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Chance inhales every single one, his fingers working magic between my legs.

Overpowering pleasure seizes my body, lights explode behind my eyes, and my lips part with a cry.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” he growls. “I have to fuck you now.”

I watch as he yanks his shirt over his head, and seeing the hard planes of his chest, the square ridges over his abdomen, and all the ink covering his skin makes my pleasure so much more intense.

My body’s still convulsing, the area between my legs inundated with tingles and intense pleasure, when Chance pulls his hand away. A moment later, I feel something thick and hard nudge against my opening.

“It might hurt. Feel free to bite me,” he says, and it’s the only warning I get.

He slams into me, and the sharp pain knocks the air right from my lungs. Chance is so big, he stretches me until it burns and feels like I might tear.

I can’t stop the whimper from escaping me. His mouth crushes against mine as if he’s trying to drink the sound from me.

Pulling out, he enters me forcefully again. “So fucking tight,” he growls. “Christ.”

The ache is sharp as he forces my inner walls to take every inch of him, but after the sixth thrust, I start to become accustomed to his size.

He buries himself all the way inside me, and resting a forearm beside my head, his other hand grips my hip. His eyes lock on mine, then he praises, “Good girl. You take me so well.”

Holy crap.

His words make my muscles tighten around his thick length, pulling a pleasure-filled groan from him. “Jesus. Such a good fucking girl.” Again I clench around him, and it fills his eyes with such satisfaction I’ll practically do anything to keep him looking at me with that expression.

Chance claims my mouth with a ferocious kiss, his teeth and lips rubbing my lips until they’re swollen and tingling. His hips pull back, and I feel him move inside me. This time when he slams back into me, the head of his hard length reaches a spot that makes lights explode behind my eyes.

I gasp against his mouth, my body tensing so much I can only hold on to him as he starts to pound into me. The sounds of our bodies hitting against each other fill the room.

Something builds in me, and when it becomes frustratingly unbearable, I cry, “Chance. Please!” My fingers dig into his skin, and not knowing what else to do, I bite down on his shoulder.

“Fuck, Jai,” Chance snaps, but he doesn’t sound angry. His hips move faster, his hard length pounding into me until I’m blinded by my need and overcome with excruciating pleasure.

When a scream rips from me, Chance slaps his hand over my mouth to smother it. His hips hammer with such force my body jerks with each relentless thrust.

“You.” Thrust. “Are.” Thrust. “Mine.”

The ecstasy seizing my body is merciless, making me weep, and his name spills over my lips like a prayer.

His mouth claims mine in a searing kiss, branding me his property right before he jerks against my body. Growls and groans shudder from him as he finds his pleasure in my body.

I continue to cling to him, my soul desperate to be as close to him as physically possible.

He jerks twice more, then his thrusts slow down until he plunges inside me one last time and stills.

For a moment, I only hear our harsh breaths. I become aware of our sweaty skin, and everywhere we touch.

Chance lifts his head, and seizing my eyes with a possessive look, he says, “You’ll fucking fill this world with my children.”

For the first time, the thought of giving birth every two years doesn’t fill me with dread.

Not if creating life feels this good.

I bring my hands to his square jaw and trail my fingers through the bristles. With a sated body, I admit, “I never imagined sex would feel like this.”

Not moving off me or pulling out, he tilts his head. “How does it feel?”

“So… full.” I scrunch my nose, not sure how to describe it. “Intense pleasure.”

The corner of his mouth lifts, then there’s a flash of worry in his eyes. “Did I hurt you?”

In the beginning, yeah, but I don’t tell him. Instead, I say, “I enjoy feeling you inside me.”

His right eyebrow lifts, and he gives me a predatory look. “Good. I plan on fucking you until you’re unable to walk.”

I chuckle, and it makes my inner muscles clamp around him.

Chance lets out a groan, then his mouth nips mine in a soft kiss. “This is as close to heaven as I’ll get. A woman beneath me to fuck until I’ve had my fill.”

I feel his manhood thicken and stretch inside until every inch of me is filled with him again.

Chance moves a hand to the side of my head and kisses me as if I’m precious.