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“I might ruin this hot, tight pussy,” I say. Honestly my mind is a little blown. I shouldn’t be surprised by her lack of innocence. She wasn’t a coed who slept around, but liking it rough and dirty, yet afraid to give in to her desire? I didn’t see that coming. My cock thickens a little more. Jesus, I’m having a hell of a good time discovering all the sides to her and I have to admit, I’m feeling a measure of pride that I’m the first guy to give her what she needs. “I might actually ruin this sweet mouth of yours, too,” I say and slide my thumb in.

She sucks on it, and need grips me hard. Her fingers slide over my shoulders, dip under my shirt and score my skin. “What are you waiting for, Cason?”

I groan, pull my finger from her mouth and work the tight button on her hip-hugging jeans. I need her naked. Now.

I grip the belt straps, tug until her jeans hover around her round hips, but she pushes me off her body. For a moment I go still. Has she changed her mind? I’m about to ask, but my words stick, then morph into a moan when she turns, and puts her hands on the door, high up, near the rack where my scarves are hung. She grips the fabric, runs it around her fingers, letting me know in no uncertain terms what she wants. My glance rakes over her quivering body, and every dirty scenario that has ever played out in my mind when it came to her crashes over me, like a hot Caribbean wave.

“I’m going to make you mine.”

I reach above her head and tie the scarves around her hands, securing them to the rack. The binds are tight enough to hold her in place, but loose enough that she can get out of them if she has a change of heart. Although, judging by the way her breath is coming in jagged little bursts, like she’d just sprinted through a marathon, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Oh, yeah, sweet Londyn Harding likes this hot little setup, and she wants me to play.

Play I will.

I reach around her, and run my fingers over the ridiculously small buttons on her blouse. I breathe against her ear, and her entire body quakes in response. I grin, loving the reaction my closeness pulls from her. I present calm, but I’m not as together as I’m letting on. No, I’m two seconds from losing myself in her, and never finding my way out again.

“These buttons, they’re kind of pissing me off,” I growl.

“What did my buttons ever do to you?”

“They’re too small for my fingers. If I were designing women’s clothes, I’d buy up every small button and burn them.”

She chuckles. “I never would have worn this shirt if I’d known it was going to prevent you from touching me.”

“Your hands are tied, so you leave me no choice.” I grip the edges of her blouse, and with one quick yank tear it wide-open. The silly little buttons clatter to the floor and her resulting yelp wraps around my balls and gives a delicious squeeze. Fuck yeah. “Much better,” I say and continue to rip the shirt until it’s gone from her body. “I’ll replace that,” I say and run my fingers over her delicate shoulders.

“No need. I have plenty.” Her breathing grows harsh, and fingers coil around my scarves, like she’s doing her best to keep herself upright.

“You good, Londyn?”

“Never better.”

I press my mouth to her shoulder, and slowly tug down her bra straps. “This is much easier to remove.” I unhook the latch and free her breasts.

“Yes,” she whimpers, her hair falling down her back as she lifts her head, and arches her spine, putting her lush tits right into my palms. I knead her, pinch her nipples until they’re swollen and hard. Her hips move, her sweet little pussy desperate for something to squeeze. I’d be more than happy to help with that. But first I need to play with the sexy woman who’s tied up and at my mercy.

With one hand on her breast, I slide the other down her body, and jerk my hips forward, massaging my dick against her sweet ass. I slide my palm down her stomach, dip into her jeans and cup her wet sex. She rocks and moans, and rubs up against the door. She is so damn open and sexy, the sight of her writhing like this is pure heaven. This woman makes me weak in the knees and that’s a whole lot scary.

“I’ve been suffering all day,” I whisper into her ear.


“Yeah, for a taste of you.” She moans, and I slide a thick finger into her hot wet core. “Shit, you are so wet for me.”

“You’re not the only one who’s been suffering,” she tells me and bucks backward, a greedy little thrust as she rides my finger. It’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.

I keep my hand there, let her use me, take what her body needs.

“I should just tug these jeans down and put my cock inside you, fuck you hard for making me worry about you.” Her body convulses. “You’d probably like that though.”

“I don’t think so,” she says, and I chuckle. She cries out as I remove my finger from her tight pussy. I grip the band of her jeans and slide them down, just enough to expose her hot ass. I take her cheeks into my palms and spread them. “Maybe I’ll bend you over right here and push myself into this tight hole,” I say, lightly running my finger along her puckered crevice.

She gasps.

“Ah, look at you. Not so sure you like that idea, huh?”

“Cason,” she moans as I insert a pinky finger into her. She quivers around me, and I cup her sex again, rub my palm over her clit as I slowly introduce her ass to a new kind of pleasure. “I’ve never...”

“I know, baby. I know.” I tease her back passage a little more, stretching her out, wanting to fill every inch of her. My mouth goes to her neck and I slide my tongue over her. “I want my tongue on your pussy,” I say and slowly turn her.

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