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I clutched the gusset of her panties and tore them clean from her body. Oh, fuck. Her naked folds were glistening with arousal, pretty little freckles decorating her milky skin, and I was suddenly ravenous. “Did you do this for me, baby?” I asked again, trailing my index finger up her center, coating it in her juices before circling her swollen little clit. Bringing the digit to my mouth, I sucked it clean. Her pussy tasted even better than I’d imagined, and I wanted nothing more than to worship her delicious body.

“Um, Cat and Bridget…um, Oh!”

Too hungry for her, I didn’t wait for her to finish speaking. I yanked her to the edge of the bed as I sank onto my knees and dragged the tip of my tongue up her seam. “Fuck, Cherry. You taste amazing.”

Using my thumbs, I parted her southern lips and lapped at her pussy, drinking down each gush of liquid and driving her out of her mind. I teased the area around her bundle of nerves but didn’t give it the attention it was begging for. Her hips had begun pumping, searching out my mouth for relief.

I wasn’t going to give in yet. I wanted to show her how good we were together without pushing her into something she wasn’t ready for.

Her hands fisted in my hair, and she moaned, her head thrashing from side to side. When I jabbed my tongue into her channel, she cried out in ecstasy, making come leak from my rock-hard shaft.

“Patrick! Oh! Oh, gosh! Yes! Don’t—don’t stop!”

I growled in response, unwilling to pause eating her long enough to tell her there was no way in hell I was going to stop anytime soon.

Eventually, I replaced my tongue with a finger and went back to licking, teasing her bud, and driving her insane. She was so fucking tight, I had to work to get just one digit inside her. But as I continued to feast on her, I was able to work in another finger, and then a third. I pumped them in and out, scissoring them when they were inside to stretch her.

“Patrick! I…I…oh! I don’t know what’s happening!”

“Shhhh, Cherry,” I soothed against her pussy. “Just let it happen. Trust me, baby.”

Her body began to shake, she was so close, but I wanted more than just an orgasm. When she was teetering right on the precipice, I backed off just a little, then did that twice more, earning myself some very creative expletives from my girl.

“What are you doing to me?” she cried.

“Trust me,” I repeated.

Finally, I was pretty sure she was where I wanted her, so I latched onto her clit as I curled my fingers inside her.

Erin tossed her head back, and a scream ripped from her chest as she shattered apart. Liquid flooded my mouth, and if I hadn’t been so busy drinking, I would have smiled in triumph. I knew I’d be able to push her to the point where she’d squirt her passion down my throat. My cock exploded along with her, making a fucking mess of my jeans, but I didn’t give a shit.

I kept working her until her shudders began to subside and her pulse, which I could feel in her pussy, slowed. Then I licked her clean, placed a kiss on her mound, and climbed up her body. Her expression was full of wonder and satisfaction, making me grin.

“That was…um…” she trailed off, apparently unable to form a full sentence.

“Unbelievable,” I supplied for her. “Incredible, amazing, whatever word you want to use. Personally, I’m going to go with sexy as fuck.”

Erin blushed prettily and bit her lip. “Thank you?”

I laughed and gave her a deep, wet kiss, letting her taste herself, which only made my cock swell even more. When I raised my head a few minutes later, I winked at her. “You don’t have to thank me, baby. I’m more than willing to do that anytime you want.”

Her blush deepened and her freckles popped adorably. She reached for my belt buckle, but I caught both of her wrists in one hand and lifted them away from my body. I shook my head and she frowned, her eyes darting away. “You don’t want—”

I grabbed her chin with my free hand and forced her to look at me. “I want to, Cherry. Trust me. Fucking you is almost all I can think about. Sliding into your tight, wet pussy, popping your cherry, making you mine in every way. Don’t ever doubt it. There is nothing I want more.”

“Then why…?”

I pressed our foreheads together and sighed. “Because I want to make sure you’re truly ready. That I’m what you want and you’re not simply giving yourself to me out of gratitude. Because I promise you, Cherry. Once you’ve given yourself to me, once I’ve had you, there will be no going back.”

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