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“You’re going to cream all over my hand,” he says urgently, his husky words tickling over my ear as he leans down. “You’re going to explode for me, Danni. Just me.”

Just him.

He’s talking about this, here, what we’re doing now.

He’s not talking about forever.

But it feels that way as he keeps moving, his finger pressing firmly against my clit, making it burn even more.

My hands move like they’ve got minds of their own without me telling them to.

My fingers are busy at his belt, my instincts telling me what to do, my deep-rooted certainty that he’s the man for me.

Is it so bad to be doing something risky like this if we’re going to be together forever?

And never mind, I’ve got no clue if he feels the same.

I can’t stop.

He growls as I pull his pants down.

Staring at his cock, I gasped again, struck by how unbelievably huge it was.

It’s massive, his tip glistening with precome, his base thick. My core tingles as I imagine him pushing up inside of me, driving deep, stretching my tight pussy.

Will he ever be able to fit?

“What should I do?” I whisper.

“Whatever you want.”

“No, but…tell me, Dominic. I want you to.”

“Grab me at the base. Stroke your hand up and down. Spread that precome, so it gets nice and slick.”

We’re talking quietly, far away from the window.

Nobody could possibly see us.

These are the excuses I give myself as I reach down, wrapping my hand around his giant base.

He pulses against my hand as though trying to get harder in response to my touch.

But he’s already rock-solid, so enormous I can’t wrap my entire hand around him.

His groaning drives me on as I do as he says, stroking up and down, his precome warm against my hand as I slide down to his base.

His breath is frantic in my ear, his hand just as urgent between my legs.

We move together.

The faster he rubs at my clit – the more burning euphoria cloaks my entire body – the quicker I stroke his cock. I’ve never felt so wanted in my life, and this is so achingly new, giving pleasure…to my man, only my man.

“Just you,” I whimper, knowing I should stop. “I only want you.”

“That’s it,” he says passionately. “Say it again. Fuck. You’re driving me crazy.”

“Just me and you,” I moan, trying to keep my voice quiet, our bodies making wet noises of need, my hand slick on his cock, his fingers making my soaked pussy even wetter.

“Just us, only us,” he gasps, as though he’s hardly able to push the words out. “Fuck, keep doing that. Oh my God, Danni.”

“Yes, yes,” I whimper, my hand moving with furious speed, up and down, driven on by his possessive moans.

Outside, a dog is barking happily. There are no other rooms in this part of the shelter – one of the benefits of it being so spread out – so I doubt anybody is outside the office.

But the barking dog reminds me we’re in reality, basically in public.

But I don’t care, not as the orgasm begins to gather energy deep in my pussy, my clit flaring.

I can’t feel anything except the fire between my legs, the pressure of his cock, and his breath. His breath is as hot and vital as our pleasure, getting faster as we shift together.

“Oh, Dominic….”

I collapse against him, letting his manhood go as the orgasm thrums through me, my toes curling and my legs feeling like they might buckle.

I claw onto his side, feeling his muscles through his shirt, as tense as his cock.

“That’s it. Just for me. You’ll only ever cream like this for me.”

His words make the orgasm shatter into a million sparkling pieces, each of them offering its own spark of euphoria.

I bite down on his chest, feeling his firm pec muscles as he grunts and rubs my sore, hungry clit.

Finally, I lean back against the door, panting.

“I want you to… you know, too,” I whisper, reaching out for his cock.

He reaches over and begins massaging my breasts over my shirt, pushing them together, snarling as I stroke him up and down again.

He grunts as he explodes, come erupting from the end of his hugeness in a long powerful stream, spattering my shirt as he squeezes onto my breasts. He doesn’t do it hard, but with enough pressure to let me know who I belong to, who I’ll always belong to.

When it’s over, he stumbles back, a glassy look in his eyes.

I think he’s going to tell me he regrets it, but then he smirks.

“You’re so beautiful, Danni. So perfect.”

My body sizzles with the aftershocks of the orgasm, combined with the compliment.

“Did you mean any of that?” I suddenly say.

Maybe the hazy-headed feeling of the orgasm is giving me extra confidence.

“About it just being us? Just me and you?”



It’s Lizzy’s voice, calling from the yard below.