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His dick drove deep, over and over, and my release built with every glide of his piercing against my G-spot. I was completely at his mercy as he hammered in and out of me, his balls bumping against my clit on each thrust. “Fuck, yeah. I can’t wait to fill you with my come. Let go for me, baby.”

My body was strung tight, dangling over the edge. When he pinched my clit between his finger and thumb, I finally flew apart. As I screamed his name, he pounded in and out of me. “That’s it, baby. Finish coming all over my big dick and then I’m gonna fill you up and give you my baby. Can’t wait to have a little girl with your red hair and green eyes.”

Thinking about getting pregnant with Patrick’s child ratcheted my pleasure up even higher. “Yes,” I gasped.

My orgasm was so strong, I could barely see straight when he wrapped his body around mine and anchored himself deep. His cock twitched inside me, jets of come splashing against my inner walls until it dripped down my thighs. His breath was hot against the back of my neck and ear as he grunted, “Not gonna let you leave this bed until I’ve knocked you up.”

I certainly wasn’t going to argue, not when my body was still shuddering from the force of my release. And Patrick was true to his word—which we discovered three weeks later when my old man made me pee on a stick to confirm I was pregnant.



Erin’s finger tips drifted across my chest, right over the tattoo I’d had inked onto my skin as soon as I’d put my ring on her finger, just a few days before we found out she was pregnant. “I still can’t believe you did this,” she whispered.

I’d not only put her name there, I’d added “Property of” as a symbol that I was hers as much as she was mine.

She shifted and I groaned as I grasped her hips to keep her still. We’d just finished making love, and her sexy body was sprawled over mine. Her legs at my sides and her soft tits pressed against my chest, her head resting on my pec. Since she was so tiny, her hot pussy was positioned between the V of my hips, but still close enough to my cock for me to feel its heat. I had a surprise for her, but the way she was drenching my stomach had my mind wandering to the taste of her sweetness on my tongue.

Telling my cock to have patience, I pushed through the fog of lust. Grinning, I used one finger to lift her chin so she was looking at my face. “Wanna see my newest one?” I’d been careful to hide it after Nova finished inking me the day before.

My wife’s brows lifted, and she pursed her lips. “You got another tattoo without telling me?” Erin was always in support of more artwork on my body, she loved my tats. But she also liked to be present when I got them. It made them even more meaningful to both of us. However, this one was special and I’d wanted it to be a surprise.

“You’ll see why, baby. Go ahead and climb off me so I can turn over.”

She pouted, making me chuckle, but did as I’d requested. When she was kneeling beside me, I flipped onto my stomach and waited.

When Erin gasped, I knew she’d spotted the ink on my upper back. It was an intricate design that incorporated the things that I held closest to my heart, including a flag, cherries, a motorcycle, our names, and a few other small symbols that were important to me. There was a chain that extended down from the symbol that had a dog tag attached. On it was the name Caty and a date—our daughter’s name and the day she was born. There was an additional tag, but it was blank. “I’ll add one for each of our kids.”

“It’s amazing,” Erin breathed. Then she poked me in the side and let out an adorable little growl. “How did you find out I’m pregnant? Did Cat go blabbing?”

I laughed and rolled onto my back, dragging her over me once again. “I think you forget that I know your body. I’ve touched and licked every inch. You think I didn’t notice when your tits grew and your nipples got more sensitive?”

Erin pouted, and I winked at her as I slid her down until my piercing was right on her clit. I mentally thanked Hack and Paisley for taking our daughter overnight, because there was nothing stopping me from staying inside my wife’s pussy until the sun came up.

She moaned and tried to wiggle for friction, but I kept her still, earning me a glare. “Don’t tease me, Patrick. I need your fat cock filling me up.”

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