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“A hot dog?” Cat echoed with a knowing gleam in her eyes.

“Yeah, I think my body’s electrolytes are all messed up. I’ve been in the mood for all the salty foods lately,” I explained.

“It’s not your electrolytes. It’s your hormones,” Harlowe corrected with a laugh.

I looked up from the menu. “Huh?”

“You’re pregnant,” Rylee drawled, leaning back in her chair and gesturing in a big half-circle over her belly to visibly demonstrate her point.

“What? No.” I shook my head, my heart starting to race. “I don’t have any symptoms. No morning sickness. My boobs don’t hurt. I’m not any more tired than usual.”

“You know what else you don’t have?” Bridget asked, waiting for me to turn to look at her before answering her own question. “Your period.”

“How in the world would you know if she’s had her period or not?” Wendy asked, her brows drawn low in confusion.

“I don’t know for sure, but it seems like a pretty good bet.” Bridget pointed her straw at me. “Am I right?”

My hand dropped down to my belly. “Oh, my gosh. I could totally be pregnant.”

Paisley unzipped her purse and pulled out a pink box, sliding it across the table toward me. “Here, go take this.”

Wendy gave Rylee a weird look and shook her head. “I’d ask why you carry a pregnancy test around in your purse, but knocking you girls up is all part of the whole warp-speed thing for the Silver Saints when they find their old lady.”

“Which is why you should come around the clubhouse more often,” Cat replied, wagging her brows. “There are still plenty of single members, and I’d love some nieces or nephews to spoil.”

Wendy rolled her eyes. “My brother would blow a gasket if I dated one of his club brothers.”

Cat looked as though she was gearing up for an argument with her sister-in-law, but her attention shifted to me when I pushed my chair back and stood. With the pregnancy test clutched in my hand, I muttered, “Be right back.”

I quickly made my way into the women’s restroom and heaved a sigh of relief when I saw that all three stalls were empty. I hurried to the one on the end and ripped into the box as soon as the door was shut behind me. After quickly reading through the instructions, I did exactly as they said, tossing the box in the garbage before I headed to the sink to wash my hands.

Three minutes had never felt so long in my life. When the alarm I’d set after I was done peeing finally went off, I glanced at the results screen on the test and promptly burst into happy tears. With as often as Sebastian talked about putting his baby in me, I knew he was going to be thrilled with the news.

Even though he was in a meeting with his prez, I figured this was the best reason ever to interrupt. Before I pushed open the bathroom door, I pulled him up in my recent calls and tapped on his name. I pressed the phone to my ear, waiting for him to pick up as I walked out into the hallway.

I only made it a few steps before a strong hand gripped my arm and jerked me back, a deep voice muttering in my ear, “Waited a long time for this day, but I finally got my hands on you, bitch.”



When I heard that motherfucker’s voice, my hand tightened around my phone hard enough that I heard a crack. A quick glance showed that it still worked, though, so I put it on mute, then raised the phone back to my ear and listened carefully.

Mac, Rider, and Hack had obviously picked up on the vibe that something was seriously wrong because they’d gone silent as well. We were nearly to the restaurant, having decided to have our talk there instead of prez’s office.

I knew it wouldn’t be quick enough to keep Ireland from being taken, but I was grateful she’d called me right before he showed up. It would make finding her a fuck of a lot easier.

The voices became a little muffled, probably because my girl had slipped her phone into her pocket. But I didn’t miss the sound of a thump right before Ireland cried out in pain. It took a herculean effort not to crush my phone to smithereens, so I ground my teeth into dust instead.

“He’s got her?” Rider asked in a low voice. I nodded and continued to listen carefully. The only other sound was Hack’s fingers tapping on his phone. He’d yanked it from his pocket the second he clocked my expression and was doing some of the techy voodoo shit that would help me find my girl.

We were a minute out from the restaurant when Hack leaned forward in his seat beside me to talk to Mac, who was driving the SUV. “Keep going on the road for a mile, then get on the interstate.”

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