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She reaches behind her back and unclasps her bra. It slips down her arms and she lets it fall and then she pushes her panties down, kicks them off her legs and stands there naked and smiling. I rush to follow suit, kicking my boxer shorts off to who knows where.

Summer looks at my hard cock and licks her lips and it’s my turn to moan. I reach for her and this time, she doesn’t dance away. I pull her into my arms and kiss her. Our hands roam all over each other’s bodies, our lips locked together.

I push one hand between Summer’s legs and put two fingers inside of her slit, finding her clit and massaging it as we kiss. My other hand holds Summer tightly against me. Her hands are up and down my back and sides and then they are in my hair and then they are back on my back again.

I massage Summer’s clit until she is dripping wet and I know she’s ready to come and then I stop. Her mouth leaves mine but before she can object, I push my same two fingers inside of her pussy and use my thumb on her clit. I work my fingers and thumb together and I push Summer backwards towards the couch. She moves easily with me and when we reach the couch, I support her with one arm around her and lay her on her back with my other hand still keeping her right there on the edge of her orgasm.

I push one of her legs off the couch, so she is wide open and then I kneel between her knees. I up the pace of my probing fingers and I feel Summer’s pussy clenching as she starts to orgasm. I reach up and wrap my spare hand around her throat and squeeze gently. Her eyes flicker open in alarm for a second but then the alarm is gone, and her eyes glaze over as her orgasm takes her away.

She arches her back and I squeeze her throat a bit harder. She goes rigid, her back still arched and her mouth opens and closes as she tries to breath but finds her airway restricted. I keep working her clit and her pussy and she floods my hand over and over again.

She clenches around me again and her hands come up and grab my upper arms, her nails digging in hard enough to hurt. The stinging pain wakes my nerve endings right up and as it moves through my body, it becomes pleasure rather than pain.

I take my hand from Summer’s throat as she begins to come down from her second orgasm. She gasps in a big breath, and she’s panting as I lean forward and gently kiss where my hand has been on her throat. I pull my fingers out of her pussy and then I move so that I’m lying on top of her, and I push my cock into her pussy instead.

She cries out as I fill her and then I start to thrust inside of her, and she moves her hips in time with mine. Her hands reach for my ass cheeks, and she wraps her legs around me, trying to force me in deeper, deeper.

We are well into our rhythm when Summer thrusts extra hard, sending me lurching to the side. I tumble from the couch, and she comes with me, straddling me where I land on my back. She smiles down at me and moves up and down on my length, clenching and unclenching her muscles, making her already tight pussy even tighter around me.

I’m so close to coming when she slows down completely. She moves slowly, deliberately up into the air until I’m almost out of her and then she takes me back in, her downward movement just as slow. I feel her slippery warmth on every inch of my cock as I slip inside of her, and it’s delicious and it’s amazing, but it’s not enough. I’m on the edge and I need to climax. The need is almost a physical pain and I want to hold off and make this last, but I can’t.

My primal drive takes over and I can’t stop myself any longer. I grab Summer’s hips in my hands and push her towards the couch. I keep a hold on her as I slip out of her and get to my knees. She turns so she’s on her knees, bent at the waist, her upper body laid on the couch.

I kneel behind her and penetrate her once more and I pound into her, our bodies slamming together with each thrust. I try to make it last as long as I can, but my body takes over in the end and before I can stop it, I’m coming, hard. I feel Summer clench around me and I realize she is coming with me. I hold her in place as we both moan and gasp.

Pleasure floods me, my whole body is alive and tingling and delicious. I feel pleasure through every part of me from the top of my head all the way down to my toes. I’m so overwhelmed by the feeling that I can’t think for a moment. I can only feel. I cling to Summer, sure that if I don’t, I might just float away.

She screams my name, and her scream brings me back to myself in the best possible way and I spurt into her over and over again as I hold her in place, the tip of my cock pressed against her cervix.

Finally, it’s over and it is at once a relief and a disappointment. I have never felt anything that intense before and it scared me a little bit, but I’m already ready to feel it again. I slip out of Summer, and she turns towards me. I move off my knees and sit on my ass with my legs folded in front of me and then I hold out my arms to her.

She moves into my lap and puts her head on my shoulder, and we wrap our arms around each other as we take a moment to recover. I only have to look at Summer, her dazed eyes, her slightly swollen lips, her flushed cheeks to know that she felt that like I did, and I love that I can make her come as undone as she can me.

When I feel like I am pretty much back to my normal self, I lean down and kiss Summer on the top of the head. I feel her cheek move against my chest as she smiles and then she tilts her face up and I kiss her lips. There is passion there - I don’t think there will ever be a time when Summer and I come together and there isn’t passion there – but this kiss feels like it’s about more than just passion and attraction. It feels like the difference between fucking and making love.

It's scary for me because it can only mean one thing – I am falling for Summer and if I let myself fall for her, I’m leaving myself wide open to getting hurt. But who am I kidding when I say if I let myself fall for her? As if I could somehow stop myself. I need to stop over thinking about this and just go with it and see where we end up.

As we kiss, Summer moves so she’s sitting astride me, and I can feel the heat of her pussy on my cock. I’m hard again already. This is what she does to me. I shuffle back slightly so that my back is against the couch and then I deepen our kiss. Summer moans into my mouth and then she moves her hips slightly so that her slit rubs over my cock leaving behind a warm, wet trail.

I need to be inside of her again. I put my hands underneath Summer’s ass and then I move back onto my knees and stand up, holding her to me. She wraps her arms around my shoulders, her legs around my waist and I carry her towards the stairs.

She moves her head to one side and kisses my neck and then along my shoulder and back to my neck. Her kisses send goosebumps scurrying over my skin, her light, teasing touch makes me want to throw her down right here and fuck her, but I’m afraid the stairs will hurt her back and the last thing I want to do is hurt Summer so I force myself to wait.

I reach the top of the stairs and head for the bedroom. I don’t even have the bedroom door open yet when Summer reaches behind herself. She grabs my cock in her fist and starts to move it up and down my length. I moan and almost tumble as pleasure assaults me. I take a moment to experience the ecstasy her touch awakens in me. I stand outside of my bedroom, the door still closed, my forehead pressed against it beside Summer.

She works me and her other hand curls around my neck and peels my head from the door and we’re kissing again, the deep, passionate kisses that I can’t resist. I get myself together and open the bedroom door and as I kick it closed behind me, Summer stops moving her fist on my cock and instead, she pushes me inside of her.

I moan her name as I turn around and slam her against the wall. I take her arms and lift them above her head, running my hands up them to her wrists. I take both of her wrists in one hand and pin them above her head and then I lean in and run my tongue lightly up and down her neck.

I stop thrusting, just holding myself still inside of Summer as I tease her with my light licks and kisses. She moans and writhes and tries to move her hips, to make me start thrusting again. I press myself against her, jamming her pelvis against the door, rendering her motionless and then I use my one spare hand and my tongue and lips to bring her into a frenzied state where she is begging me to fuck her.

I ignore her begging for a moment and keep pushing her. She is so wet, so ready, and I know she can’t take much more. I release her wrists and her hands come down into my hair. I kiss her deeply as she tries once more to move her hips and make me fuck her. I tease her for a few more seconds until it becomes more than either of us can bear, and then I whisk her away from the wall, carry her to the bed, we get on the bed and then I’m fucking her.

I’m slamming into her, filling her up physically while fulfilling the need in us emotionally. Our bodies come together in a series of intense thrusts that are so hard, so passionate, it almost hurts.

I know Summer is close to orgasming and I reach down with one hand and work her clit. She comes within seconds of me touching her, a bomb waiting to go off. She whimpers as her face twists and then her mouth drops open in a silent O of pleasure.

Her pussy tightens around my cock but this time, it stays tight, locking me inside of her, making each thrust feel even more amazing than the last one. Her fingers cling to me and her legs tighten around me. It’s as though she wants to consume me, and I’m more than ready to be consumed by her.

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