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When Sebastian took my backpack and flung it and my duffel over his shoulder before wrapping his free arm around me, I used his strong body to steady myself as we walked into the clubhouse. I was surprised to find nobody lounging on any of the couches, chairs, or barstools in the huge space. “Is it usually this empty?”

“Nah, this isn’t the norm.” He breathed deep and jerked his chin toward a door behind the long bar lining one wall. “Smells like Cat baked a pie, so we’ll probably find at least a few of the guys in the kitchen.”

“Pie?” I wasn’t that familiar with how motorcycle clubs operated, but his explanation sounded more like we’d just walked into a suburban home with a white picket fence instead of an MC clubhouse with a guy manning the gate.

“Yeah, we’re really fucking lucky that our VP’s old lady loves to cook.” He patted his six-pack abs. “Cat spoils us whenever she’s around.”

I thought back to what I’d learned last night. “And he’s Wendy’s brother, right?”

He nodded as he led me toward the kitchen. “Yeah, but Scout doesn’t really bring her around much.”

“Oh.” It would’ve been nice to recognize a friendly face, so I was a little disappointed.

My feelings must’ve been obvious because Sebastian pulled me closer and murmured, “Don’t worry, baby. The old ladies are going to love you.”

I wasn’t used to fitting in that easily with other women. The crowd I grew up with tended to be judgy about my purple hair, love of concert T-shirts, and the fact that I played in an all-girl rock band. But these were biker babes, so they were probably used to getting the same crap that I did, just for different reasons. “If they earned your stamp of approval, then I’m sure they’re great.”

He flashed me a smug grin. “My MC brothers have damn good taste in women, just like me.”

I was giggling at his cockiness when he pushed open the door to the kitchen. He was right; four guys were sitting at a table with empty plates in front of them, and a woman was pulling a fresh pie out of the oven. The man closest to me didn’t look our way. His gaze was glued on the woman’s butt, so I guessed that he was Scout and she was Cat.

I recognized the other three from the fight at McClaren’s—Dash, Rider, and Patriot. I gave them a little wave as Sebastian pulled me even closer against his side, making them all chuckle and shake their heads. After setting the pie into a cooling rack, Cat turned toward us and smiled. “Hey, Breaker. I made your favorite, strawberry rhubarb.”

Dash snorted. “Pretty sure he has a different kind of pie on his mind.”

Sebastian leveled Dash with a glare, and Rider smacked him upside the back of his head. Patriot sighed and shook his head. “Don’t mind him. He’s just jealous because he hasn’t found a woman willing to take him on yet.”

Cat stalked over and snatched his plate off the table. “That’s the last slice of pie for you today, buddy.”

“Damn,” he whined, his head hung low.

“You know better than to talk shit about one of the old ladies around my kitty cat.” Scout stood and brushed a kiss against Cat’s cheek before walking past us and saying, “Nice to meet you, Vi.”

“Vi?” Confused, I glanced up at Breaker. Had I been wrong all this time? Was I just one of the many women he paraded through the clubhouse?

Breaker rolled his eyes before looking down at me. “Scout has a thing about nicknames. He gives them to all the old ladies. Mostly just to annoy us.”

“Does he pick them out for you guys, too?” I’d been wondering how Sebastian got his.

Scout shook his head. “Nah, those tend to happen naturally.”

“Oh,” I chuckled, liking Scout right away.

He jerked his thumb toward Sebastian. “Some of the guys have embarrassing stories behind theirs, but not Breaker. One of the kids overheard something about his B&E arrests when he was a prospect. They thought that was his name but couldn’t say it right because of how young they were, so Break and Enter became Breaker.”

“Aw, that really is sweet.” I leaned into Sebastian’s side. “Why Vi for me?”

Scout reached out to finger a lock of my hair. Breaker grabbed his hand, bending it at an awkward angle and growling, “Hands off, Scout. Unless you want to lose one.”

A grin split Scout’s face, and he shook out his hand once Breaker released it. “Got it bad, huh?” He laughed and winked at me. “Badass purple hair made me think of violets. So, you’re Vi now.”

“Um, okay,” I agreed with a giggle.

“I’m Scout, in case you didn’t pick up on that. I’ve heard a lot of good things about you.”

“How’d he have the chance to hear anything when Breaker just met her last night?” Rider asked.

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