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My body is shaking with lust as I fall to my knees but keep her pinned in place on the ground.“Get this skirt out of my way.”My hands dig into her ass as she starts to gather up the material that’s bunched around her thighs.“I thought I was full, but now I’m starving.”

“I’m trying.”Her hands fumble with the fabric, and I’m getting impatient.

“If I don’t get your pussy on my face in the next second, I’m going to fucking die.”



I whimper at Gabriel's words.It’s hard to think straight with his hands all over me and hearing the dirty words he’s saying.The man has a wicked mouth.

“Fine.I’ll do it myself,” he snaps before he yanks my panties down my legs.“Keep that skirt up.”

I step out of my panties, unable to speak as Gabriel stuffs them into his pocket.Then he’s grabbing my ankle and making me spread my thighs wider to expose my sex for his hungry lust-filled gaze.The air is cool against my wet skin because I’m drenched in need.If Gabriel wasn’t so greedy to get my panties down, I might be embarrassed.

“Or what?”The words pop out of me before I have a chance to think them through.

His eyes travel slowly up my body to lock with mine, and I jerk when one of his thick fingers slides through the folds of my sex.He presses down on my clit, making me moan, but he doesn’t move it, and the pressure grows tenfold.

“If you’re trying to get me to spank that tempting ass of yours, it’s not going to work.”He leans in and blows against my sex, causing me to whimper.“I’m in charge, dollface.It’s not a punishment if you enjoy it.”

He’s not wrong.

That was where my mind went when I pushed him.I know I love to read dirty things, but he’s making me crave to do them.Gabriel has been thrust center stage to the smuttiest of books I’ve read and now the faceless man I always pictured ishim.

“Please,” I beg and push my hips forward, needing him to move his finger.I’m the one that’s going to freaking die here.“I’ll keep my skirt up.I promise,” I rush to add when he lets his warm breath tickle against the folds of my sex.

“Good girl.”He removes his finger from my clit, and I whine.

“No!”I protest, but it’s short-lived as his mouth covers my clit and he begins sucking on it.“Oh god,” I groan when a finger is thrust inside of me and his tongue flicks my clit back and forth.It’s too much because I was already on edge, and to my embarrassment, I go off.As the orgasm takes over, I cry out his name, and the pleasure explodes through my body in a tidal wave.

“You with me?”Gabriel asks, and my eyes pop open.That’s when I realize we’ve moved and I’m laid out on a couch with my sweater and bra gone.The only thing I’m still wearing is my skirt that’s bunched all the way up.“That was only to take the edge off since you begged so sweetly and did as you were told.”My hips buck at his words, and I wonder what the heck this man has done to my body.“I’ll take that as a yes.”He smirks, settling in between my thighs.

This time, his strokes are lazy at first as his tongue sweeps up and down.His hands slide under my ass to lift me off the couch so he can thrust his tongue deep inside of me.The way he’s doing it makes my need skyrocket, and my sex flutters around his tongue.

“Gabriel,” I moan.

“This one's for me.Be patient,” he says when his tongue slips from inside me to travel even farther down.I gasp when he circles my puckered hole, but he doesn’t push inside.He makes sure to lick me everywhere in a silent promise of what’s to come.

He worships me between my thighs, bringing me close to climax before pulling back.One second he’ll be slow and sweet and the next a starved animal feasting on me.

“Please.”I reach down and grip Gabriel’s hair.Once the word is out of my mouth, Gabriel gives me what I beg for.I guess it really is the magic word.

He puts my ass back down on the couch, and with one hand, his fingers spread the lips of my sex, exposing me completely to his mouth.He latches on to my clit as he thrusts a finger inside of me, and I cry out, my back bowing off the couch.

This orgasm is more intense than the first, and my whole body is sensitive to every touch.I whimper and jerk when Gabriel kisses my clit and lazily slides his finger out of me.My hand drops from his hair, and I lie there, unable to move.I had no idea it could be this way.

Gabriel rocks against me, and I gasp when I see what he’s doing.He’s on his knees between my thighs, jacking himself off, and it’s the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen in my life.His expression is pained with need, and it’s also a bit intimidating.Gabriel isn’t a small man, and his cock looks massive even in his own big hand as he strokes himself faster.

“Don’t,” he orders when I start to sit up, wanting to touch him.I fall back down, doing as I’m told.

“Good girl,” he praises, and it makes my body hum.

He drops down over me, holding himself up with one arm to capture my nipple in his mouth.Gabriel keeps on stroking himself as his giant body jerks on top of mine.His groans and grunts fill the room, and I hear him softly whisper my name.

“Noel.”He lets go of my nipple, and I feel his warm release spill onto me.

He pushes up, going back to his knees, and more cum shoots from his cock to land between my thighs and onto my sex.I bite my lip, my body throbbing for more already.

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