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As I move my tongue in and out of her pussy, I bring my hand up her thigh and across her stomach and then down to her slit. I find her clit with two fingers and massage it as I tongue fuck her. I feel her clit pulsing beneath my touch and I can feel her pussy starting to twitch and I know she is just seconds away from coming.

I up the pace of my fingers on her clit and I find her g-spot with my tongue and press on it with the tip of my tongue. Summer doesn’t just moan; she screams in pleasure as she comes. I feel her juices coating my face and I pull my tongue out of her. I lock my mouth over her pussy and suck, drinking in her juices.

She tastes amazing, salty, sweet, musky. I could drink her in all day, but my cock has other ideas. It’s rock hard, straining against my jeans. The need to be inside of Summer is all consuming.

I move my face away from her pussy and give her clit one more going over until she is gasping and panting and then I take my hand away. While she’s coasting down from her orgasm, I quickly get out of my clothes. When I finish stripping, I sit back on my knees again and see Summer watching me with a hungry looking grin on her face.

I take her hands in my hands and pull her off the couch, so she ends up sitting across me, straddling my thighs. I lift her pajama top up as she raises her arms. I take it over her head and throw it aside and then we look at each other, taking in each other’s nakedness. Summer looks amazing, her flushed pink skin that becomes paler as it reaches her breasts, her darker nipples, a layer of shiny sweat on her chest.

I reach up and take her breasts in my hands and squeeze them gently. I take one of her nipples in my fingers and release the other breast then I lean forward and take her other nipple into my mouth. I roll one between my fingers and my thumb and I suck on the other one. I intend to tease Summer for as long as I can bear it, but she has other ideas.

Summer lifts herself slightly and then I feel her grab my cock. The next thing I know, she is lowering herself onto me and my cock is slipping inside of her pussy. I moan and flick my tongue over her nipple one last time and then I release her breasts and put my arms around her, drawing her close. I kiss her hard on the mouth, my cock inside of her but both of us remain still while we kiss. She clenches around me, and I can’t stand the wait any longer.

I take my mouth from hers and begin to move inside of her. She moves up and down in time with my movements and I fill her all the way up, stretching her tight little pussy, making her call out my name as I fill her right to the top and bump against her cervix.

She throws her head back and it makes her chest move forward and with each thrust, her nipples tickle my chest sending delicious little shivers through me. I keep thrusting and she moves her head back down, pulling me tightly against her and wrapping her legs around my waist. I keep pumping into her, and the new angle increases the friction and I know I can’t last much longer.

Summer whispers my name and clings more tightly to me as she orgasms, her pussy tightening around my cock. I thrust through her tightness, and I let myself go, pounding into her faster and faster until I freeze, motionless as I come hard, thinking of making a baby with her makes my dick harder.

It’s my turn to cling to Summer and I bury my face in her neck as I spurt into her a second time. I slip out of her, and we hold each other while we get our breaths back. Summer leaves her legs wrapped around me, and it feels amazing to be all wrapped up in her limbs this way. I never want this to end, but inevitably, I know it must. We can’t sit here forever.

After a few minutes, my breathing has returned to normal, and my heart doesn’t feel like it’s trying to burst free of my chest anymore. Summer lifts her head up from where it rested on my shoulder and smiles at me. She leans forward and kisses me, a tender, loving kiss that makes me tighten my hold on her for a second.

“I don’t want to get up, but I have a cramp in my calf,” Summer whispers in my ear.

I half laugh but I know how painful a cramp can be and so I come up onto my knees and lift her up with me and sit her back down on the couch. She smiles as I lower myself back down and massage her calves for her.

“Thank you,” she says after a minute or two. “It’s gone now.”

“That’s good,” I say. “Because I still have one little secret left to share with you.”

“Oh,” Summer says. “And what’s that then?”

I smile at her and then I reach out for my discarded jeans and pull them back towards me. I push my hand into my pocket and find the small box. I don’t pull it out immediately, I just sit holding it while I look up at Summer.

“It’s something I bought in town today,” I tell her.

Was that really only today? Was it only today I nearly lost her? It feels like forever ago, the horrible gut-wrenching moments erased by the deliciousness of the sex we have just had.

“Ok,” she says, dragging the K out.

“It’s something for you actually,” I say.

“Well give me it and stop keeping me in suspense,” Summer laughs.

“All in good time,” I say to her. “You see, before you can have it, I have to ask you a question. And you can only have it if you answer the question the right way.”

I take my hand back out of my pocket, content in the knowledge I can grab the box easily when – please be when and not if – I need it.

“I already told you the books were better than the movies,” Summer says.

I laugh and shake my head.

“Not that. I mean that was important, but this is even more so,” I say, enjoying teasing her.

Summer interlaces her fingers and turns them backwards and pushes them outwards, cracking all of her knuckles. She moves her head from side to side, her neck cracking at both sides.

“Oh my God do you have to do that?” I say laughing.

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