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“We’ve got more talking to do, but this time I want to do it with your clothes off,” I say as I throw her over my shoulder and march to my room.



“Gabriel!”I laugh as he carries me away.The man makes me feel as tiny as a doll, but I suppose that’s why he calls me dollface.Now soon he’ll get to call me his wife.“Everyone is going to know what we’re doing.”

“Don’t care what anyone thinks.We’re going to finish what we started the other night.”

“If I recall, you’re the one that pulled back,” I remind him tartly.

It all makes sense now, but that night, I was so confused.He went from burning hot to freezing cold, and I thought I’d done something wrong.Things got out of control, but it seems like they always do with us.When we touch, it’s like being connected to a piece of me that I didn’t know was missing.It’s a deep undeniable connection that I want to hold on to forever.

“I’m never pulling out.I can promise you that.”

“Gabriel!”I smack his ass as he keeps on walking with me draped over his shoulder, and I’m glad my hair is covering my face.My wild curls bounce with every step, and I’m sure my face is as red as my hair.Honestly, though, I don’t care.Let them all see.I’m not the first girl or even the second girl this Christmas to be stolen away in Troping.

“Careful, dollface.I’ll return the favor.”His hand comes down on my ass, making me gasp.The sensation shoots straight between my legs, and I bite my lip so that I don’t moan.How far are we from the hotel?“See, I knew you’d enjoy being spanked.”He smacks my ass again.“Stop wiggling or I’ll take you against the wall,” he grits out, and I know he’s barely hanging on to control.

“Liar.”I stop wiggling around because I didn’t know I was doing it.

The ground turns to carpet, and I know we’ve entered the inn where Gabriel’s been staying.For the past three days, I’ve been avoiding this place and pretty much the whole town.I knew from Gabriel’s texts he wasn’t going anywhere and it would only be a matter of time before I had no choice but to face him.I think to some degree, I wanted to see how much he truly cared and to prove to me that what we have is real.

“You’re right.I’d never let anyone see you that way.”The sound of a door clicking open has my nipples hardening in anticipation.This is really happening.I’m about to have sex.Not only that, but with a man I’m engaged to.

Gabriel tosses me onto a soft bed, and before I have a chance to catch my bearings, he’s on me, pinning me beneath him and claiming my mouth in a deep kiss.How could I miss this so much when I only ever had it once before?The weight of his body is perfect against mine as he presses me into the mattress.

“Fuck, I’ve missed you,” he groans against my mouth as every inch of me lights up with need.

“I missed you too,” I admit.Gabriel set my body on fire, and all it took was one night to make me addicted.

“It’s been hell.”He pulls at my clothes.“Not talking to you, not touching you.Not returning my texts,” he grumbles, sounding desperate as he moves faster to strip me of my clothes.It makes me feel sexy that he wants me so badly and also that he’s mad at himself and mad at my clothes.

“What am I going to wear out of here?”A small laugh bubbles out of me.“You ripped it.”I put my hand over my mouth, trying not to laugh as Gabriel holds my torn panties in his hand.

“You have a thing for bear shifters.They’re always ripping clothes.”He tosses my panties away as he gets up and removes what he’s wearing.I lick my lip when I see his cock and the tip is wet with precum.Gabriel’s hungry gaze eats me up as he strokes himself a few times.“Spread your thighs, dollface.”I’ve never been more turned on in my life.

“This is you, right?”

“Who the hell else would it be?”He comes back down over me, and his hand brushes some of my curls away from my face.

“You just know all my dirty kinks,” I whisper, suddenly feeling shy.

“This is me, dollface.”He uses his knees to spread my thighs wider before settling in between my legs.“Fuck you’re soaked,” he grits out, his cock slipping through my folds.My body has been craving him for days, and then I had to wait through the party.I wanted to be there, but I also wanted to be alone with Gabriel.“All those books did was get me hard thinking about all the dirty shit my sweet, virgin librarian is into.”

“What are you into?”I lift my hips, and his cock slides down farther to nudge against my opening.

“You.Only you,” he groans, thrusting forward an inch.I slide my tongue across his bottom lip, tempting him to push into me.“I want to eat you first.”I watch Gabriel have an inner battle with himself.

When I sink my teeth into his bottom lip, his hips buck forward, and his cock thrusts all the way in.A sharp pain shoots through me, but it’s gone as quickly as it was there.

Gabriel gasps, and I get lost in watching his control dissolve.

“Fuck me,” Gabriel grits out before groaning my name.Warmth blooms deep inside of me, and I feel his cock jerk.He keeps me pinned under him as it pumps, but he doesn’t move.

“Oh god,” I gasp.“Did you just…ah…”

“Yeah.”He pulls out and thrusts back in.“Couldn’t stop it.”

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