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And that need…was all for me.

When he finally returned to the bed, and the full, hard weight of his body pressed over me, I could only close my eyes and arch up as I wrapped my arms around him. Please God. If you’re listening…can I have this man with me, even just for a little while? I just…


Hadrian’s low growl had me blinking my eyes open.

“Stop thinking,” he ordered, “and start kissing me back.”

My lips curved helplessly. “Sorry.” And I closed my eyes obediently after that and started kissing him back.

The sexual chemistry between us was off the charts, and by the time his mouth hungrily trailed down, I was already a trembling, moaning mess, my fingers curling against the sheets as his hot breath teased the tips of my breasts.

A whimper slipped past my lips as he started to suckle on one straining bud, and I couldn’t stop myself from clutching his head as he moved to my other breast. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. I fought against crying the words out, but when he had already moved further down, and I felt his breath caress my silken folds…it was just too much, and the words came out in a helpless little moan.

“Please don’t stop.”

And Hadrian responded by stroking my most intimate flesh with his tongue.

Oh God.

My fingers clawed his back, and I heard him suck his breath just as his fingers tightened its hold on my thighs. The thrusts of his tongue drove me wild, but with his hands pinning my hips down, there was nothing I could do but moan and grip the sheets as my stomach started to tighten. I could feel myself starting to shake harder and harder, but just when I was about to reach the peak, I felt him suddenly move away—-


But Hadrian was only repositioning himself, the muscles of his arms bulging as he braced himself just before slowly and steadily driving his manhood inside of me.


He felt really, really, really good inside of me, and when he started moving, his thrusts driving deeper and harder, I could only cling to his shoulders and strain up to meet the downward strokes of his body. His beautiful, chiseled face was above me, his jaw tight, and oh God, just looking at it was enough…and suddenly, I felt it, the pleasure threatening to take over, and I moaned his name out.


Our gazes clashed, just before his mouth slammed over mine, and he rasped out a command against my lips. “Come with me.”

And I did.

I came as he asked, sobbing and shuddering, and the pleasure only intensified as he followed shortly after, his fingers digging hard into my bottom as he filled me with his seed.

THE OTHER HALF OF THE bed was empty when I woke up, and a glance at the bedside clock told me it was half past nine in the morning. Last night had been quite the revelation, with Hadrian turning out to be quite the insatiable lover. In my admittedly meager experience, I thought a man could only last for, um, a single bout per night, with the actual climax only lasting for some seconds, but yeah, Hadrian absolutely blew that theory sky high. He could make love for hours, could last so long that I actually ended up half-begging for respite. Half being the operative word, since the moment he whispered into my ear—-

You know you don’t really want that.

Well, he turned out to be right. I hadn’t really wanted any respite, and the last thing I remembered was my eyes closing as Hadrian continued to move with slow, languid strokes. It wasn’t my first time to sleep in the afterlife, but this was definitely the first time I remembered succumbing to slumber without worry gnawing at my heart.

A little sigh of happiness slipped past my lips at the thought, and I stretched one last time before finally getting up…and that was when I saw it: a beautifully wrapped box propped against the TV console, and I was on my knees on the carpet in moments.

For Saoirse.

And below the boldly scribbled words was what I assumed was his signature…in Greek.

The big red bow tied around it loosened after a few tugs, and underneath layers of gift tissue was a crocheted shirt dress in soft, gray lace. It was the best gift ever, and you’d feel that way, too, if you were in my shoes. I had been a ghost for months, and the only piece of clothing I owned was the same dress I had died in…until now.

Tears rushed down my cheeks as I tried not to think about how perfect and not perfect this moment was. It was amazing, just dazzlingly amazing, the way Hadrian seemed to instinctively know how to make me happy. But on the other hand…

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