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She immediately moved her hands between her legs and parted her folds.

“You’re so fucking gorgeous, Wendy. So pink and fucking drenched.” The tingling in my spine intensified, and my balls drew up. She needed to come. Now.

The next time I retreated, I speared her with two fingers, curling them up to drag along her most sensitive place.

“Yes!” she hissed, then chanted, “Yes, yes, yes.”

Taking out my fingers, I slammed my cock back inside her. I used my other hand to toy with her nipples while I rubbed my thumb and index finger together. When they were both lubricated with her honey, I rubbed over her clit a few times.

“Aiden!” she cried out as her hips bucked violently.

“You have to be quiet, baby,” I gritted out through clenched teeth. She bit her lip and nodded. I thrust into her a few more times, teasing her clit.

“Let go, little firecracker. Come, now.”

On the next push in, I pinched her swollen little pleasure button, and Wendy’s whole body went taut before she shattered.

Her orgasm triggered my own. “Wendy! Fuck!” I shouted as I blew my load, pumping my hips through it to draw out the climax for both of us.

Later, after we’d recovered and lay in each other’s arms, Wendy giggled.

“Something funny, baby?” I asked as I played with her silky hair.

“You’re lucky you didn’t wake Ajax. But I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the fact that you got off so hard you couldn’t help being loud.”

I chuckled and turned her so that I was wrapped around her from behind. “We’ll just have to keep practicing. We’ll have to be even more careful when there are two of them.”

“Umm…two? Do you know something I don’t?”

“Nope,” I drawled. “You know as well as I do that I just took you bare and filled you to the brim.” I trailed my fingers over her hip and down to the juncture of her legs. “I’m still spilling out of you.” I scooped some of the sticky cream up with two fingers and shoved it back inside her. My cock swelled against her ass, and she wiggled restlessly. “Let’s make sure it takes,” I growled as I lifted her leg and thrust into her pussy again.



“This is all your fault,” I grumbled, crossing my arms over my chest as I watched my three-year-old son strap on his helmet.

“What can I say, firecracker?” Aiden flung his arm around my shoulders and pulled me close. “Racing is in his genes.”

I tilted my head back to glare up at him. “That wasn’t what I meant, which you damn well already knew.”

“But you can’t blame me for teasing you.” He pressed a kiss against my temple, and then his hand drifted down to pinch my ass. “You need something to focus on, and being irritated with me seemed like a good plan.”

I pointed at the boys lined up on their off-road bicycles at the starting line for Ajax’s first BMX race. “Damn straight, I need a distraction. My baby boy is about to risk his life out there.”

“Nothing is going to happen to Ajax,” he assured me with a shake of his head. “This race is for three- and four-year-olds. There aren’t any dangerous jumps on the course, and the kids can’t even ride that fast.”

“There better not be any dangerous jumps, or I’m going to take it up with the manager.” I narrowed my eyes at my husband, who had looked into organizing a BMX league a couple of weeks after our son started riding a bicycle. Ajax had gotten the bike for his second birthday and only needed a month before he was ready for the training wheels to come off.

Aiden flashed me a sexy grin. “I’m sure he’ll be more than willing to listen to your concerns in private and do whatever it takes to have you walk out of there fully satisfied.”

Being married and becoming a father hadn’t made Aiden any less territorial when it came to me. If I stomped off to have a discussion behind a closed door with some other man, he would kick it down, beat the shit out of the guy, and carry me out over his shoulder. But since he was the person I needed to take my issues up with, that wouldn’t be a problem.

Aiden had been thrilled to share his love of bikes with our son, so I hadn’t been surprised when he decided to take his plan for launching a youth league a step further and opened a track dedicated to BMX. It also wasn’t a shock that Ajax had taken to racing as though he’d been born to do it. Our son had been obsessed with BMX racing ever since Aiden first told him about winning the Olympic gold medal. We took turns putting our kids to bed, and every time it was Aiden’s turn, Ajax begged to hear the story again. Once he got two wheels under him, there was no getting him off again. He was determined to be just like his daddy and grow up to earn the gold, too.

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