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“Where are we going?” I heard Ireland ask. Good girl.

“Somewhere no one will ever find your body,” Scott said in a sinister voice that had a touch of laughter, making me realize that this bastard was a much bigger threat than we’d realized.

Fuck. I should have seen this coming!

“Like a cabin in the woods?” Ireland prodded. I could hear her voice tremble in fear, but she kept pushing because she knew every little bit of information would help me find her.

“You think I’m stupid enough to bury your body where dogs could sniff it out? Nah. I’ve been planning this for a long fucking time, and I’ve covered every detail.”

Except the one where her man was a B&E specialist who worked with one of the world’s best hackers. And he clearly hadn’t considered turning off Ireland’s GPS on her phone, never mind checking to see if she’d called someone. His cocksure attitude only made my job easier.

My biggest concern was making sure Ireland didn't get hurt before I got to her or while we took the asshole down. When the dead man walking made a lewd joke, my phone cracked again, and Hack snatched it out of my hand.

“Gonna make my job harder if you crush your damn phone, Breaker.” He shoved an earpiece at me, and I put it in to continue listening.

“Don’t worry, you won’t care about what I did to your body once you're drinking cement.” He released a maniacal laugh, and I squeezed my fists so hard that even my blunt nails caused my palms to bleed.

“New construction,” I relayed to Hack. “Access to wet concrete, so they’ll still be working on the foundation.”

“Turn off in two exits,” he told Mac. “Pretty sure I know where he’s taking her. We’re gonna be waiting for him.”

“Breaker is going to kill you,” Ireland announced, her tone completely confident, despite the fear I knew she was feeling.

Fuck, she’s amazing. She was perfect for me, and I was kicking myself up one side of the street and down the other for not telling her sooner that I loved her. I vowed to say it first thing once I knew she was safe.

“He won’t even get close to me,” Scott crowed. “Even if he manages to figure out where you are, my boys will be waiting for him. He won’t know what hit him—literally. But I promise to bury your bodies together, so you can look forward to that.”

I waved to get Rider’s attention in the passenger seat since I didn’t want to stop Hack from whatever he was doing, and Mac was maneuvering the roads at high speeds. “The other idiots from that night at McClaren’s are waiting there. Text the Captain and have him send some boys on an emergency ride. We’ll need help with the cleanup.”

Rider nodded and pulled out his phone to type out a message to Patriot. “I already had Dash lock down the restaurant and send five prospects to escort the old ladies back to the compound.” I gave him a chin lift to let him know I appreciated his quick thinking. I doubted the other women were in danger, but not one of us would risk it.

“Take that dirt road, prez,” Hack directed. “It comes up through the undeveloped lots for this property. Turns out one of Scott’s cronies was moonlighting as a bouncer. His day job is construction, and he’s got a concrete license.”

“Why would they assume no one would trace this back to him?” Rider wondered.

“Because the company he worked for was fired from the job, then they dissolved, leaving no records. So tracking former employees would only be possible for someone like me. And I’m just connecting dots. I have no way to actually confirm it. Park over there by those trees. Gonna hoof it from here so they don’t know what’s comin’. Got the development information, and there are only two houses in the process of having their foundation poured. The construction company ran into an issue this morning, and the crew went home early.”

Mac did as Hack instructed, and we exited almost simultaneously, checking the clips for our Glocks. Hack took the lead, and we crept through the dirt, skirting the little orange flags that marked the corners of each lot.

The subdivision was multimillion-dollar homes, sitting on two to three acres each. Scott’s plan hadn’t been a bad one. I figured it was a pretty sure bet that he’d underestimated our skills because we were an MC. That had worked out in our favor many, many times.

Hack raised his hand for us to halt, then pointed at a lot that had the framing for a house. Two lots in front of it had partial foundations.

When we crept up to the framed house, I drew my gun. Each of us took a side, and we silently entered through the gaps between the studs. I heard a laugh and my head whipped to the right to see two men standing between the lots, talking and drinking. One of them drained a bottle and tossed it aside where it hit a pile of bags filled with cement. The bottle shattered, and I rolled my eyes. The assholes had clearly never had a lesson in DNA evidence.

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