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“It’s getting crowded here. You’re going to have to focus on just Raze and me – your team.”


“We’ll train together so we can get used to each other while completing the course.”

He draws me back against his chest, looking toward the nest. His lips brush my forehead, and heat tingles over my skin. “You can’t worry about Ruth and the others. It will get you killed.”

I let his arms protect me from the harshness of his words and the war closing in on us.

Chapter 28


“Do you want to go back to the ward?” Chance asks.

I don’t look in the direction where Ruth is tied to the nest.

“It’s not cold out here. If you don’t mind, I’d rather not.” I glance up at him. “Can we stay here?”

A smile tugs at his mouth, softening his features. “Of course.”

Chance pulls me down onto the grass, and with my head on his chest, I stare at the moon. He caresses slow circles on my back, and every time he reaches my lower back, tingles rush over my body. His other hand is relaxed on his stomach, close to my arm resting over his chest.

He looks so relaxed, while my emotions are having a full-on tug-and-release war with my stomach.

His hand stills on my back, and I wait a few more seconds before I slowly lift my head. His eyes are closed, and with only the moon and stars as light, he looks like he did when we met, older and tougher, but less scary now that I’ve gotten to know him.

Lifting myself up on one arm, I lean over Chance and press a soft kiss to his lips. As I pull away, he tightens his hold on me, opening his eyes.

“I didn’t mean to wake you,” I whisper.

“I wasn’t sleeping.” Bringing his other hand up to my face, he trails his fingers over my cheek and down to my jaw. “By all means, don’t let me stop you.” He smiles, and it makes me want to melt against him.

I lean forward again, but this time I’m nervous I won’t be as good at kissing as he is.

I brush my lips gently over his a couple of times. His hand slips into my hair as I part my lips, my tongue darting out to taste his bottom lip.

I must be doing something right because Chance’s hand tightens in my hair, and he flips me onto my back. His tongue sweeps into my mouth and the night fades away around me.

Chance takes hold of my shirt, and we break the kiss so he can lift the fabric over my head. He drops it beside me, then trails his fingers from my throat down between my breasts.

“Close your eyes and focus on what my touch feels like,” he murmurs.

My eyelashes drift closed, and I concentrate on his fingers brushing over my skin. There’s a sweet ache in my abdomen, and I can’t keep myself from arching my back.

“This is torture,” I mutter.

He lets out a dark chuckle. “Wait until I make you beg to come on my cock.”

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“The pleasure you felt when your body convulsed is called an orgasm or come. So, when I say I’m going to make you come on my cock, I mean I’m going to make you orgasm.”


I have an urgent need to feel him everywhere. His body on top of mine. His hard length buried deep inside me. His mouth kissing me senseless. And I definitely want to orgasm again.

The moment is incredibly intense as his breath heats my lips and his fingers trail over the sensitive skin above the junction between my thighs.

I lift my arms and wrap them around his neck, then crush my mouth to his. When I taste him, I moan with satisfaction, but I still want more.

I slip my hands over his back and under his shirt. His muscles tighten beneath my touch, and he pulls back so I can tug the fabric off him.

I stare at the hard planes of his chest, my fingers following the dips and swells of his abs. “Thank you for choosing me.”

His mouth latches onto mine with hunger, and soon I forget where I am.

When I wake up, my body is stiff from sleeping on the ground. I realize I’m outside and smile because my cheek is resting on Chance’s chest.

I keep still for a while, taking in how peaceful everything feels.

Chance stirs, lifting his hand to his face. Figuring we can’t lie like this all day long, I sit up and brush a hand through my hair.

My eyes lock on the horizon, then my lips part in a gasp.

“Chance,” I breathe in absolute wonder as I stare at the pinks and purples tainting the sky. “Look.”

He sits up, then lets out a chuckle. “It’s the sunrise.”

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