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I up the pace of my hand on his cock and he moves his mouth from mine for long enough to pull my hoody over my head and ditch it on the floor and then his mouth is on mine again and his hands are tugging at my sweatpants. I lift my ass from the couch and my sweatpants slide down. Tyler gets them to my knees and then he pulls one leg down, leaving the other one where it is in his desperation to be inside of me.

He pushes his jeans and boxers down to his mid thighs and then he takes my hand away from his cock and lays me on my back on the couch. He gets on top of me and plunges inside of me. His movements are slow at first, his thrusts long and teasing, his cock sliding in and out of me in an almost leisurely fashion.

The slow thrusts allow me to build up to an orgasm as my g-spot is tantalizingly rubbed time and time again. I dig my fingers into Tyler’s shoulders through his t-shirt as I feel my orgasm slowly overtaking me.

My clit and pussy seem to explode with pleasure, which creeps up into my stomach and breasts, down into my thighs, making my skin tingle and my nerves pulse with pleasure. I moan out and whisper Tyler’s name as he keeps moving slowly inside of me, keeping me in the throes of my orgasm.

The pleasure goes on and on until I feel myself starting to slowly come undone, I can barely breathe, and I can’t think of anything except how amazing Tyler feels filling me up with his thrusts. I cling to Tyler, using his body as an anchor to keep myself from floating away on a red wave of ecstasy.

Tyler kisses my neck, and the tingling sensation starts there too, rushing down to meet the one coming up. I cling tighter, tighter. I can’t even call out Tyler’s name anymore because I can’t get any air. I’m trying to breathe, my throat working, but nothing is coming in or out. I’m starting to feel dizzy, but rather than making me feel fearful, it makes me feel free, like I’m no longer tethered to my body, like I can experience a feeling of pleasure so pure it must be something in my soul rather than my pussy.

I put my head back and I can feel the tendons standing out on my neck. I don’t know how much longer I can take this for, and I just have to trust that Tyler knows my body well enough to know when I can’t take anymore. He is still filling me, sliding in and out at that delicious, torturous pace.

Tyler runs his fingernails lightly down my exposed throat making my skin burst out in goosebumps that chase his fingers up my neck and then back down it again. He puts his palm flat on the front of my throat, his fingers on one side of my neck, his thumb on the other. He squeezes gently.

For a moment, blind panic seizes me. I can’t breathe at all now and my throat is being closed up. The last time he held my throat like this, it was only for a second and I loved it. This is like he’s trying to strangle me and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

I try to ask Tyler what he’s doing, tell him to stop. I grunt a sound and my eyes open, and his hand starts to go away. The second his grip loosens I miss it and I want it back, need it back, and I shake my head desperately until the pressure is back on my throat again.

This time, I don’t feel panic. I feel lightheaded, dizzier by the second, but it feels amazing mixed with the pulsating pleasure of my climax. It is a thrill to know that if he wanted Tyler could squeeze the life out of me and kill me and giving myself to him in this way, showing him the ultimate trust is such a turn on that I think I might burst. Yes, I decided how I feel about it and it’s a massive yes from me.

Finally, when I don’t think I can take it a second longer, Tyler releases his grip on my throat and when he thrusts into me, he does it hard and fast and I’m released from the prison of pure pleasure and I coast down, feeling warm and alive and utterly sated.

I feel a weird sensation on my leg after that and I realize it’s Tyler’s cell phone, still in his jeans’ pocket. He’s getting a text message, but if he hears or feels the cell phone, he doesn’t let it throw him off his stride. He’s pounding into me, filling me, thrilling me once more.

When he hits his orgasm, I feel his cock thrumming inside of me, a twitching feeling like it’s undulating with his pleasure. He cries out as he spurts into me, a sound of pure, primal pleasure that sends a delicious shiver through me.

After Tyler climaxes and slips out of me, we lay in place clinging to each other until we have ourselves under control once more. When I feel like I’ll be able to walk without my legs giving way beneath me, I sit up.

“I need to go to the bathroom,” I say.

Tyler moves so that I can get up. I stand up and push my leg back into my loose sweatpant leg and I pull my sweatpants up. I grab my hoody off the floor and put it back on as I head for the bathroom. I quickly pee and wipe myself, flush, wash my hands and then I go back out to the living room.

Tyler has pulled his boxer shorts and jeans back up and he’s holding his cell phone. He looks up as I come back into the room, and he locks his cell phone’s screen and pushes it back into his pocket. I tell myself it’s just a coincidence. He isn’t doing it to hide it from me. He smiles at me as I sit back down beside him.

“Are we doing anything tonight?” Tyler asks.

“I thought maybe we could just stay here, and I’ll cook, or we could order take out,” I said. “But if you’ve had a better offer, feel free.”

I keep my voice light, but I’m breaking inside. Is that what’s happened? Has some other woman texted Tyler wanting to see him tonight.

“Don’t be silly,” he says. “What could be better than being with you.”

He kisses me and I tell myself to relax.

“I just wanted to know whether to come back here later on or whether I would need to go home and change,” he says. “I have to pop into town now.”

“Oh, give me five minutes to change and I’ll come with you,” I say.

I haven’t been to town for ages, and I wouldn’t mind taking a walk. Plus, I think I will definitely cook something tonight instead of us getting takeout. I can get a few items for the meal I’m going to cook for us rather than making do with what’s in the fridge and the cupboards.

“You don’t have to do that,” Tyler says. “You stay here and relax. I’ll only be a couple of hours.”

“No honestly, I want to,” I say. “I need to grab some stuff and I could do with getting out of the apartment for a bit.”

“Ok,” he says with a smile.

I lean over and kiss him and then I go to my bedroom to get changed. I could really use a shower first, but I don’t want to give Tyler any other reason to leave me behind. His smile when he agreed for me to go into town with him seemed fake to me and I could sense his reluctance to let me tag along with him. It’s something to do with that text message he got, I just know it. I was wrong about his side chick wanting to see him tonight, but it looks like the skanky bitch wants to see him now. Ugh and to think we were making love while she was texting him.