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Erin stared at me with a shocked expression, and I knew she needed some time to absorb everything. Right on the cusp of what was surely the strongest orgasm she’d ever had—if not her first altogether—was not the time to be making decisions like this.

I claimed her mouth again before helping her shift up to the top of the bed, settling her on a pillow and pulling the covers up around her delicious body. Hopping out of bed, I stalked into my bathroom and quickly cleaned up. I debated pulling on a pair of boxer briefs, but I ultimately decided that I couldn’t resist sleeping with our bodies pressed together everywhere, skin to skin.

We hadn’t turned on any lights, and night had fallen, so it was mostly dark when I stepped back onto the bedroom. Still, I could see Erin’s green eyes on me as much as I could feel them. I climbed into bed and shifted her onto her side before wrapping myself around her spoon style. “Stop overthinking this, baby,” I grunted, knowing the gears in her head were turning. “Relax and get some sleep.”



Mind-blowing orgasms worked better than a sleeping pill because I went out like a light last night even though my mind was racing. But all those thoughts were still there when I woke up as the sunlight started to stream through the blinds. My life had changed in the blink of an eye. I’d gotten away from the Devil’s Jesters and no longer needed to worry about being pressured into sleeping with a guy who grossed me out in order to save myself from being pushed into having sex with a bunch of bikers who I found even more disgusting. And I’d somehow landed in bed with a smoking hot tattoo artist who was doing the exact opposite. I’d basically offered my virginity up to Patriot on a silver platter last night, but he hadn’t taken me. Even though his hard-on had been obvious, he’d cautioned me against making an impulsive decision and kept it in his least until he’d gone into the bathroom to clean up.

No matter how powerful the release he’d given me had been, I still couldn’t believe I’d managed to fall asleep with his naked, muscular body wrapped around mine. With the moonlight coming through the window behind me, I’d barely been able to see what he was packing in those jeans of his. Or the piercing Breaker had mentioned. Twisting in his hold, I held my breath as I stared at his gorgeous face. His eyelids didn’t flutter, and I didn’t see anything to make me think that he was going to wake up soon.

With him sleeping so soundly, I decided that it was the perfect time to give in to my curiosity. I was super careful as I lifted the sheet to peek under it, but I had underestimated his reflexes. I’d barely gotten an eyeful of his piercing—which consisted of four metal balls, top and bottom, and on each side—when his fingers wrapped around my wrist and he growled, “If you keep looking at my cock like that, you’re going to get a fuck of a lot more than you bargained for.”

My head jerked up, my cheeks filling with heat at getting caught gawking at his rapidly growing dick. “Like what?”

He pulled the sheet from my grip with his free hand before using the other to guide my fingers down to his hard-on. “Every single inch of my cock buried inside your virgin pussy.”

It felt as though my hand was wrapped around velvet-covered steel. “What happened to all that stuff you said last night about waiting for me to be truly ready?”

“I’m barely holding on to my control here, Cherry.” His hips lifted off the mattress, pressing his hard length deeper into my palm. “Another minute of you touching me, and it’ll be blown to smithereens.”

My need for him was just as strong, and I didn’t see a good reason for us to hold back. Gliding my hand up and down, I whispered, “Touch, touch, touch.”

“Fuuuuck,” he groaned, his dick pulsing against my palm. “Now you’ve done it, baby.”

That was all the warning I got before he flipped me onto my back, covering my body with his muscular frame. Since we were both already naked, every inch of his hot skin was pressed against mine. The crown of his dick nudged my entrance, and my thighs instinctively parted to give him better access. His cock slid up through my folds and I gasped at the sensation of the piercing on my clit. “You ready to give yourself to me for good?” He glided back down until just the tip of his shaft had slipped inside me.

“Uh-huh,” I sighed, wiggling my hips to try to bring him closer. I’d gone from sound asleep to completely turned on in the blink of an eye. The power that Patriot had over my body should’ve been scary, but I was too busy enjoying what he made me feel to worry about how vulnerable I was to him.

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