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Laughing, I bucked my hips to rub the metal balls over her little bundle. “You also get more demanding in bed.”

I didn’t give her the chance to argue before I lifted her and thrust up as I brought her down hard on my dick. The feel of her tight pussy wrapped around me was sheer bliss. “Shit, baby,” I gritted out, on the edge of my control. “We did sweet and slow earlier, now I need to fuck you hard and fast.”

“Yessss,” she hissed as she squeezed her inner walls, sending shockwaves of pleasure through me.

“Ride me, Cherry,” I demanded in a raspy voice. “Fuck my cock.”

Erin groaned as my dick moved inside her when she sat up. She rose and fell back down, gasping when I went so deep my piercing hit her cervix. “Patrick,” she moaned. I cupped her tits as she sped up her pace until she was bouncing on my cock. My thumbs rubbed over her stiff nipples and I watched in fascination as her skin flushed making every sexy freckle stand out, as if begging for me to trace them with my tongue.

“Fuck yeah,” I grunted. “Squeeze that dripping pussy, coat my cock in your juices. I’m gonna lick you clean later.” The thought made my mouth water and made the sensation of her slick channel even more heady. “Oh, fuck. Yeah, baby, that’s it. Fuck, yes!”

My hands glided down to cup her belly, still slightly rounded from having our daughter. Yeah, I’d only waited a month after the doctor gave the all clear before I was sinking bare into Erin every chance I got.

Knowing she was carrying my baby again ratcheted up my hunger, and I lost the patience to let her be in charge any longer. In one swift move, I flipped us over and began slamming into her tight hole. I locked her ankles around my neck and reached around to twist and pluck her nipples. Erin cried out with every punch of my hips as I powered in and out of her, slamming the headboard into the wall.

I traced my fingers over the skin of her torso connecting the dots of her beautiful freckles before returning my attention to the hard tips of her tits.

I could tell she was close, but I wasn’t ready. “Hold it, Cherry,” I growled.

“I can’t!”

I pinched her nipples hard and yanked my cock out to slap it against her pussy. “Hold it!” Then I drove back in, picking up my hard, frenzied pace. Erin shouted, but she didn’t come. “Good girl,” I praised, my voice raspy from the effort I was exerting.

Finally, I couldn’t ignore the tingling at the base of my spine, and I knew Erin was where I wanted her to be. “Come, baby.”

Erin’s back arched, and she screamed my name as her climax hit. Her pussy erupted with her juices, coating my cock so I slid in and out with ease despite her walls clamped around me, pulsing with her orgasm. I thrust in twice more before burying myself as deep as possible and exploding inside her. “Fuck, Cherry!”

The next morning, Erin was passed out, naked in bed, when someone knocked on the door to my room. We’d moved into a house less than ten minutes away, but there were still times when we stayed at the clubhouse if Caty wasn’t home. I was pretty sure that it turned Erin on to think that my brothers and their women might hear us. Though she’d never admit to it. I was fine with letting her think that because she screamed all the louder, but the truth was, the rooms were soundproof. If anyone heard my woman coming, I’d have to kill them.

I was tempted to ignore the visitor, but no one would interrupt us unless it was important. Reluctantly, I slid out from beneath my wife and grabbed my jeans, putting them on just before I cracked open the door. “Yeah?”

Rider stood on the other side, his arms crossed over his chest and a deep frown on his face. “Mac needs you for an emergency ride.”

“Emergency?” That was extremely unusual.

“Breaker got himself in a tight spot.” He shook his head and strode away mumbling, “Is there not one other brother around here who won’t fall all fucking over themselves for a woman?”

This ought to be interesting.



I knew to be scared when the house was too quiet. Unless it was nap time, the silence was a sure sign that the kids were up to no good. They were Irish triplets, born less than a year apart from each other.

Normally, I was on top of my three troublemakers without a problem, but as my pregnancy progressed, I was finding it much harder to keep up with them. When we’d found out I was pregnant again about seven months ago, Patrick had cut back on his hours at Silver Ink, which had been a huge help. But I was on my own for a few hours today while he worked on a big back design for a regular client.

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