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“Oh my God, that’s fantastic,” I laugh. “So, I was calling you the wrong name all night?”

“Yeah,” Tyler smiles. “And I have to say it was a little bit distracting hearing you scream some other guy’s name.”

I laugh again but I feel my cheeks go pink at his mention of what we did. I need to make it clear that it was a one-time thing, and it won’t happen again. Even if I can already feel myself being drawn to him once again.

“About that,” I say. “I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy it because I did, but that’s all it can ever be. Just that one night.”

“Obviously,” Tyler says. “You could have just told me you weren’t looking for anything instead of running away though.”

“I didn’t run away as such, I just… we were done so I left. I find the whole morning after conversation about it icky and awkward,” I admit.

“Like this one?” Tyler says with a smile.

“Exactly like this one,” I agree.

“Ok, so let’s draw a line under it. We had a night of fun and now it’s over and we’re nothing more than work colleagues who may or may not become friends,” he says. “The sex meant nothing, and we have no intention of repeating it.”

“Line drawn,” I say. “Now tell me about this project.”

Tyler begins to explain the project and I see that he is passionate about his work, and I like that. I think we will work really well together, but despite that and despite us drawing a line under what happened, I can’t help but think of it as we chat.

As Tyler points to something on the blueprint he’s currently showing me, I can’t help but remember how good his hand felt on my body. I remember those spanks and I feel the heat in my face at the thought of them. If Tyler notices I’m blushing, he doesn’t mention it which is a relief.

I shift slightly in my seat, trying to get my tingling clit to behave itself. It’s no use. Now that I’ve started to think of that night, I can’t stop, and the tingling only intensifies as I remember more and more details from that night.

I feel as though I can taste Tyler on my lips. I can almost feel his lips on mine, his tongue in my mouth. And his cock. Oh my God I can almost feel his cock inside of me pounding into me, pushing me towards my limits and at the same time, pushing me towards my orgasm.

I wonder what he would say if I told him that actually, the line isn’t drawn, that I have to have him one more time first. Would he be instantly agreeable, or would I have to seduce him?

I imagine myself slowly stripping for Tyler, dancing seductively as I peel off my clothes one item at a time, leaving myself in only a pair of black stockings and a red suspender belt and heels. And then I move to him, open his pants and push them down. I push his boxers down and tease him, running my fingernails lightly over his cock and then I push him backwards until his legs hit the conference room table and fold beneath him and he ends up on his back on the table.

I see myself climbing onto the table with him, not bothering to remove my stockings or my shoes. I straddle him and lower myself onto his cock and then I ride him. Oh, how I ride him. I give him no reprieve and when we come, we come hard, both of us screaming each other’s name.

“Summer? Are you ok?” Tyler asks, pulling me back to reality.

I nod my head, but I’m blushing more deeply now as my eyes go to the spot on the conference room table where mere seconds ago, I was fucking Tyler in my head.

“Are you sure?” Tyler asks. “You look a little bit… flustered.”

“I’m just a tad too warm,” I say.

It’s not exactly a lie. I am too warm but it’s so much more than that. My pussy is so wet I’m afraid I will leave a puddle when I stand up and my clit is tingling so much it’s maddening. God how am I ever going to be able to complete this project with Tyler when just being near him has this reaction in me.

I tell myself it will be fine. It’s just because it’s the first time seeing him since we had sex and because it was so unexpected.

I force myself to look at Tyler and I see that sexy little half smirk on his face, and I know that he knows. He knows exactly why I am flustered. Fuck. This is getting worse by the moment. Now I’m blushing so deeply I can feel it spreading down my neck and over my chest.

I am in so much trouble here. My God am I. The thing is though, despite everything, I still don’t want to get tied down with a relationship that might interfere with my career. But surely Tyler won’t want to interfere with my career. He’s going to understand the long hours and all of that kind of thing, and he isn’t going to want me to be slacking off when the company I work for is his.

I shake my head. No. I am not going down that route. Not now, not ever. I wonder though if Tyler would be open to a colleague with benefits kind of arrangement where we have no strings sex now and then. It would certainly liven work up a bit without being too distracting. I shake my head and shake off the thought. Thoughts like that might be nice, but they won’t help me to stop thinking of Tyler as anything more than just a colleague.

“I’ll send you copies of all of the blueprints and ideas we have played with so far and I’ll send you the information about the client,” Tyler said. “Have a look and see what you can come up with and we’ll meet again in a few days’ time.”

“That sounds good,” I say, pleased he is going to send me the things so I can take a look at them without his presence clouding my thoughts.

I have got to get myself together before our progress meeting, but I think I will be able to. I think part of the reason I have found him so distracting today is because I wasn’t expecting to see him. Now I am expecting it, it should hopefully get easier. It had better get easier. I can’t be reduced to this cliché of a woman that goes all gooey just because a good-looking man happens to be in the same room as her.