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“Just wanted to let you know that Sammy had something come up, so Gordon over at Ride and Live is going to do the bike checks. Have your hog there by seven A.M.”

I nodded even though he couldn’t see me. I’d worked with Gordon in the past. I trusted him. “Will do. Gemma and Peter still in?”


“Everything all set for the race at Dune’s Point?”

“Dune’s Point?” a voice gasped from behind me.

I spun around to see Wendy standing in the room with wild hair and wearing my T-shirt. I smiled because she was too fucking cute and sexy as hell at the same time. “Hey, baby. Give me one sec.”

Her mouth curved down into a frown, and she folded her arms under her tits—which was distracting as fuck—and glared at me.

“Your girl?” Maverick asked.

“Yeah. Now answer the question so I can get the fuck off the phone with you and take care of my woman.”

Maverick chuckled. “Never thought I’d see the day when you’d be so wrapped up in a woman.” I growled. “Okay, okay,” he snickered. “We’re good to go. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I hung up and tossed my phone on the couch before strolling over to Wendy and pulling her into my arms. “Hungry?” I asked.

She blinked in confusion, then shook her head. “Go back to Dune’s Point. Did you say race?”

“Yeah,” I answered with a shrug before sweeping her into my arms and carrying her into the kitchen.

“You’re going to race Dune’s Point?” Her tone was incredulous, and her brows were drawn down.

I set her on the counter and opened the fridge to search for something to make for breakfast. “Sorry, little firecracker. I’ve been so wrapped up in you and searching for a house, I forgot to tell you.” I took out eggs and milk, then shut the door and set them on the island. The bread was next to Wendy on the counter, so I turned toward her but stepped between her legs rather than retrieving the bread. “Want to come with me?”

Wendy’s jaw dropped, and she glared at me. “You are aware that they call it Dead Man’s Point, right?”

I laughed. “Of course. That’s why it took Maverick so long to find me a couple of people willing to race it with me.”

She poked me in the shoulder and snapped, “How can you be so flippant about this?”

I frowned and cupped her cheeks. “Baby, I take every race seriously. You’re mistaking confidence with carelessness. I’ve run Dune’s Point enough to know the course inside and out.”

“We’re having a baby, Aiden,” Wendy said quietly, her eyes searching my features. “We can’t lose you.”

I smiled tenderly and kissed her nose. “You can’t get rid of me that easily,” I teased. “I just found the love of my life and am starting a family with her. No way in hell I would jeopardize that.”

Wendy’s whole face transformed into one of joy, and she beamed at me. “The love of your life?”

Confused, I nodded. “Why do you sound surprised? You think I’d move at warp speed if I wasn’t head over heels for you?”

She rolled her eyes and put her hands over mine, cupping her face together. “You’ve never said it.”

My mouth dropped open in shock. “What? I…” Well, shit. She was right. I’d never actually said the words out loud, even though I’d thought them a million times. “I’m so sorry, little firecracker.”

“I didn’t think it was a big deal. You’ve shown me in a million different ways, but it’s still nice to hear the words.”

“I love you, baby,” I whispered before brushing my lips over hers. “I love you, little firecracker.” I kissed her again. “I love you, Wendy soon-to-be Brand.” This time, I captured her mouth in a deep, passionate melding of hearts and souls.

“I love you too,” she whispered back after a few minutes.

“Do you trust me?” I asked.

She nodded.

“Then come with me tomorrow. Be the sexiest cheerleader there, and you’ll see that it’ll all be fine.”

She didn’t look truly convinced, but she gave me a small smile and nodded again.



Although I grew up around motorcycles, I didn’t know anything about racing them. I’d never been to a track before Aiden brought me to the one he owned. Never seen a race, not even dirt bikes or BMX. But there had been enough crashes at Dune’s Point that anyone who lived in the area knew how dangerous it was to ride there. There was a reason the place had been nicknamed Dead Man’s Point, and the pictures of the crashes I’d seen in the news over the years played in my head as Aiden helped me out of the truck he’d used to haul his racing bike up here.

“Careful, baby,” he murmured, tightly gripping my hips after I hopped onto the ground.

I rolled my eyes and sighed. “I think you stole my line. I’m not the one who’s about to do something dangerous. You are.”

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