal what it was.

“I think Liam’s unconsciously missing his parents,” Tilly was saying, and Logan managed not to roll his eyes at the way she was wringing her hands and had everyone convinced of her anxiety. “It’s made him think of you as his dad. He obviously misses you so much…”

Tilly looked up then, and Logan’s brows shot up. What the fuck? She was looking up at him in a way that would make it obvious to anyone…it was really her, not Liam, who was missing him.

“Last night was just so good, you know…”

The billionaire choked.

“Because we played around…”

And now everyone else was choking.

“With Liam, I mean,” she said innocently. “And you know…” She deliberately licked her lips, and it had the billionaire staring at her mouth. Fuck. God, that fucking mouth. It was uncanny, but also sexy as hell, the way she could so easily switch between angel and seductress, and he could feel his cock practically near to bursting out of his pants as her sigh drew his attention to the rise and fall of her breasts under her blouse.

“It’s been so long…and hard…”


But even as she had him torn between having her carted off to the nearest asylum and shaking some sense into her, neither could Logan stop remembering the way his long and hard cock had been buried inside her sweet little pussy.

And it seemed as if all the men under his employ were thinking the same thing.


Logan’s jaw clenched at the way they were staring at Tilly. This was all her fault, dammit. She should just fucking stay at home, where he alone could look at her. He glared down at Tilly, warning her against further playing with fire, but this only had her eyes sparkle brightly with laughter in response.

“I’m just talking about the time Liam spends apart from you.” Her voice was full of earnest innocence, but no fucking way was he buying this either. “It’s seriously been so long—” Her tongue darted out to slowly trace her lips. “And hard…” Her teeth sank into her lower lip.



God fucking damn this woman for being impossible to resist.

The billionaire’s mouth swooped down to cover hers, and a silent but chaotic kind of madness appeared to take over the crowd. A couple of men couldn’t resist hooting, a few even clapped, but mostly everyone simply gasped even as they very carefully and stealthily got their mobile phones out to take photos.

The kiss lasted only for a few seconds, but oh what unimaginably, magnificently rapturous seconds they were, with the way the billionaire had so very possessively taken ownership of her mouth, that by the time he lifted his head, Tilly needed more than a moment just to get her wits about her.

And it so wasn’t helping, she thought weakly, that the billionaire was audibly breathing hard, and that he was still staring at her mouth like he was about to pounce on it any moment.

Pounce away

Tilly gave herself a mental shake. Concentrate, Wakefield!

She mustn’t forget her reason for coming.

And that was…

Tilly leaned forward, and in the act of reaching to take Liam back into her arms, she whispered into his ear, “Stage 2 unlocked.”

Incredulity had Logan jerking – had he really heard her fucking say those words – and he had his answer as soon as she moved away, and he saw the Cheshire grin playing on her rosebud lips.


And looking every inch like the goddamn cat that stole the fucking cream, she blinked up at him, saying very innocently, “Me?”

Logan battled against a very serious urge to give her a good, hard spank to her bottom. Stage 2 in their timeline, he thought irritably, was to provide the people around them subtle proof of their growing attraction to each other.

So where the hell was subtle in what just happened?

Chapter 14

Uh oh. Tilly had thought the billionaire would appreciate her well-meaning little joke, but when Logan ordered Jim to look after Liam before wordlessly taking her hand to drag Tilly with him to his office…

Maybe she had overestimated his sense of humor?

His long-legged stride forced her to half-run after him past a sea of gaping faces, and when the billionaire slammed the door shut after them with a loud, hard bang—

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