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His manhood is clearly defined in his chinos, so huge it makes my heart skip ahead and makes my mind swirl with the notion I’ll never be able to give him what he wants.

But no.

My core will take me to a place where it’s possible.

My core will guide me. My body needs this.

What about Lizzy, what about Lizzy….

But when he climbs onto the bed, lowering himself atop me, I forget about my best friend. I forget about all the memories we shared in high school, all the closeness, the solidarity in the face of the swirling mess that was adolescence.

All I can feel is my man’s body against mine, his muscles pushing against my breasts. And then his lips as he kisses me, our mouths opening and our tongues finding each other.

There’s an extra spark to it now, fueled by his words at the shelter. I moan as I move my hands over his back, clawing onto his firm muscles, feeling the power in each shifting sinew.

He props himself up with one hand, slipping the other down my body.

I whimper, our teeth clicking in the haziness of the passion, as his hand busies at my pants. He tears my button loose and slips his hand down my trousers.

“Oh, fuck,” he growls, moving even lower, rubbing against my wet folds and my soaked sex. “You’re ready for me. You need this.”

“Forever,” I say, looking deeply into his eyes.

A whispering, nasty voice tries to tell me I’ll come across as sounding silly.

It tries to tell me I need to remember he might not….

Feel the same?

But he does.

I could sing in happiness if it weren’t for the specter of….

But Lizzy’s name is obliterated from my mind when Dominic pushes his hand firmly against my pussy, rubbing with ferocious intention, making a growling noise of pleasure as he kisses down my neck, little sunbursts of pleasure all over my skin.

I move my hips in time with the motion of his hand, chasing the pleasure, so much more vital now I know there’s genuine emotion underpinning it.

We’re not chasing just this moment like we were in the office, but a whole life.

I gasp as he slips his finger inside of me, widening my pussy and making it ache with a possessive tingling.

My hips keep moving as though my core is directing the movement. It’s as though my hunger for a future is making us stop just a dream.

“That’s it,” Dominic says, leaning up so he can stare down at me, into me. “You have no idea how sexy you look right now. How beautiful. How mine.”

“Yes, yes,” I moan. “Yours…only yours.”

“Forever,” he groans, pumping his hand faster, heightening the euphoria between my legs.

I try not to think about his manhood, how huge it felt in my hand, and how big even his finger feels inside of me. I try not to think about the moment he tries to make our connection official – maybe even getting me pregnant the first time – and me having to tell him I can’t…..

And then, not thinking becomes easy.

All I can do is feel his possessive finger pumping in and out of me, the searing course of the pleasure, my core fluttering with every movement.

I moan loudly as the pleasure bursts out of me, flowing waves of it from deep inside.

The best part is the way Dominic groans along with me like he’s taking pleasure from giving it, snarling as he pumps his finger in and out.

I dig my fingernails deeply into his shoulders, holding on as though if I don’t, the ecstasy will send me flying up and through the ceiling.

“That’s it,” he says possessively. “Get your pussy even wetter for me. I can’t wait to feel your tightness. My cock’s the only one you’ll ever feel, Danni. Ever.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moan, but then I can’t form words anymore.

I whimper and lean forward, biting down against his chest.

He growls, and I feel his pectoral muscles tensing so hard I wonder how they don’t break my teeth.

I think the orgasm is going to end, but then it shivers inside of me, and another wave erupts, sending me backward on the bed, my body vibrating as his finger makes slick sounds against me.

“You’re drenched,” he snarls. “You’re making me so hard. I need you. I need to claim it for life. Only me, Danni. I’ll kill any other man who tries to take what’s mine, who tries to take you. I’d do anything to protect you.”

His words add to the release, letting me know it’s not just physical, letting me know there’s so much else between us.

Once the orgasm passes, Dominic rises to his feet.

“What’s wrong?” I ask.

He smirks. His eyes are hazy and intense. “Nothing. But we both need to be naked. Now.”

A quiet doubt attempts to stop me, a small voice telling me I can still stop and turn back. I can’t use Lizzy as an excuse for the other fear, the one about him being way too big and unable to fit inside me.