Bought by The Billionaire Rancher

Author: Marian Tee
Category: Billionaire Romance | Romance
Total pages: 42

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Bought by The Billionaire Rancher

A nanny with the boss' wedding ring...

Billionaire oil baron Logan Hardwall may be the last bachelor standing among San Antonio's Finest Eligibles, aka SAFE, but it didn't mean he was ready to get leg-shackled like his other friends and believe in all that true love sh*t.
When he suddenly found himself in need of a wife to take care of his orphaned nephew, Logan began his hunt for the perfect mail-order bride. She had to be good with kids, but she also had to understand her place in his life, and that was not as his loving wife.
She might warm his bed, wear his wedding ring, and be able to spend his money at will, but other than that...she was just the nanny, and that was all she would ever be.