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Why did Tall, Dark, and Heavenly have to come now, when I was already dead?

It was a depressing thought, and if last night’s memories weren’t still so fresh in my mind, it would probably have been enough to turn me into a poltergeist. Or a succubus. But since I was a big girl who could handle big girl problems, I quickly wiped my tears off and headed off to the en-suite for a shower I didn’t really need.

Just think of this as your one last fling on Earth, Saoirse Sullivan, I told myself, and no more than that.

I HAD JUST CHANGED into my new dress when Hadrian appeared by the doorway, looking rather dashing in his black knitted sweater and jeans.

“Hello there.” His voice was deep and sexy, and I could feel my whole body responding to it.

“Hello there.” I didn’t resist as his hands clasped my waist to pull me close, and it felt all too natural to wrap my arms around his neck as his head bent down. It was a long, deep, drugging kiss, and by the time he raised his head my lips felt wonderfully swollen.

“Would it sound weird if I told you I can’t remember the last time I felt this wonderful?” I paused. “Or maybe that’s just the sex talking. I’ve only had three boyfriends my entire life, and it was just the last one who—-” The rest of my words disappeared under his kiss, one that was so deliciously rough that he had me panting by the time it ended. “What—-”

“I don’t like hearing you talk about other men.”

If there was a mirror nearby, I bet I’d see my eyes sparkling right now. “Are you actually…jealous?”

He frowned. “Why does that come as a surprise to you?”

Why indeed?

I threw my arms around him and heard Hadrian grunt when I gave him a big, tight hug. “You’re right. Why am I arguing? I am a woman worth being jealous about so be sure not to make me—-” Hadrian was kissing again, but this time I had a feeling it was simply to shut me up.

Now that I wasn’t so preoccupied with the thought of sex, I was better able to appreciate my surroundings, and just like the bedroom, Hadrian’s dining area boasted of concrete walls, carpeted flooring, and cream accents. I had imagined his apartment to be bolder and more masculine or even industrial than this, but the more I thought about it, I realized that the elegant but laidback feel of his place perfectly matched his personality. Calm and solid as a rock, but still not the kind of guy you’d want to mess with.

Hadrian came out of the kitchen with plates of buttered toast and omelette. It looked so good that it had my mouth watering, and the sensation had me sitting up in astonishment. “I’m actually hungry,” I burst out.


“But you don’t understand,” I protested. “I was never hungry before. And now I am. Is this even normal?”

Hadrian didn’t answer right away, and it felt surreal, watching him lay the plates down like we were just playing house. But when he finally took his seat and turned to face me—-

I gulped. Shit. The sober look on his face suddenly made me think maybe, maybe playing house was better.

Hadrian took hold of my hand, and I fought to stay calm. Deep breaths, Saoirse.

“How honest do you want me to be?”

“Shit.” That only meant one thing. “It’s completely not normal, is it?”

“When humans die their souls are normally drawn to the Underworld.”

“I didn’t feel anything like that,” I blurted out.

“Then that means you fall on the other category,” Hadrian said evenly. “Newly released souls—-”

My brows furrowed. Was that the politically correct term for ghosts?

“—-with unfinished business start out with distorted consciousness, and it’s what causes them to be amorphous. Some souls remain trapped in this stage and eventually turn into corpse lights.”

I mentally shuddered at the picture he painted. A floating light bulb for eternity? I’d rather die a hundred times over than suffer such a boring fate.

“On the other hand, some immediately turn into poltergeists.”

Nope. Don’t want to be an afterlife stalker-slash-killer either.

“And finally, there are those who gradually draw enough energy from their surroundings, acquire shape and form, and if they’re powerful enough, they’d be able to communicate, interact, and regain virtually all of the bodily functions they possessed when they were living.”

“That’s me,” I pointed out. “And obviously other ghosts, too, so what makes me different?”

“Two things,” Hadrian murmured. “Firstly, the amount of power you’ve been able to amass at such a short period of time is…unprecedented.”

“So…you’re saying, I’m like a superghost?”

His lips twitched. “I guess I am.”

“Also: a superghost who doesn’t know what her unfinished business is.”

“Most of the time, it has to do with family members who still miss you—-”

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