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But at the same time, I know I can’t anyway. Nothing could stop us now.

My hands go to my shirt, pulling at it urgently as Dominic quickly undresses.

Soon, I’m sitting naked on the silk sheets, staring up at Dominic.

He’s naked, the lamplight glistening off his hard muscled body, his abs thick with definition, his cock rock-solid and glistening with precome.



I can’t think about anything, not the implications of what we’re doing, the guilt, nothing but the sight of my woman sitting naked on the bed.

Her bare breasts were made for me, full and curvy, her nipples begging to be caressed and sucked.

Gorgeous veins move through her voluptuous tits, adding to her vivacious look, making her look so fertile I could explode right here.

Her legs are open, letting me see the pinkness of her virgin slit.

Her hair’s messy, still tied in the ponytail, but with more strands loose now. It’s still pulled back enough to highlight the beauty in her features, her slightly unsure but gentle smile, and the lust- and love-filled flush in her cheeks.

Love? Can I say that?

I feel it.

“What do I do?” she whispers.

“Lie back and spread those gorgeously thick legs. You’re making me wild.”

Her lips twitch in a smile that’s cute and sexy at the same time. “Making you wild? Are you sure you weren’t already?”

“Only when you’re around,” I say passionately, climbing onto the bed as she does as I say.

We move together…as she inches up the bed, I lean over her, staring into her eyes, and then leaning down, kissing her cheek.

She smiles, turning her face to catch my lips.

We kiss as I reach down and grab my manhood, guiding it to her sex, moving it up and down, pushing my engorged helm against her clit.

She gasps through the kiss, our teeth clicking in the urgency of our lust.

I stroke my hand up and down my huge cock, spreading the precome and the wetness from her pussy. The second I spread her juices down my length, it’s like I can feel her core screaming at me, begging me to grind up inside of her, to push deep and erupt and give her my seed…to put it where it belongs.

“Oh, oh...,” she whimpers as I begin to inch into her entrance.

I rear up, watching her as she lies back, eyes squeezed shut, clawing at the sheets. I warn myself to take it slow.

The last thing I want is for my woman’s first time to be anything less than special.

My carnal instinct, the one I’ve been trying to hold back ever since my angel appeared that morning, tries to force me to drive deeply into her, to push up like the savage part of me compels. To grind hungrily into her tight virgin pussy and feel her tightness wrapping around me.

Instead, I lean down, kissing her on the lips as gently as I can.

“This is the start,” I whisper, voice shivering with the effort of restraining myself. “Everything begins here, Danni. This is….”

I trail off as I slip inside her, feeling her wrap around me, squeezing on like a burning fist.

I gasp, biting down, struggling not to force myself in even deeper as I feel how tight she is.

She opens her eyes, staring into mine, making a gentle whimpering noise.

“You can take it,” I growl.

“Can I?” she moans, genuine curiosity in her voice.

“Yes,” I snarl, pushing a little bit deeper, feeling her young virgin hole as she holds on urgently to my back, digging her nails in.

We stay like that for a time, with me inching in slowly. She shivers against me, but then her lips start to twitch upward.

My heart pulses even faster, my balls swelling with so much seed my shaft aches with it.

“That’s it,” I whisper, kissing her again. “Give yourself to me. I’m the only man you’ll ever know. The. Only. One.”

With each word, I inch deeper, deeper….

Until I feel her wrapped around my base.

I groan as my seed rushes up and down my shaft, making my helm feel like it’s engorging even more. There’s a moment where I think I’m going to explode here, but I need to feel, to see my woman’s cream squirting down my thick cock first.

I lean back again, giving me a better view of her perfectly full tits.

We stay like this, with my cock buried all the way inside of her.

She meets my eye, her smile twitching.

“I… can… take… you….”

I smirk. “I told you, Danni.”

“It feels so different. So good. It feels so much better than I…ah, than I thought it would.”

“You feel like heaven,” I snarl as I slowly pull out, letting us feel every tiny moment of shared pleasure. “Your pussy was made for me.”

“My body was,” she moans. “Everything, Dominic, everything.”

She bucks her hips just a little, but it’s enough to tell me she wants me to slip back into her.