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I found a spot with a perch of sorts and a clear shot. Then I screwed a silencer onto the barrel of my gun and took aim. Neither of the jackasses ever knew what hit them. I put a bullet in the back of their heads in quick succession.

After Rider confirmed the structure we were in was empty, he’d gone back out to watch the road. Mac and I picked up the bodies and threw them into the house just as Rider shouted that someone was approaching.

We stood just out of sight and watched a silver sedan make its way over the gravel and dirt until the vehicle came to a stop a few yards from where we were hiding.

The engine shut off, and the driver’s side doors swung open. I could have put a bullet between his eyes right then, but Ireland was still in the car. I also wanted this asshole to recognize that no one fucked with the Silver Saints and never, ever went after their women.

I stepped out of the shadows, and Scott froze. His eyes darted around, no doubt looking for his backup. “Dead,” I told him. “Your hand makes one move toward your gun, and you’ll join them in the blink of an eye.”

“How did you…?” he looked around again, fear mounting in his eyes. I knew the second my brothers stood behind me because he blanched and put his hands over his head.

When Ireland saw Scott’s position, she struggled to open her door and got out before I could help her. She stumbled toward me, her hands tied in front of her with electrical tape, and tears pouring from her beautiful hazel eyes.

I let my boys be in charge of Scott and raced over to pull my woman into my arms.

“Unlike you,” Mac said to the kidnapper, “we’re not stupid enough to explain ourselves.” A menacing smile slithered onto my face. “Especially if I haven’t checked to make sure no one can hear me. Like on my captive’s cell phone.”

Scott’s eyes went wide as rage flared in his beady eyes. When I guided Ireland away from the car, he lunged for us, but only made it one step before he went down, screaming like a little girl.

Rider pointed his smoking barrel at Scott’s other knee and snarled, “Want to try that again? Picking off your body parts one by one would be the best game of operation ever. Except, I aim to set off the buzzer every time.”

I tuned everything and everyone out except for Ireland but didn’t stop moving until we were shielded by Mac, Rider, and Hack. A rumbling beneath my feet brought another layer of relief because more of my brothers were here to protect my old lady.

Hack must have given them the heads-up that they didn’t need to be stealthy because four Silver Saints rode straight up behind us. Dash brought his hog right next to me and hopped off. He handed me a multi-tool so I could cut the tape binding Ireland’s wrists, then put his helmet on her head and stepped out of the way. I nodded my thanks, and without another word, I mounted his motorcycle, then grabbed Ireland and settled her in front of me. There was no fucking way I could have her out of my arms right then, but I also needed to get her the fuck outta there. She wrapped herself around me like a spider monkey and held on to me as if she was afraid I would disappear. I popped the extra helmet Dash brought for me onto my own head and took off like a bat outta hell.

* * *

Carefully, I slipped out of bed, making sure not to wake Ireland, and pulled on my jeans before padding across the carpet to my door. Mac stood in the hall when I opened it, and I stepped out, shutting it quietly behind me.

It was almost one in the morning, but after putting Ireland in the shower and checking her over for injuries, I’d put her in our bed and kissed her until she fell into a fitful sleep. I hadn’t been able to close my eyes since. So when Mac had sent me a text telling me they were back and to call him later, I’d replied asking him to stop by my room on his way home.

“What happened?” I inquired.

“Patriot and Sparrow got rid of the bodies, Dash and Knight cleaned the scene.”


“Hack took him to the hospital and had the cops there waiting. They put babysitters on him, and once he’s recovered from his injuries, he’ll be taken to county lockup. And now that his two closest friends have mysteriously disappeared, there will be another investigation into him which will result in even more charges. Hack will make sure of it.”

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