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My back arched off the mattress when he kissed his way down my chest and sucked one of my pebbled nipples into his mouth. My hands delved into his hair, and I pulled him close. “Feels so good.”

Aiden let my nipple go with a pop and murmured, “It’s gonna feel a whole fuck of a lot better before I’m done.”

He proceeded to show me exactly what he meant by worshipping my body just like he’d promised. Licking and sucking on my breasts, nibbling at my ribs, swirling his tongue around my belly button. I was a writhing mess, already close to orgasm, when he finally made his way down to my pussy. He swiped his tongue through my wetness and groaned. “Damn, you taste even better than I imagined.”

I instinctively widened my legs to give him better access, and Aiden didn’t wait to take full advantage of it. He wedged his shoulders under my thighs and parted my pussy lips with his thumbs. Then he started to devour me with a mixture of hard and soft licks, nibbles, and thrusting his tongue inside my core. It wasn’t long before I flew over the edge, crying his name. “Yes! Oh, yes! Aiden!”

He ate me through my orgasm, quickly bringing me right back up again. “No, don’t stop,” I cried when he backed away and kissed my inner thigh.

“Got you nice and ready for me, firecracker. Can’t wait another second to feel your pussy wrapped around my cock.” Aiden rose to his knees and wrapped my legs around his waist, the tip of his dick notched against my entrance.

I needed him inside me too much to worry about what was about to happen. Locking my ankles behind his back, I tried not to tighten up when he started to press forward. He only made it about an inch before pulling his hips back and driving into me with one powerful thrust.

“Holy shit, little firecracker,” he growled as his body stilled. “Are you a virgin?”

I wiggled my hips, startled by how full I felt with him inside me but surprised that there wasn’t a lot of pain. “Not anymore.”

“You should've warned me.” He softened his rebuke by giving me a soft kiss. “I would have been more careful with you.”

I twined my arms around his neck, pulling his head down so I could give him a kiss. “I didn’t need careful. I just wanted you to take me.”

“I hope you get what this means.” He bit down on my shoulder hard enough to leave a mark. “You gave yourself to me, and there’s no going back.” He smirked. “Not that I was gonna let you go before.”

I hoped he still felt the same when he found out who I was, but I didn’t have the chance to worry about that for too long because he pulled out of me and slammed right back in. There was no soft and slow. He kept the same furious pace while giving me two more orgasms. Only then was he ready to focus on his own pleasure.

“Give me another one, firecracker. Wanna come with you,” he grunted as he lifted one of my legs and brought it over his shoulder so he could go even deeper. The new position felt amazing.

“So close again already,” I panted.

He kept his eyes locked on mine as he pumped in and out of me. Over and over again until I couldn’t take it anymore. My body tightened as pleasure exploded in my veins, and my pussy clamped down hard around his dick, taking him with me. There were a million things we should talk about—including the fact that he hadn’t used a condom and I wasn’t on birth control—but a long day followed by my unexpected shift at work plus the orgasms were too much for me. With his body wrapped around me and the sound of his heart pounding in my ear, I drifted off to sleep.



I woke up with empty arms—I’d expected a warm, soft body to be pressed against me—and frowned when I opened my eyes. Wendy wasn’t in bed, and a quick swipe of my hand revealed that the sheets were cold.

The shower wasn’t running, but I climbed out of bed and padded over to the bathroom to see if she was in there. Nope. Exiting the room, I glanced at the clock on the bedside table.

Fuck. I didn’t have time to chase her ass down. I was a groomsman in Breaker’s wedding, and if I didn’t show up for shit on time, he’d kick my ass just because I might have put Ireland’s perfect wedding at risk. I wanted to mock him...but now that I’d found Wendy, I knew I’d do anything to make her happy.

I just had to fucking find her first.

My temper flared, and I grunted in irritation as I snatched up my jeans and pulled them on. Then I stalked to the nightstand to grab my cell phone. That was when I saw the note propped against the lamp.

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