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I’ve always known I’m a rare species, but it’s the first time it doesn’t feel like a burden. I can give Chance something very few can, and it makes me feel powerful.

He pulls out before pushing in deep, then he grinds his pelvis against mine, causing ripples of pleasure to spread through my body.

Chance presses his chest to mine, and moving his arm down, his hand grips hold of my butt cheek. “My breasts.” Kiss. “My pussy.” Kiss. “My ass.” His fingers dig into my skin right before he slams into me. “Your body is mine.”

My legs fall wide open in submission, and I wrap my arms around his neck, tilting my head back.

Chance licks and bites my throat and jaw, then growls, “I’ll protect you, and together we’ll be a team.”

“Yes,” I breathe, so intoxicated by him, I’ll do anything he asks. My hands rove down his muscled back, my nails digging into his skin.

He pulls away from me until he’s kneeling between my legs, then he stares down at where we’re joined. He places his hands on the inside of my thighs, and I feel his thumb brush around my opening.

Pulling out slowly, he groans, “Christ, little one.” His thumbs pull me open, then he pushes into me, a growl rumbling in his chest. “That’s right, take me deep.”

My body begins to tremble from how intimate the moment feels, and reaching down, I grab hold of his wrists and beg, “Please.”

“Please what?” His tone is demanding, making me clench around his thick length.

“Fuck me.”

He pulls out, then orders, “Tell me how you want me to fuck you.”

“Hard,” I plead.


“Chance,” I complain. “Slam into me until my body convulses.”

“Admit you want my cock to claim your pussy.”

With my eyes locked on his, and my body at his mercy, I admit, “I want your cock to claim my pussy.”

“Good girl,” he groans with satisfaction before he gives me what I need.

Every hard inch of him.

Chapter 26


When I wake up, I’m alone.

I stretch beneath the blanket, my body sore from all the sex. I’m tender between my legs as I snuggle into the pillow that smells like Chance.

Memories of last night trickle into my mind. The way he touched me, his hands branding every inch of my skin. The way he filled me, claiming my body. The words he said.

Heat flushes through me, drawing a chuckle from me.

Never in my wildest imagination did I think sex would feel so good.

In an instant, my thoughts turn down a dark path, thinking the emissaries lied to all the women. I would’ve lost my mind if a strange man climbed on top of me and did what Chance did to me.

Sitting up, a frown forms between my eyes.

Geez, at least Chance prepared me and even asked my permission.

I wanted to have sex with him, but thinking a strange man would’ve just used my body in such an intimate way fills me with anger.

The emissaries are evil. I see it clearly now that my eyes have been opened to the truth.

Glancing around the room, I see the clothes they stripped off me lying neatly folded on a table. Climbing out of bed, I quickly get dressed, then straighten the blanket and pillows before opening the door. I peek into the corridor, and not seeing anyone, I sneak out of Chance's bedroom and hurry to the bathroom.

I relieve my bladder, shower, and brush my teeth and hair. When I feel better, and I’m dressed in clean clothes, I make my way to the dining hall.

There’s no sign of Chance, and Raze is alone in the kitchen, preparing food.

“Where is Aldric?” I ask.

“The nest until it’s time to prepare lunch. Good luck for today,” she gives me an encouraging smile, and I’m not sure why.

I take my plate and find a seat at the bench Skater and Jarek are sitting at.

Just as I take a bite of my breakfast, Chance walks into the dining hall with Idris and Kenzo at his sides.

He doesn’t look at me, and it makes my heart thump heavily in my chest. Not understanding why he’s ignoring me, my shoulders slump.

Letting out a sigh, I keep my head down, and after breakfast, I help wash the dishes. When I step out of the kitchen, Idris signals to me. “Come here.”


My breakfast turns to rocks in my stomach while I walk to the bench where the three leaders are seated. Last night Chance made me forget about what they did to me, but now that I have to face them, anger bubbles back into my chest.

Who choked me? Who undressed me? Who tied me to the nest?

“Congratulations on being chosen by Chance,” Idris says.

My eyes snap to Idris, and I notice the scratch marks on his arm and neck.

Idris choked me.

It’s on the tip of my tongue to tell him how sick I think he is, but because his word is the law at the ward, I swallow the words back.