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Last night was incredible. I’m sorry you’re waking up alone—morning sex seemed like an awesome idea. ;) I didn’t want to wake you when you looked so peaceful, but I had an early appointment.

Let’s do this again.


We would definitely be doing this again. As far as I was concerned, we wouldn’t be spending another night apart. If we were forced to sleep alone because I couldn’t find her, then I was going to spank her for each one of those nights. Maybe I’d find some other reason to redden her perfect ass.

Between that thought and her mention of morning sex, my cock—which had already been hard from the morning—swelled painfully.

Cold shower. Need a cold shower.

After a very fast, very frigid shower, I dressed and hunted down a pen to write a note on the back side of Wendy’s.

Count on it, little firecracker.

I left my message on the kitchen counter, then grabbed my helmet, wallet, and keys before heading out the door. I stopped at the clubhouse to change, grab my wedding clothes, and hop in my restored 1970 Datsun. By the time I’d driven out to the center of town, I was a couple of minutes early to my destination.

Breaker had his and Ireland’s rings engraved, and there had been some kind of delay, so they weren’t ready until today. I was tasked with being at the jewelry store right when it opened to pick them up.

The owner unlocked the door and waved me inside. “I have the rings right here.”

He handed me a small bag that held two small boxes. I nodded. “Thanks.” Then I returned to my car and drove to the church on the edge of town where the wedding was being held.

It was less than twenty minutes to my destination, and I was just pulling into the parking lot when my cell rang. Knowing exactly who it was, I rolled my eyes. “Chill, brother. I’ve got them.”

“But you aren’t here, are you?” he growled.

“As a matter of fact, I’m parking right now.”

“Good.” Then he hung up.

“Thanks, Rider. Great job. You saved the fucking day,” I mocked him as I opened my door and stepped out of the car.

My phone rang again and I sighed, assuming it was Breaker behaving like a pussy again, but it was another number that I recognized.

“Hey, Maverick,” I greeted my friend.

“Yo, Rider. We had a drop-out for the race tomorrow night, you in?” he asked.

Fenton “Maverick” Combs was a patch in another MC, but we’d known each other all our lives. He’d been the one who got me interested in motorcycle racing. Though, we’d started out on BMX bikes as kids, then moved on to dirt bikes before graduating to motorcycles.

I’d been approached by a couple of BMX teams and sponsors when I was younger. The one I signed on with took me to the Olympics where I’d competed on Team USA and taken home a gold medal. I retired from BMX because it wasn’t where my heart was. I preferred motorcycles and raced them as a hobby now. The rush was intoxicating, and I didn’t think anything would ever top it. But I’d been wrong. Coming inside Wendy was an even bigger rush. I was already addicted to it.

Normally, I wouldn’t have hesitated to accept, but I had to get through this wedding, then I’d be chasing my girl. When I found her, I had no intention of coming up for air any time soon. I was considering taking a page out of Dax’s book and keeping her in bed, full of my come, until she was pregnant.

“Can’t tomorrow. Try José. He’s supposed to be in town,” I suggested.

“Will do. Still planning on Dune’s Point in two weeks?”

I grinned. “Hell, yeah.” Only the most experienced or the most stupid racers attempted Dune’s Point. It had taken Maverick nearly a year to find me a couple of opponents willing to race there.

“Awesome. See you then.”

“Later.” I hung up and shoved my phone in my pocket as I walked toward the back door of the church.

Scout walked out of the building just as I approached. He was dressed in a gray suit, likely early because Cat was helping with the wedding setup and he refused to be far from her unless he was on a run for the club. He was on the phone so he greeted me with a chin lift, which I returned.

“Cat said you had to work last night. Do I need to have a talk with your boss?” he snarled. Then he listened before replying to whatever they said. “So what if you get fired? I never liked you working in that place anyway. And why didn’t you answer my call last night?”

I walked into the church, but just before the door closed, I heard Scout grunt, “Of course I can check on you! You’re my baby sister. Now, tell me—”

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