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“What the fuck do you think you are doing?” he asks, filling up the doorway.

“I am leaving. I am going back to my place to figure out what I am going to do.” I tell him, squaring my shoulders back. His gaze burns my skin as if I have somehow offended him. That’s rich.

“You are not going any fucking place.” He rips my bag from my hands and flings it across the room. I am so shocked I say nothing, mouth opening and closing like a guppy. “Except for right in my arms and in my bed.” What is he talking about? My mind blanked out when he said in his bed. I mean, I have been in his bed for a week, but something about the way he is staring at me and the thick air in the room, I know he means something else.

Shaking my head, I take a step back but not fast enough. He pulls me into his arms and slams his mouth onto mine. His tongue peeks out, wet and warm, licking the seam of my mouth. Whimpering, pussy throbbing and putty, I open for him, and holy moly, I almost pass out. “Does this feel like pity, precious?” Gripping his shirt, I held him to me, wanting to climb him like a tree. “You will never be anywhere but with me, baby. Never.” God, how I hope it’s true.

I feel us moving, but I am too busy swallowing his tongue, trying to keep it inside of my mouth. When my ass hits the bed, I cry out at the loss of his mouth on mine. “Sam,” I whine, not wanting him to change his mind.

“Don’t worry, precious, I am not going anywhere.” If he keeps making me feel like this, me neither.



Fuck. It’s been too damn long since I’ve been inside of her. Kissing her isn’t enough, but it feels real now that I’ve got her in my bed. More real than the first time. When I claimed her cherry and made her mine. This time, she’ll know it’s me. It’s fucking insane how jealous I am of myself. I rip myself away from her lips and pull her shirt over her head, getting my fill of her curves. She tries to cover herself in modesty, but I push her hands away. I want to see what’s mine. What will be mine for-fucking-ever.

“Don’t hide from me, Scarlett,” I tell her. “I want to see you. I want to touch every inch of your body with my tongue, lips, and cock. Let me in, Scarlett.”

“You can see me,” she says, laying her hands flat on the mattress as a blush begins to creep down from her cheeks to the tops of her breasts. The pale pink that rises there reminds me just how virginal she was the first time I took her, but it’s not lost on me how fucked up this whole thing is. She doesn’t even know I was the man who took her virginity. That I am the man who wore her fucking blood like a trophy. The irrational jealousy from before flares up again. Fuck, think of something else, dickhead, I tell myself as I run my hands over her body.

Pulling the cups of her bra down, I suck one of her nipples into her mouth. She tastes like vanilla, something that is all her, something I can’t put my finger on. I swirl my tongue around her nipple until it is a stiff peak, then I bite it. She cries out and grinds her body against me. It’s the best feeling in the world, one I can’t do without any longer.

“You are so fucking beautiful, Scarlett. Tell me you know that.” She doesn’t respond with anything other than a moan. Fuck, that sound goes straight to my balls. She doesn’t know what she does to me, but I will be telling her very fucking soon, but this can’t happen again. She has to be in my bed every night from this moment forward. I won’t be taking no for an answer.

“Sam. Please… please don’t stop,” she begs, and my cock is harder than it ever has been before. I’m leaking precum like it’s going out of style just from kissing her. I move over to her other nipple and suck it hard, then I move down her body, pulling her leggings down as I go. Then her pretty pussy is in my face; I can’t help it; I have to taste her. I lick her slit up and down before sliding two fingers into her and continue lashing my tongue across her clit. She grabs a fist full of my hair and pushes her pussy harder into my face. This is what Heaven tastes like, for sure.

“Come for me, Scarlett,” I demand, my voice no more than a growl. My thoughts run rampant with my wild desires for her. I want it all with her. A family with her is a necessity at this point. I’ve craved it since the moment I saw her.

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