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Her hands twist in the scarves, and the sight of her, her cheeks pink, her eyes so lust-imbued and needy, it nearly brings me to my knees. I have never seen a woman want me the way this one does right now. It screws me over in the worst way.

I stare, take my time to burn this image into my memory. As my gaze rakes over her, my body aroused at the rising and falling of her lush tits with each breath, I take a measured step back. I tear my own shirt from my body and shove it away. Her eyes widen at my impatience, and the hunger raging inside me fills the room, curls around us like a wild animal ready to claim its prey.

“You’re mine,” I growl.


“Say it,” I demand, not wanting to think too hard on why I need those words to spill from her lips.

“I’m yours.”

Her fingers wiggle, like she’s desperate to get them on me, and while I want that, too, I like having her tied up like this. I bend forward, take one breast into my palm as my mouth goes to the other. Need blazes through me, lighting a fiery path to my balls. They tighten, beg for release, and I groan against her breasts as I scrape my teeth over her delicate nipple. It swells painfully in my mouth and with little finesse and much greed, I shove my hand between her legs. I run the back of my palm over her sex, pressing into her, and sliding it back and forth to part her lips.

“You want my finger in you?” I ask.

“Cason... I can’t...” she murmurs, her voice a hushed whisper. “Touch me. Please. Now.”

I suck her nipple so hard, my cheeks form hollows, and she whimpers. “What makes you think you get to tell me what to do?” I tease, mercilessly spreading her but avoiding direct contact with her swollen clit. She struggles against the bindings, but doesn’t pull her hands free. She’s so damn delirious with need she’s tossing her head from side to side, her eyes glazed, her cheeks rosy red. I love this wild look on her and if I had it my way, I’d ruthlessly toy with her every goddamn day.

Who says I can’t have it my way?

“Does this little pussy need me?” I brush her clit, and she yelps and writhes like a restrained animal. “Maybe I’ll just keep you tied up like this all night, and touch you when I feel like it.” I lightly stroke her sex, opening her up for my girth. Her small tremors vibrate through me and I nearly lose my damn mind.

She bends forward, curls her body as her orgasm pulls at her. A moment later, restless and edgy, her head flails back and I reach behind, fist her hair and tug until her eyes open.

“Look at me.” Her eyes fly open. “I want to see you when you come.”

“Yes. I’m so close.” She wets her bottom lip and I close in for the kill. My lips find hers and I devour her mouth, my dick so hard, it’s a wonder I have any blood left in my brain. I eat at her delicious mouth, tangle our tongues until she’s moaning. I tear my lips away, and her eyes are so dazed I’m not sure she’s still with me.

“Londyn?” I ask, my voice rough and shallow, as I try to keep a measure of control.

“I love the way you kiss me,” she says.

“You like my mouth here,” I begin and roughly run my thumb over her bruised bottom lip. “Or perhaps you’d prefer it here.” I probe her opening, offering her a finger up to my first knuckle, and she whimpers and moves. Her muscles try to clench around me, but I’m not done torturing her.

“Please put your finger back in me.”

“The second I do, you’re going to come, aren’t you?” I dip my head, and lick her nipple again. As I brutally prolong her pleasure, I twirl her marbled nub between my teeth and she sags against the door, a quivering mess of need. I suck harder, and beneath my finger, her clit pulses. “Does my baby need to come?”


Deciding to end the sweet torment, I slide one thick finger into her and she lets go, her muscles clenching hard as her body releases in a rush of hot liquid. It bathes my fingers and hand, and drips down her legs, preparing her sweet pussy for my throbbing cock. She comes and comes and comes some more and when she finally stops, I pull my finger from her sweet pussy and put it in my mouth.

“Fuck you taste good.”

She pants for breath, and watches me with aroused eyes. “Cason...”

“Yeah.” Giving her no time to recover, I untie her hands, take hold of her chin and lift it until her mouth is poised open. “Is there something specific you wanted to put in here,” I ask, and run my finger over her bottom lip. She shakes my hand away from her jaw, and before I realize what she’s doing, she bends forward and draws my index finger into her mouth. She sucks, rolls her hot wet tongue around it and moans.

“Shit,” I curse as the pressure builds, the greedy little bastard between my legs screaming at me to put her on her knees and fill her mouth with something a whole lot bigger than a finger.

Dammed if I don’t like that idea. A lot.

I put my hands on her shoulders and push. She grins, and I get it. She likes the power she has over me. Likes that I’m amped up like an addict on crack and so lost in her I can’t wait one goddamn second to feel her lush lips around my dick. Yeah, she’s an addiction I don’t want to quit and the image of my dick sliding between her full lips has been taunting me since she first told me there was only one thing she was interested in putting in her mouth.

“Still hungry?” I ask.


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