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Her face drops when she sees Danni at my side, causing Danni to remove her hand.

I know why without asking. She doesn’t want to make Matilda feel bad.

She’s so good, my woman, right down to her bones.

“Hi, Matilda,” I say in a friendly voice. “This is Danni.”

“Hello,” Matilda says, her face brightening. “It’s so nice to meet you. Please, come in… and this must be Jasper, right?”

She kneels, smiling and baby-talking to Jasper.

I exchange a look with Danni. Her expression is confused, as though she feels bad for rubbing our ‘relationship’ in Matilda’s face. But she’s also smiling, and I know it’s because, whatever else is true about Matilda, she’s clearly good with dogs.

We walk into the house, Matilda gesturing at the door to the backyard. “Pablo’s out there. Shall we see how they get on?”

“That sounds great,” Danni says. “And I love the name. Is he named after the painter?”

“Yes,” Matilda says. “But he’s not very artistic.”

I recede into the background, letting Danni take the lead. It shows true character, how nice she’s willing to be to Matilda despite what happened…or what Matilda wanted to happen.

Or maybe it’s simply that she doesn’t care for me as hungrily as I care for her.

I need to ask her soon. Get it out there and off my chest.

As Danni, Matilda, and the two dogs go into the garden, I hover behind, trying to imagine how the conversation will go.

“Danni, I want you forever. I want to have children with you. I want to marry you. No, I need all those things.”

“I feel the same. I want it all. The sooner you get me pregnant, the better.”

I try to focus on the dogs instead. They’re doing that special canine dance, all subtle twitching motions, talking with their body language at speeds difficult for a human to keep up with.

I remember hearing about scientists who captured dogs on video and slowed it down, opening a whole new world of interpretation.

It makes me think of me, Danni, and us.

We’re moving way faster than few people could understand, even if we could somehow slow it down.

I never want it to stop.



“You did a great job back there,” Dominic says, leading me into his office so we can fill out the progress report on Jasper.

“Thank you.”

He walks ahead of me, my tall man with moon-colored hair and wide shoulders.

I’m still reeling over everything that has happened so quickly.

Talking about children, realizing we want the same…even if I’m not sure he wants it together.

The thrill of being his girlfriend, even if it was only for a little while, was wonderful.

And what he told me about Christine, the revelation that made me determined to never, ever do something like that.

I shut the door, instinct pushing me to close us in together.

Dominic turns at the sound of the door closing, a savage smirk on his lips.

“Are you trying to give me ideas?” he says.

I shake my head, not wanting to seem too eager, but there’s no mistaking the pounding in my body. Lust is trying to smash through to the surface, telling me it doesn’t matter that we’re at work.

It doesn’t matter if Lizzy might hate us.

“No,” I say. “Or, maybe….”

He surges across the room, kissing me in his possessive way.

It really feels like he owns me, like he’s laying claim to me, as he pushes his tongue into my mouth, and I push mine forward to meet him.

His manhood is already hard, a giant length against my belly, as though trying to find the quickest route to start our future.

“We have to stop,” he says, breaking off the kiss for a moment.

“I know,” I whimper, my hands squeezing onto his arms, no give in his muscles at all.

He breathes huskily and then leans in again, kissing me harder, one hand rubbing my ass as the other slides around my body. He backs up a little, creating space between us to give him space to slip his hand toward my sex.

Tell him to stop. Tell him this isn’t professional.

The voice couldn’t be further away, dim and easy to ignore.

My body hungers almost painfully, my sex wet, my folds swollen and excited.

He unbuttons my pants, pushing his hand down into my panties.

I gasp, biting down, trying to keep quiet as he pushes his hand all the way in and rubs against my clit.

My body begins to move in time with him as he stares down at me, holding me captive in his gaze. His hand moves faster, rubbing my ultrasensitive clit, and then lower as he spreads wetness all over me.

He returns to my clit, making my pussy get hot and burning.

But the best part is the way he stares at me like he’s fascinated, enthralled by every noise I make…or try not to make, as I bite down, attempting to trap the pleasure sounds.