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My hands glided down to her ass, and I clutched the round cheeks, boosting her up so her legs circled my hips. Hard and swollen, my dick snuggled into the heat between her thighs.

She wiggled against me, and I decided we both needed a reminder of how explosive we were together. Supporting her against the door, I brought my hands to her thighs and glided them under her skirt, pushing the material up. I ripped my mouth away to glance down between us. She had on purple, lacy panties, and I shifted back just enough to be able to see that the center was soaked through.

“Already so wet,” I murmured as I slid my lips along her jaw. I ground my cock against her pussy, loving the gasps and moans falling from her lips. “You feeling needy, baby? I think we both need to take the edge off before we go do our bridal party duties.”

“Yes, please!” she cried out when I used a finger to rub over her pleasure button.

I yanked down the neckline of her dress so her generous tits spilled out. Then I latched on to one of her nipples, sucking and nibbling while I quickly unbuttoned my pants and lowered the zipper, freeing my cock.

After letting her rigid bud go with a pop, I grunted, “I’m dying to rip these panties off you, but the thought of you spending the night in that dress with no underwear makes me want to rip out the eyes of anyone who looks at you.”

“They’re ruined anyway,” she panted.

I grinned, “Yeah, but this way, you’ll spend the night with your juices and my come constantly reminding you of how good you feel when I’m inside you.”

Her face flushed even more, the heat spreading down her chest. “Less talk, more action,” she moaned as she squirmed.

Sucking her other nipple into my mouth, I gave it some attention while I moved her panties to the side and kissed her pussy lips with the tip of my cock. Then I let it go to crush my mouth against hers as I drove into her until I was balls deep. She broke our kiss and cried out, causing me to slap a hand over her mouth. “Gotta keep quiet, little firecracker,” I rasped, my throat tight from holding back my own shout of ecstasy.

Her pussy clamped down on my shaft so hard I would’ve sworn I saw actual stars. “Can you do that, baby? Because I don’t think I can stop now, and if someone else hears what you sound like in the throes of passion, they're as good as dead.”

“Why is that so damn hot?” she whispered with a shake of her head.

I grinned and pulled almost all the way out before slamming back in. “Because you like it when I get possessive, don’t you?” I ground out through clenched teeth before I retreated and pushed into her again.

“More,” she moaned.

“Fuck,” I grunted as I tried to maintain some kind of control.

“That’s the idea,” she quipped breathlessly.

A laugh escaped before it quickly became a groan as I began to thrust rhythmically in and out of her, gaining speed as my brain deteriorated. I had just enough sanity left to realize we were banging against the door of the closet, so I shuffled to the left until we were fucking against the wall instead.

I slammed in and out, hard and fast, wanting to make sure that she felt me every time she moved for the rest of the night. I wanted her deliciously sore as a reminder of who she belonged to.

“Fuck, yeah, baby,” I muttered, unable to stay quiet but keeping my voice low, for her hears only. “Squeeze that pussy. Fuck, yeah! Just like that.”

“Aiden,” she moaned as her body began to tighten, warning me that her climax was near.

“Come, little firecracker. Explode all over my cock.”

Wendy dropped her head into the crook of my neck and bit down hard as her orgasm slammed into her.

“Fuck!” I shouted before burying my head in her hair and mashing my lips together to keep from making any more noise. Her pussy rippled around my dick and milked my climax from me right on the heels of hers. I kept thrusting as I spilled my seed inside her, grunting in satisfaction when the tip of my cock hit her cervix. I wanted to be as deep as possible to make sure my boys had every opportunity to take root.

Eventually, I emptied completely, though my cock was still hard, but another round was out of the question at the moment. I was sure we’d already been missed. Tonight though...tonight she was all mine again, and I intended to hear her screaming my name at the top of her lungs—repeatedly.



I had fully intended to tell Aiden about my brother as soon as we were alone, but then he’d tossed me over his shoulder and hauled me into the closet. I’d been so turned on when he devoured my mouth with his hard body pressed against me that I couldn’t think straight. I’d been desperate to feel him move inside me, but now that the intense pleasure of my release was starting to fade, I couldn’t put off the inevitable any longer.

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