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“Sam!” she screams as I am rewarded with a flood of her sweet cream. I lap it up and move back up her body. I have to be inside her now; I almost came from eating her out. Shaking my head, I stare down at her. She’s looking up at me like I hung the fucking moon. I barely get my clothes off before slamming my cock into her. As soon as I am inside her, I must stop because I am about to blow. My balls instantly tightened up. I knew this would be over embarrassingly quickly if I didn’t. Fuck. She is so tight and so wet. I could die right now and be happy about it.

“Fuck,” I shout as her tight cunt squeezes the shit out of my cock. In and out, I thrust my hips, and she meets me each time. Leaning down, I kiss her before dragging my face down her neck. I suck on her neck like a motherfucking teenager, but I want the world to see that she’s mine. Suddenly, I remember that she’s pregnant with my baby. I already bred her. She just doesn’t know that it was me that did it. God damn, I fuck her harder and harder until she comes, screaming my name. I fill her little pussy with my seed, roaring her name like the fucking beast I am. She brings this out in me. She has me doing things I would never do except for her. I keep coming, just in case my seed didn’t take the first time. She’s going to be so beautiful when she’s full of my kid.

I pull out of her, and she whines at the loss. She grabs at my chest and pulls me down to her. Our lips meet, and our tongues dance. Gone is the shy girl from the first time we had sex; in her place is this vixen. She knows what she wants, and right now, that’s me. She has no idea how that hot is to me.

Fuck, I love this woman. It would be crazy to say it now. I know that, without a doubt, she’ll run. I’d do anything to keep her by my side.

Several times throughout the night, I take her again and again. By dawn, she’s exhausted and sleeping soundly. After kissing her forehead, I climb out of bed and head into the bathroom. I jog most mornings at six, and I am already running behind. After I get out of the bathroom, I take one last look at her before heading to my closet to get dressed, knowing I’m the luckiest man in the world.




I am in a dream. I have to be. There is no way this is my reality. A reality, might I add, that I have been trying not to bring up right now. I am so flabbergasted and shocked at the last two days that I can’t seem to bring myself to believe it is real.

Two days ago, I decided to leave. To face the truth and see that all he was doing was about pity. When he realized I was leaving, he took me to his bedroom, stripped us both, and made love to me. I am calling it love because nothing else would have felt that beautiful and powerful. For hours he told me how beautiful I was and how much he cared for me. He hinted at things I didn’t know, but I was so lust and pleasure drunk by then I didn't give a moment's thought.

Between time spent between the sheets, we ate, laughed, talked about our childhoods, and told each other our dreams. Hell, he even talked me into shopping for the baby, after he fucked me into submission and made me swear I would keep it. He swore to me he would help me raise it, and the crazy thing is, I believe him. Then, last night, the dam broke.

I was sleeping, slumbering between trying to wake up to go to the bathroom and wanting to sleep forever because I am exhausted from all the aerobics. I assume he got out of bed with the thought that I was asleep, and it was the first time I saw the back of him naked. Yeah, I know, but in hindsight, I can see how careful he was to conceal that part of himself.

See, he would wait for me to go to the bathroom or walk downstairs before he got up and put a shirt on. When we were in bed, I mean, let’s be blunt, it was me on my knees, not him. And no matter how much I asked him to join me in the shower or tub, he protested, saying it was my time to relax and if he joined me, relaxing wouldn't happen. So, I let it go. Then last night, he slipped out of bed, and I rolled over as he was walking to the bathroom, and there it was, staring at me like an exclamation point.

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