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This time his brutality and possessiveness make me feel safe.

I only have to worry about pleasuring Chance.

“Will you teach me?”

He brings his other hand to my face, and his fingers brush over my temple, cheek, and jaw. He leans slightly over me like he did when we slept on the platform. “So, you’re not opposed to being mine?”

I quickly shake my head. “This is all I wanted. To belong to only one man.”

His eyes narrow. “Any man?”

A smile pulls at my lips. “Before I met you, it didn’t matter who the man was.”

He leans closer until his breaths fan over my lips. I place my hand on his side and gather all my courage to admit, “But if I get to choose, it would be you.”

“Why?” It sounds more like a demand than a question.

With my eyes never leaving his, I reply, “Because you make me stronger. Whenever I think I can’t do something, I look at you and find the courage to do it. I used to think I was a coward until I met you.”

A satisfied expression relaxes his features. “Good girl.”

My abdomen tightens, and my thighs clench. An inferno of heat washes through me, chasing the chill from my body.

I’ve been taught feelings make you weak. Still, looking at this deadly man, I can’t help them from growing in my heart.

Chance presses his forehead to mine, a groan rumbling from his chest. “You’re too innocent for a man like me.”

Will all my newfound bravery, I whisper, “Then corrupt me.”

“Christ,” he hisses right before his mouth slams against mine. He kisses me forcefully, and when his tongue slides into my mouth, delicious tingles make my skin feel sensitive.

I gasp, grabbing hold of his shoulders as he rolls me onto my back. Our breaths mingle, and the kiss becomes desperate until we make the same sounds the rebels did.

This time I’m not embarrassed but, instead, filled with a hunger for more. My mind clouds over, and I can’t think straight anymore.

Chance frees my lips, leaving a trail of burning kisses over my jaw and neck. My body reacts instinctively, my back arching and my breasts feeling heavy with need.

Every sensation is a new experience, making me greedy for what Chance will make me feel next.

His mouth comes back to mine, but he doesn’t kiss me. “I’m going to fuck you if you don’t stop me.”

I belong to Chance.

Whether it’s right or wrong, I don’t care. I’ve never felt this strong attraction toward any other man.

His eyes lock on mine. “Say it.”

“Fuck me.”

With a savage growl, Chance’s mouth claims mine. His teeth assault my bottom lip, and his tongue lashes at mine. Just as I start to feel lightheaded from the lack of air, he breaks the kiss.

Chance grabs hold of my shirt and yanks it up my body, his movements filled with desperation as the fabric is tugged over my head.

His eyes rove over my chest, the bra doing nothing to hide my hard nipples. “Jesus,” he growls, ferocious hunger darkening his eyes. He unclasps my bra then pulls the fabric off me.

I’ve never seen anyone lose control like this.

My heart thunders in my chest, and when Chance’s lips close around my nipple, I squeak from the intense pleasure he makes me feel.

He bites my sensitive flesh, then soothes it with his tongue until my back arches and pleasure rolls through my body like a wave.

I gasp, my breaths coming fast while my hands find his muscled arms, hungry to touch his skin.

“Christ, woman,” he breathes against my breast. “You’re fucking perfect.”

I’ve never received a compliment like that, and it fills my chest with pride.

I feel Chance’s fingers by my hip as he takes hold of my underwear, then I hear them rip as he tears them from my body.

“I can’t go slow,” he rasps. “It’s been too long since I’ve had a woman.”

I hate the idea of Chance kissing another woman the way he’s kissed me. His hands on her body.

I shove the thoughts away because it happened before me.

Taking hold of my thighs, he shoves my legs wide open. My eyes are as round as saucers, my face flushing from being so exposed to him. But then his fingers rub me hard between my legs, and all I can do is gasp for air.

“You’re fucking soaked for me, little one,” he says. It sounds like he’s praising me.

He pushes a finger inside me. It feels sinful and amazing, and I can’t stop my hips from swiveling. “Chance,” I breathe, begging for whatever comes next.

He pumps his finger in and out of me, and his mouth finds mine again. As his tongue lashes at my lips, the pad of his thumb presses against an extremely sensitive bundle of nerves

Oh. My. Soul.

My body presses hard against his, and I lose complete control of every muscle. I start to convulse, and unable to stop the sounds, moans spill from me.