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Anything but this.

“Goddammit, Tilly.”

And because the glint in his eyes told her he wouldn’t be letting this go until he had the truth out of her—

Logan bit back an expletive when she suddenly started taking her clothes off. “You have got to be fucking kidding.”

Tilly’s blouse dropped to the floor, and his throat went dry at the sight of the sheer black lace cupping her succulent breasts.

“You can’t keep using sex to win a goddamn argument—”

Tilly’s skirt fell in a pool of satin around her legs, and he sucked in his breath as she stepped out of it before reaching for the back clasp of her bra. It had Tilly straightening her back, chest out, and when the bra finally fell—

“What the fuck do I know?” she heard the billionaire mutter seemingly to himself, and a fresh set of tears pricked her eyes even as a bubble of laughter threatened to burst past her lips.

Tough but tender, cold but kind, serious but funny—

Oh, how she loved this beautiful, contradictory man.

She slowly walked towards him, and his blazing gaze followed her every movement.

And she could be with him forever, as long as she never let her love stand in the way of his dreams.

Logan’s throat was dry by the time she made it to him, standing so damn close that the rosy tips of her breasts brushed against the taut outline of his chest every time she breathed.

“I’m yours to command, Mr. Hardwall.”

Fuck. Her voice was sweet, husky perfection, and it was enough to have his already-throbbing cock nearly poke a hole out of his pants. The urge to touch her burned, and when he raised his hand to slowly run his knuckles down one soft cheek, the way she closed her eyes and turned to his hand almost as if to savor his touch almost had him spilling pre-cum out.

Hot fucking damn.

“Dance for me then,” he heard himself say.

Her big brown eyes swept open, and it was like being struck by lightning, with the way she stared up at him as a naughty little smile curved over her lips. She really was everything he wanted in a woman, his most delectable dream turned into flesh with her mix of sensuality and innocence.

“It will be my honor to do so. But first—” One small hand pressed against his chest, and he let her have her way as he walked back. She gently pushed him down after, and he lay back slightly, propping himself up on his elbows, his gaze never leaving her.

Walking in the nude, with a man watching her every movement, should have embarrassed Tilly, but oddly enough, that it was Logan only served to empower her. She loved the way he never tried to hide how much he desired her, the knowledge making her feel bold and beautiful, and more importantly, it gave her the confidence to be whatever he wished her to be.

Because when she told him she was his to command, she meant it.

Using his iPad to play some music, she began to dance in the way she imagined he would want her to dance. Slow, sinuous movements, her hands drifting over her body the way he liked to caress her. Fingers trailing down the side of her neck. All the way to her breasts so she could play with her nipples. And then dipping into the hot, musky valley between her legs.

He sucked in his breath at seeing her fingers disappear from view, and she saw in the glitter of lust in his eyes that her fingers touching her own pussy had him thinking of how his cock had also been able to experience the same thing.

Any moment now…

Their eyes locked, the billionaire’s gaze wild with need, while hers simply asked a question.

Shouldn’t you be fucking me by now?

Tilly’s toes curled at the rough, guttural sound that came out of Logan’s throat.

Oh, that sound…

It was like his inner beast coming to life.

And honestly?

She couldn’t wait to have him ravage her.

Their gazes collided, and every cell in her body tingled in heightened anticipation.

“I need you here. Now.”

Oh, yes.

She would have even crawled to him if he had asked for it. She just wanted, needed, loved him that much, and a squeal that turned into a smothered laugh escaped Tilly when the billionaire yanked her down the moment she was within reach and she tumbled into his lap.

He lifted her up.


And then he was bringing her back down to impale her pussy on his cock.

She screamed.

And as he started bouncing her on his big, hard cock, she found out for herself just how long and high she could scream.

“Oh God, Logan.”


“Like that.”

“Oh God, yes.”

Watching her spiral out of control had his cock pummeling harder into her, and her wild, breathless cries only served to spur him into a similar descent, his own control slipping away as the moist, hot tightness of her pussy started squeezing the last brain cells out of him.

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