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Dash shrugged. “Beats me.”

“Ignore these two lug heads.” Cat gave me a wave and a smile. “Let me know what your favorite treat is, and I’ll make it for you tomorrow as a welcome.”

“Thanks.” I grinned up at Sebastian. “I’m actually a fan of strawberry rhubarb pie, too.”

His blue eyes heated as he asked, “Can you package that up so we can take it to my room, Cat?”

“Already done,” she drawled with a wink before walking over to the counter to grab a foil-covered pan. She picked up a couple of forks and set them on top of the pie before carrying it over to us. “Enjoy.”

“Oh, we will,” he growled as I took the pan from Cat. “We most definitely will.”

No matter how good it smelled—or tasted—I knew he wasn’t talking about the pie. And I wholeheartedly agreed.



The trek from the kitchen to my room seemed to take for-fucking-ever. Ireland’s excitement didn’t diminish as we made our way there, but I sensed her nervousness rising. I was glad we’d waited until we had plenty of uninterrupted time for me to take care of her like she deserved.

When we reached my door, I dropped her bags on the ground and turned to cup her cheeks. “We’ll go as slow as you want, baby. Just trust me to take care of you.”

“I do,” she breathed, her cheeks blooming with pink and her hazel eyes sparkling with anticipation.

I brushed a kiss over her lips but pulled back quickly so it wouldn’t get out of hand when we were two steps away from privacy. After unlocking the door, I picked up the bags and kicked it open, then waited for Ireland to enter before following her.

The light on the dresser was on, and I made a note to send the prez’s old lady, Bridget, whatever she wanted as a thank you. I’d never had a girl in my room at the clubhouse, but it was still a bachelor pad. Bridget had asked me if I wanted someone to put fresh sheets on the bed and towels in the bathroom. I’d asked Mac to kiss her for me, which earned me a growl that made me glad I’d said it over the phone and not in person.

But that wasn’t all they’d done; the room had been picked up and cleaned from top to bottom. I imagined the bathroom was the same way. There was also a vase of brightly colored flowers on the desk with a card propped against it.

“Um, Breaker?”

“Yeah, baby?” I tossed her shit in the closet to be unpacked later and turned to find her reading the card.

“The women...they invited me to go to lunch with them in a few days.”

Her voice was thick, and I rushed over to see why that had upset her. “You don’t have to go, Ireland. They won’t be offended.”

She shook her head and swallowed hard. “No, it’s not that. It’s just...beyond my girls, I’ve never had friends to do that kind of stuff with. Women don’t usually, um, get me, you know?”

I brushed her silky hair away from her face and kissed her forehead. “Told you. Silver Saints have great taste in women. Especially me.”

Ireland giggled and set the card back on the desk before wrapping her arms around my neck. “Apparently, I know how to pick ’em too.”

“Damn straight,” I grunted as I fisted her hair and gently drew her head back. Her hazel eyes were heated, and when she licked her lips, I couldn't wait another second. I crushed my mouth over hers and licked the seam of her lips, groaning in approval when she immediately opened them.

My tongue swept in to explore her taste, and her sweet flavor made me hungry for more. So much more. I grasped the hem of her sweatshirt, and with monumental effort, I tore my mouth from hers so I could whip both of her shirts over her head. Her tits were small, but they were round and perky, a perfect fit for my hands and mouth. They jiggled with her heavy breaths, nearly popping out of her red lace bra.

I tugged the cups down and palmed the milky mounds. My cock jerked when her hard little nipples poked into my hands, and I shifted my hold so I could take one rigid bud into my mouth.

“Sebastian,” Ireland whispered as she arched into my mouth. I sucked hard, and she shuddered, a moan falling from her lips. Switching to the other breast, I moved my hands to her ass and boosted her up so her legs wrapped around my waist as I stumbled to the bed. I let her nipple go with a pop so I could drop her on the mattress.

She giggled as she bounced once, but the sound quickly faded when I tackled the button and zipper on her jeans. Once they were undone, I hooked my fingers into the waistband and yanked her jeans, yoga pants, and panties all off in one fell swoop. My mouth watered at the sight of her glistening pussy. She was trimmed neat and short, so I could see how fucking drenched her folds were, and I was suddenly ravenous.

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