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Not when we’d already used up the head start we’d had on my brother, and he was bound to be searching for me already. Something that was confirmed when I heard him bellow, “Where in the hell did that fucker take my sister?”

Aiden turned to glare at the door and muttered, “Damn, Scout still sounds as pissed off as he looked at the end of the ceremony.”

“Yeah, about that,” I sighed, loosening the grip of my legs around his waist and pushing on his chest a little so he’d back up.

Aiden must have seen the worry in my eyes and assumed I was afraid of Kyle because he hurried to reassure me. Cupping my cheeks in his palms, he brushed his lips over mine. “You don’t need to be scared of Scout, baby. He’d never hurt a woman.”

“Uh-huh.” I knew even better than he did that Kyle would never harm me. Unfortunately for Aiden, the same couldn’t be said for him—the man who’d dared to pop his sister’s cherry. Even though I’d begged him for it...and especially because they were members of the same motorcycle club. Which I still needed to let Aiden know.

“I have something I need to tell you, but I really need you to pull out of me before I do it.” My inner walls fluttered around his hard length. “I can’t think straight when you’re inside me.”

He flexed his hips forward, making me moan, before he slowly drew back. Even though he was doing what I’d asked, I let out a mewl of protest when the final inch slid from my body and our combined fluids dripped down my thighs. “You keep making sounds like that, and I’m going to have to take you again right here, right now.”

“As amazing as that sounds, it would be a very, very bad idea.” I dropped my legs and thanked my lucky stars that my knees didn’t give out as I balanced on my four-inch heels. Spotting a giant roll of toilet paper on the shelf to my right, I reached around him and tore off several squares.

While I cleaned off my inner thighs, Aiden got his cock back into his pants and fixed the top of my dress. Before I could wipe my pussy, he took the toilet paper from me, slid the drenched gusset of my panties back in place, and shoved the toilet paper in his pocket. “I don’t want you to lose the reminder of how good you feel when I’m inside you.”

I patted his chest. “That’s never gonna happen. I’ll be able to feel you with every step I take tonight.”

He flashed me a cocky grin. “Damn straight.” I noticed his shirt had come untucked from where I’d been gripping it. If I tried to help, I’d probably just tear it off, so I simply pointed. He glanced down and began to stuff it back in. “I was going to ask you how you know Ireland,” he said casually, then chuckled. “But then I realized what a stupid question it was, because Chuffed Up plays at the bar every week.” He finished his shirt and smiled at me as he pulled me back into his embrace and kissed the tip of my nose. “Although, I guess you might know Breaker a little too since he’s been at McClaren’s so often with his old lady.”

I cleared my throat and looked at his Adam’s apple as I stepped out of his arms. “I’ve actually known Breaker a lot longer—” My words were cut off when another of Scout’s bellows shook the door. Rider’s expression filled with confusion, and he looked as though he might interrupt.

“My last name is West. Kyle is my brother,” I blurted out as I heard the rattle of a knob on a nearby door. We’d ducked into the first room that wasn’t locked, so it wouldn’t take long for my brother to find us if he was checking the doors in the same hallway.

It took a moment before recognition filled his green eyes. “Dammit, that makes me the fucker he’s looking for right now.”

“Remember how I told you that you’d want to run away when you learned who I was?” I jerked my chin toward the door. “He’s the reason.”

Aiden yanked me against his chest, his fingers digging into my hips. “My answer is the same as last night—Never run from anything in my life, and I’m not going to start with you. You’re already mine, Wendy. Nobody is going to take you away from me. Not even your brother.”

The door flew open behind him just in time for Kyle to catch the tail end of Aiden’s vow. “What the fuck did you just say to my sister, asshole?” he growled, gripping the back of his tuxedo jacket to yank Aiden into the hallway.

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