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Feeling a huge amount of relief at his reaction, I flashed him a big grin and quickly discovered where Kyle was sitting. He started to stand, but Cat tugged on his arm to keep him in his seat. I was definitely going to need my sister-in-law’s help with him later.



I was shocked to see Wendy enter the room as a bridesmaid. A million questions ran through my head, but they disappeared when all the blood rushed straight to my cock.

Wendy looked as if she’d stepped straight out of a fantasy. Her purple dress hugged every sexy curve of her body. It showed a little more skin than I liked, but I couldn't deny that her tits and legs looked amazing. I wondered how attached she was to the dress because I couldn’t stop imagining ripping it off her body before I devoured every inch.

Pride and possession welled up inside me. This gorgeous woman was mine. All mine.

I was a little worried about my aroused state being on display in front of a crowd of wedding guests, so I tried to picture Wendy in ugly clothes, but it was a wasted effort. She always looked beautiful. Her lips curved into a sexy little smirk as if she knew exactly what was going through my mind.

When she reached the dais, she broke our eye contact for a moment to move into place. The wedding march began, and everyone stood, turning toward the doors, but I only had eyes for Wendy. As if she could feel my intense stare, her gaze flicked in my direction again, and I winked. Then I looked her up and down, letting her see the appreciation in my eyes. Her face flushed, and she shifted her weight a couple of times, making me grin.

Ireland reached the end of the aisle, and Breaker helped her up to stand next to him. I tried to pay attention to the ceremony, but the best I could manage was picturing Wendy and I in their places. Did she want a big wedding? Or would she want to elope? It didn’t matter, she could have whatever she wanted as long as it happened as soon as possible.

The next thing I knew, Breaker was dipping Ireland back and kissing her. Everyone cheered, and the noise broke through my haze enough for me to remember what I was supposed to do next.

The newlyweds came up for air and grinned at their guests like loons before starting down the aisle toward the entrance. Two groomsmen were standing ahead of me and one bridesmaid before Wendy. I jerked the man in front of me back and stepped around him.

Nobody was going to put their hands on my girl, especially when she looked like that, even if it was to simply walk her down an aisle. Wendy silently chuckled, and her gray eyes sparkled. We met in the middle, and I offered her my arm. She took it, and I placed my other hand over hers, instinctively keeping her from getting away.

The only moment when my attention was distracted from Wendy was when we passed Scout and his old lady. He was staring at me with a dark glare that made me think he was planning my death in a very violent matter. I had no fucking clue what I could have done to piss off Scout like that. My brow knitted, and I looked at Cat, only to see her grinning widely at me.

They were behind us a minute later, and I forgot all about Scout. I couldn’t think about anything except being alone with Wendy. The second we stepped out of the chapel, I released my woman only long enough to grab her around the waist and hoist her up over my shoulder. As I stalked away from the bridal party, I kept one hand just below her ass so her skirt wouldn’t ride up and give people a peek at what was meant for my eyes only.

I turned down the hallway that led to the rooms where we’d gotten ready for the wedding. I tried several doors before one swung open. It was dark inside, but the light from behind me illuminated the inside enough to see that it was some kind of janitorial closet. Not ideal, but it was privacy, and at the moment, I wasn’t picky.

I kicked the door shut and spun around, giving Wendy’s ass a sharp smack—causing her to gasp—before sliding her down my body. “This dress is hot as fuck, baby. But it’s too short.” I growled the last in her ear as I set her on her fuck-me heels.

Pushing her against the door, I dropped my head to capture her mouth. The instant our lips met, I groaned as memories from the night before came flooding back. I swept my tongue into her mouth, thoroughly tasting her and swallowing her moan of pleasure.

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