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His cock is still just as hard as before as he releases it and then brings his hand to my stomach.

“My little doll,” he breathes out.

Gabriel is going to kill me.The things he says are almost as good as his tongue.He runs his fingers through his cum and then smears it over my clit.I moan as he works me up again, and this time, he’s relentless.There is no teasing as he uses his cum to make me go off again.

“I can’t.”My body jerks.

My eyes fall closed as he keeps running his fingers across my skin before he thrusts two inside of me.When I look at him, Gabriel is staring down at my sex, his wet fingers buried deep.Slowly he pulls them out, and there’s a satisfied smile on his face.He sucks his fingers clean and then holds them out to me.

“Want a taste, dollface?”I nod, and he leans down and kisses me.His tongue thrusts into my mouth like it did my sex, and I can taste both of us on him.His hard cock presses into my stomach, and he shakes his head.“No.”He nips my bottom lip when I try to lift my hip and rub my bare sex against him.I don’t mean to; it's just my body doing all kinds of things on its own.I’m utterly shameless right now.

“Please?”He lifts his head, and I audibly hear him swallow.

“Fuck.”He pushes up off me, shoving his cock back into his pants.“I went too far,” I think I hear him say under his breath as he pulls my skirt back down to cover me.“I should get you home before the town comes searching for you.”He smiles, but I’m not sure it’s real.

“Ah, yeah.”I sit up quickly, wondering what changed.I was laid out for his taking and would probably have let him slide right in without protection or anything.That wasn’t anywhere in my mind when he was touching me.

Gabriel helps me get dressed before silently walking me home and leaving me utterly confused.



Noel:And then he just left.Did I do something wrong?

I hesitate with my thumbs over the keyboard as I think about what to reply.I’m such a fucking idiot, but things went so far so fast, and Noel doesn’t know who I am or why I’m here.I couldn’t let things go any further without telling her the truth.I paced the floor of my hotel room all night, and when she finally texted me, my anxiety kicked into overdrive.

Not only have I not been completely honest with her, but I’ve been texting her as someone else for months.It’s a multi-level betrayal, and I can’t see a way out of this while still holding on to her.

“One problem at a time,” I say to myself and then begin to text my response.

Me:There’s no way you did anything wrong.Maybe he was worried he rushed you into it.

Noel:Maybe.He’s so great and our conversation was like something out of a romance novel.

Me:Then I’m sure you were perfect.Maybe just keep an open mind the next time you see him.

Noel:What if I don’t see him again?

Me:Trust me, you will.

Noel:I hope you’re right.Last night was the best night of my life.

“Mine too,” I say and tuck my phone in my pocket.

“Everything okay?”the woman who owns the bakery asks as she gives me a refill of my coffee.Her name tag says Frostie, with snowflakes and glitter all over it.

“Yep.”I nod toward the library in the distance.“Just waiting for it to open up.”

“You’ve been waiting for three hours now.Must be something good in there you’re checking out.”She gives me a knowing smile before walking back to the counter.

I want to tell her that’s an understatement, but she already knows I’m going to see Noel.Hell, everyone who comes in here smiles at me like I’m their long-lost family member, and it’s the weirdest thing ever.

Noel was right when she said everyone here gossips because I’ve heard her name whispered as people looked at me.I should have been more careful last night, but I was in a cloud of lust, and all I knew was that I wanted her more than I’ve wanted anything.Now that desire for her has only grown because I know what it feels like to hold her in my arms and to watch her come undone.It’s like getting a taste has made this feeling for her intensify, and my insides are on fire.

Not only do I want to do what we did last night all over again, I want to do it for the rest of my life.I realized last night after practically wearing a hole in the carpet of my hotel room that I’m not just falling for Noel anymore, I’ve gone over the cliff and I’m deep in love.One look and I was a goner, but the more I got to know her, the heavier those feelings got.It wasn’t just infatuation or even desire; it was soul-crushing, and I have to make this right.

That’s why I’ve been here for hours waiting for the library to open.At least this way her mom and dad aren’t nearby listening and I can find a place that’s quiet for us to talk.There’s no more getting around it—the time has come.

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