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The past day and night replay in my mind. I think how much I’ve done that I never dreamed was possible. I wonder how Dad’s doing.

When my thoughts turn to the other crusaders, I pinch my eyes tighter shut and banish them from my thoughts.

As a chorus of snores fills the air, I lose track of time.

I don’t let go of Chance, and I’m grateful he doesn’t push me away, either.

In the darkness surrounding us, I give in and let my thoughts turn to the man holding me.

Like I’ve said before, I’ve never met anyone like Chance. He’s twice my size and so much stronger. He’s also the most attractive man I’ve laid eyes on. It’s not just his looks but the vibe he gives off. It’s filled with tension, danger, and self-confidence. There’s probably nothing on this planet he fears.

It’s like he’s superhuman.

Chance shifts, and lifting himself with one arm, he hovers over me.

“It’s time to leave,” he whispers.

I push myself up on my elbow and turn my head toward Chance’s. My lips accidentally brush over his cheek, drawing a loud gasp from me.

Oh crap.

My heart sets off at a wild pace, then he yanks away from me, leaving my stomach all knotted up, and I wonder if the fluttering sensation I just felt was a figment of my imagination.

I move to sit up and suppress a groan when every muscle in my body protests. Every inch of me is stiff and aching.

It’s dark, with only a shimmer of light coming from the toilets.

“Ethan.” Chance shakes his brother’s shoulder. When Ethan looks at Chance, he whispers, “Wake up Aaron. Do it quietly.” He glances at me.

“Don’t make a sound. Walk where I walk.” He eases himself up in one fluent motion.

I get up as gracefully as my aching body will allow me to, careful not to bump against the sleeping rebels who are still naked.

Chance takes one giant step over a mat, and all I can think is there’s no way I can even jump that far. I don’t want to look to Ethan for help because Chance will be angry, thinking I’m trying something with his brother.

Like that will ever happen. I don’t even know where to start to seduce a guy.

I glance down at the mat again, wondering where to step, when hands take hold of my waist, and I’m lifted into the air.

I grab onto Chance's biceps and feel his muscles bunch together, but there’s no sign of strain on his face. I weigh nothing to him.

He sets me down right in front of him, and I catch a whiff of his scent again. I wonder why he smells of crushed leaves. Did he lie in the wild grass while he waited for us? Is that why he smells of the earth? The thought evaporates when he takes hold of my hand and pulls me close behind him.

Ethan is right behind me, and I find myself blocked in by the two brothers. As we start to shuffle our way through the mats and rebels, I grab hold of Chance’s arm to better balance myself. The last thing I want to do is fall on a sleeping man.

Chance stops and lets go of me. He crouches by a mat and slowly pulls something from the rebel leader’s pocket. He shoves whatever he took into the back pocket of his jeans and reaches back for me without looking. Once he has my hand firmly gripped in his, we move again, slowly, until we reach the end of the platform.

I watch him jump off. He reaches back for me, and without a word, he lifts me onto the tracks.

With a pounding heart, I think of all the train tracks lying in wait for me in the dark.

I’m going to stumble and make a noise.

The men start to walk, and I wonder how they see where they’re going. I can’t even see my feet.

I stumble over the first track and reach in front of me to steady myself. A hand grabs my right arm, and I know it’s Ethan because Chance is to my left and Aaron’s on my right.

I pull back quickly, and not wanting to anger Chance, I whisper, “Don’t help me, Ethan.”

I manage to take a few steps before I trip and fall to the ground. My knee burns, and I bite on my bottom lip to keep the gasp in. This time it’s not my fault because a tie is sticking out of the ground.

I’m not winning with the tracks.

“Walk this side.” Chance takes me by my elbow and pulls me to his left side. “There aren’t any tracks here.”

Now he tells me.

I roll my eyes, hoping he can’t see me doing it in the dark. Seriously, he could’ve told me that sooner.

Up ahead, it isn’t so dark anymore, and there’s something shining at the end of the tunnel. When we’re closer, I can make out that it’s a beaten-up, old car.

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