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“Oh god,” I moan as I feel the weight of his release in me.

“You drive me insane.”He starts to move faster as he holds me to the bed.

“That’s so hot,” I breathe, wrapping my legs around him.

“You like that, dollface?That you get me so worked up?”His neck strains as he thrusts over and over, and I lift my hips to meet him.

I’m so full and needy as I squeeze around him.I love being filled and connected in a way that is achy and primal.

“Yes,” I moan when he takes me deeper and his teeth find my neck.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he whispers when he looks at me, and our eyes lock.

“Gabriel.I’m so close,” I beg as I squeeze around him.“Please.”

“You know I love that word,” he says, bending down to suck one of my nipples.“I’ve got you, dollface.”At the same time, his hand slips between us, and he begins to rub my clit.

I’m so far gone that it only takes him a few quick strokes before my orgasm hits.I cry out his name as the heat washes over me and I cling to his heavy body.

“I’ve always got you,” he vows as he keeps thrusting and pushing me toward another orgasm.“We’re only getting started, Noel.”He kisses me sweetly before thrusting hard.“And I’m never letting you go.”



One month later…

“I’m nervous.”Noel wipes her palms on her dress, and I take them from her lap so I can hold on to her.

“We don't have to do this right now if you’re not ready,” I say for probably the tenth time.

“No!”she’s quick to say and then laughs nervously.“No, it’s okay.I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.”

As soon as I made Noel mine, I practically carried her down the aisle as fast as I could.We were married in the gazebo on Christmas surrounded by her loved ones.I decided not to tell Dad and Kate until after they were back from their holiday vacation.As much as I love them, I knew that the first time Noel met her birth mother needed to be a separate occasion.After answering a lot of questions from the both of them, they understood and were thrilled for us.

It was heartwarming to hear Kate’s tears of joy and how grateful she was that not only had I found her but I’d also fallen in love with Noel.She and Noel have exchanged messages and phone calls, and even Kate and Noel’s adoptive mom have formed a bond since this all happened.

Since the wedding, Noel and I have been remodeling a mountain cabin we bought in Troping, and I’ve been working on moving what business I want to keep with me and closing down the rest.I realized right away what was most important, and that was Noel.Giving up my life in the city was the easiest thing I’ve ever done.Maybe even easier than falling in love with her, and that was like breathing.

“I think that’s them,” Noel’s mom says as she looks out the front door.“It’s time.”She gives Noel a big smile and holds out her hand for her to come join her in welcoming Kate and my dad to Troping.

I’m right there at Noel’s back with my hand on her hip as her dad opens the front door and we walk onto the porch.Kate is out of the car before my dad even comes to a complete stop, and when she sees us standing there, she bursts into tears.

What surprises me is the first ones to go to each other are Noel’s mom and Kate.They embrace like long-lost friends, and the two of them whisper things that we can’t hear.I don’t know what they say, but I can imagine there’s a lot of gratitude between them.

Noel leans against me, and I wrap my arm around her as we watch them.After a long moment, they part and face my wife.Noel steps forward cautiously, and Kate’s chin trembles as she steps closer.

“It’s nice to see you again,” she says softly, and a heartbeat passes before Noel falls into Kate’s arms.

“Thank you,” Noel says as she leans back and looks at Kate.“Thank you for giving me my family—and Gabriel.”

“It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but it was the right decision.Seeing you here and how loved you are is more than I could have dreamed of giving you.For a long time, I regretted it, but I don’t anymore.I know that your life is filled with love because of them.“I’m just happy that I get to be a part of your life”

“Let’s go inside,” I say as I place a hand on the small of Noel’s back.

She nods at me and leans into my touch.I can see the relief in her eyes that the initial fear is over and there’s comfort in the breath she takes.

“You okay?”I ask her quietly, and she goes up on her toes.I have to bend down to meet her lips, but she gives me a quick kiss and nods.

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