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“Takes after my wife,” I said with a smirk. “She can scream the roof down.”

Wendy gasped, and though her face was still flushed from pushing out our son, she turned tomato red, making me laugh and wink.

Cammie giggled but changed the subject, much to Wendy’s relief.

“Put your nipple in his mouth,” Cammie instructed as she helped position Ajax.

I opened my mouth to make a smart-ass comment, but quickly shut it when Wendy shot me a death glare. Instead, I just grinned devilishly and licked my lips. She rolled her eyes, but her mouth curled up in a smile.

* * *

“My turn with these sexy tits,” I growled as I crawled up my wife’s sexy, naked body. She’d just finished nursing Ajax, and I’d put him in his crib. Now, my mouth was watering at the thought of tasting the hard, milky buds on her big, round tits. It wasn’t as if I’d been deprived of them over the last several weeks, but the doctor had given her the all clear that morning. Which meant this time I wouldn’t have to hold back. After I feasted on her breasts and her pussy, I was gonna bury my fat cock deep inside her and fuck her until we both came so hard, we saw stars.

My dick was already leaking pre-come, dripping on her glistening thighs as I finally wrapped my lips around one of her nipples. Wendy gasped and nearly came off the bed as her legs wrapped around my waist. “Shhhh, little firecracker,” I mumbled around her pebbled peak. “Don’t wanna wake Ajax.”

She started to moan when I sucked hard, swallowing the milk that splashed into my mouth, but quickly bit her lip to squash the noise.

“Good girl,” I praised as I switched to the other dripping mound.

When I was finished with my snack, I slid down her body for my meal. Wendy grabbed a pillow and put it over her face, muffling her noises of pleasure as I ate her pussy. After making her scream into the pillow twice, I tested her channel with one finger, satisfied when I found it drenched. She was tight as fuck, though, so I shored up my control to be slow and tender.

The doctor had warned us that the first few times might be difficult and painful for Wendy, but to my surprise, I glided right in until I was balls deep. “Fuck,” I grunted. “So damn tight.” Her muscles clenched my cock, and the threads holding on to my good intentions began to unravel.

Wendy moaned and bucked her hips, sucking me in a little farther so my tip bumped her cervix. Images of her naked body with a round, swollen belly flashed in my mind. A part of me knew I should wrap it and wait until we’d discussed getting pregnant again. But…I’d always been a risk-taker and someone who went after what I wanted with everything I had until I got it.

My hips began to move, slowly sliding in and out of my woman’s slick channel. Each time, I felt her womb and knew I was gonna blow everything I had into it and put another baby inside her.

Wendy arched her back and squeezed her legs, removing the pillow so she could grasp the headboard. “Harder, babe,” she begged softly.

“Are you sure?” I asked, concerned about being too rough our first time after the baby.

She nodded and clenched her pussy, making me swallow a groan. When she bucked her hips and tightened again, any control I had left broke.

I shifted onto my knees in a wide stance, then I draped her legs over my arms and spread her open so I could watch her pussy swallow my cock every time I drove inside her. The position elevated her hips, so I was able to go even deeper and scrape along her G-spot. “Fuck,” I rasped as my spine began to tingle. Six weeks of blow jobs had taken the edge off, but being bare inside my woman’s tight, wet pussy was even better than I remembered and had me already on the verge of coming.

I withdrew and plunged in again causing both of us to groan in ecstasy. “Oh, yes! Aiden,” Wendy whimpered. “I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too, little firecracker,” I grunted as I picked up a steady rhythm. Watching my cock disappear inside her tight heat, then reappear shiny with her come, was so fucking erotic. My pace increased as streaks of pleasure shot through me until I was pounding in and out of her. “That’s it, baby,” I rasped. “Fight letting me out. Oh, fuck, yeah. You’re doing so good, taking every inch. Milk my cock, make yourself come all over me. Fuck!” My throat ached from the effort it was taking not to shout.

Wendy’s pussy began to pulse, massaging my dick as her climax came closer and closer. She needed to come so I could spill inside and fill her full of my seed. I shifted her legs, putting one on my shoulder and the other back around my waist. “Hold your pussy open for me, baby,” I demanded.

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