Flirting with the CEO

Author: Iona Rose
Category: Billionaire Romance | Romance
Total pages: 69

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Flirting with the CEO

One minute I was sharing a taxi with a panty-melting stranger, and shockingly, the next thing I knew, I was in bed, having my panties ripped off by the hot stranger's teeth.
I'm not a 'kiss and tell' kinda girl so what happened next must stay between me and the hot stranger, but I can say: the drool-worthy stranger turned out to be the perfect one-night stand material. And when I say, perfect I really mean perfect.

Until... I found out he was my new CEO!

Okay, Okay, calm down Summer and think. You can work this one out. This job is too good to lose over a mere man even if he does look good enough to eat. Look, you're a fine actress, right? Didn't even Mrs Bradford say you were the most convincing camel she'd ever seen in a nativity play? Surely, you can pretend it never happened.

Yes, yes, I could surely do that.

So the delicious cat and mouse game began...