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“I completely agree,” she gasped, her hips bucking up when I circled her clit before descending and putting just the tip in her hole.

I let her nipple pop from my mouth and licked my finger clean. “Fuck,” I groaned. “Maybe it’s my imagination, but I swear you taste sweeter.”

Dropping to my knees, I pushed her legs wide apart and shoved my face in her pussy. I licked, nibbled, and thrust my tongue in her channel, avoiding her pleasure button as I drank my fill of her juices. When she was crying out with need and begging for release, I sucked hard on her clit while using three fingers to penetrate her fast and rough.

“Yes, Aiden!” she screamed, her hands clutching my hair so hard my scalp stung. It was hot as fuck. But when her pussy suddenly flooded my mouth, I almost came right then.

“Fuck, yeah, baby,” I growled. “Hot as fuck when you squirt in my mouth.”

I only held out long enough to lick her clean before I surged to my feet and grabbed her hips, setting her on the floor. Then I spun her around to face the mirror and kicked her legs wide, sliding my hands down her inner thighs toward her pussy. Once Wendy was positioned exactly where I wanted her, I parted her southern lips and filled her in one swift plunge.

She cried out, and I swallowed hard as I held on to my control. With my hands on her thighs, I boosted her up, guiding her legs around me, then cupped her tits and pulled her back against my chest. I dipped my head into the crook of her neck, biting and sucking while I pinched and twisted her nipples.

My knees bent for a second before I shot back up, making her body pop up and down on my cock. Raising my head, I met her passion clouded eyes in the mirror. “Watch me pleasure you, baby,” I rasped. “I want you to see what my sexual prowess does to you. See what your beautiful face looks like when you scream my name and come apart on my cock.”

She whimpered, and it broke the last thread of my control. I used the motion of bending my knees and snapping back up to bounce her body on my long, hard shaft. The walls of her pussy gripped me tight, almost refusing to let me go as her body rose and dropped back down.

“Fuck yeah, baby,” I grunted. “That’s it. Oh, yeah. Fuck!”

“Aiden! Yes! Harder!”

Her hands had locked behind my neck, and I paused to bring them down and use them to cup her tits. “Play with your tits, baby,” I instructed as I gave the globes a firm squeeze. She began to imitate what I’d been doing to her nipples, and I growled in approval.

My palms traveled down her torso until they were on her inner thighs. I applied pressure to widen them a little more and helped her body lift a little higher so my cock slammed even deeper inside her every time she descended.

“Yes! Yes! Aiden! Yes!” Wendy closed her eyes, and her head thrashed from side to side.

“Eyes open,” I snapped. When she obeyed, I flicked her clit as a reward. But when her walls wrapped around me like a vise, all thoughts fled as any remaining blood in my brain filled my cock, making it swell to the point of pain.

“You feel so good,” Wendy moaned. “I’m so full.”

I picked up my pace and shifted one of my hands down to her pussy. My finger circled her clit before flicking it again, then pinching it hard.

“Oh! Oh, yes! Aiden!”

“Fuck!” I shouted. “Oh, fuck! Yeah, baby. Fuck!”

My spine tingled and my balls drew up a second before I exploded inside her. I slapped Wendy’s pussy, and she screamed as she climaxed with me.

When the last shockwaves of my orgasm subsided, I stumbled on wobbly legs into the bedroom—avoiding random packing boxes—and fell onto my back with Wendy sprawled out on top of me. I was still inside her, and it had only taken the walk across the room for me to become completely hard again. But I wasn’t sure I had the energy. My cock jumped angrily, more than ready to go, and Wendy moaned.

“I can’t,” she mumbled even as she clenched around me.

After fucking her twice more, we fell asleep, but the buzzing of my cell phone woke me a couple of hours later. A quick glance at the screen showed Maverick’s name flashing. The race was tomorrow, so I wanted to make sure there wasn’t some kind of problem. I withdrew my arms from Wendy—reluctantly—and carefully climbed out of bed.

I accepted the call and whispered, “One sec.” Then I grabbed a pair of sweatpants from my duffel and pulled them on before creeping out of the bedroom. “What’s up?” I asked when I was far enough away not to wake my girl.

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