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“Yes!” I lift my hips, and Elian obliges by tugging my sweats and panties off in one pull.

“And if I were to ask permission to continue touching you in places that were previously covered, you would give consent?” His fingers rove over my skin, drawing goosebumps as they trail closer to the place I desperately want him to touch.

“For fuck’s sake, Elian, I already said yes!”

He chuckles. “Okay, I’ll consider that enthusiastic.” Abruptly, Elian spreads my legs apart and lifts one, kissing his way up my inner thigh and settling the knee over his shoulder.

My entire body is trembling, and I’m resisting the urge to grab his head and move things along, or help myself by working the spot I’m dying to have touched.

With one languid flick of his tongue, Elian brings my college fantasies to life, and then gets to work proving why he has no problem getting enthusiastic consent. His mouth works my clit, sucking and swirling his tongue while he hums his enjoyment. Right as I start to get used to the sensation and frustrated that it’s not increasing, he presses first one, then a second finger inside me, working the ‘come here’ gesture in tandem with his tongue movement that starts the tension coiling in my belly, speeding toward release.

My fingers find their way into his hair, pressing against him as my hips buck. I swear I hear him chuckle, but I don’t have space to think about it… this just feels like everything I hoped it would be. We move faster together. He knows my hushed sighs and writhing mean I’m close, and when I finally reach the pinnacle of pleasure, I bite down on my lip to keep myself from shouting.

I wait several seconds for my body to stop clenching and my muscles to go slack, and then I whisper, “fuuuuuuck,” in one long, drawn-out breath.

“My thoughts exactly.” Elian slides up my body, slightly out of breath. He leans down to kiss me, and I drag his face to mine. Like the spring in a wind-up toy, my body is already loading for round two, and I want to give him my enthusiastic consent for that as well.

I tug on his shirt, and he pauses kissing me for only a few seconds, leaning back to strip it off before returning. My greedy fingers explore his skin, enjoying the hot, smooth feel of his chest and back, before running lower.

Abruptly, I stop and push at his shoulders.

“Is everything okay?” He asks, breathless.

Now it’s my turn to be coy. “Mister Vargas, do I have your enthusiastic consent to remove the rest of your clothing? And to avail myself of your body to seek my own pleasure?”

“Mama you have my consent to do whatever you want,” he growls playfully, nipping at my ear. My fingers find the button on his fly and quickly tug it loose before he rolls over to strip the pants off. In seconds he’s back, the crinkling of a foil packet in his hand. More serious now, he asks, “Are you sure this is what you want, Sloane?”

I can’t help laughing. “Elian, I’ve wanted you for four years. Let’s do this already.”

Needing no further encouragement, he kisses me passionately, then leans back and puts on the condom.

Once more stretched out above me, I can now feel him pressing against me, hot between my legs. When his mouth meets mine again, it’s with slow, tender kisses, gently sucking on my lips or teasing my tongue with his. My legs widen to welcome him, and he presses slowly, taking his time until he’s completely within me.

Unable to be patient any longer, my hips buck up to gain that last little inch, and then we move in tandem. It’s slow, sweet lovemaking, the kind you always see on movies when they gaze adoringly into each other’s eyes.

And there is a bit of that.

But soon enough the passion takes over again, and we’re changing angles, seeking more friction, racing for the release that’s heading toward us like a freight train.

This time, I do a terrible job of keeping my voice down. I realize seconds later that I made an awful lot of noise, and throw a hand over my mouth with wide eyes.

Elian freezes. We both hold our breath and listen for any telltale footsteps outside my door.

After nearly a minute and no sound, I draw in a relieved breath.

“Wow, you arenoisy,” he teases, settling on his side next to me. “I had no idea.”

“What, did you think I’d be silent?” I laugh. “I thought you knew me better than that.”

“I do.” His voice is gentle, and he strokes a tender finger over my cheek. “I just didn’t realize I’d like it so much.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself?” I say awkwardly, like it’s a question.

“Shut it, you know that’s not what I meant. I meant I like the sounds you make,” Elian says softly. “Of course I enjoyed myself, but I enjoy listening to you enjoy yourself, too.”

“Oh,” I’m glad it’s dark enough that he can’t see the flush on my cheeks. “Well, from now on, let’s just assume you have my enthusiastic consent to do that any time, unless I state otherwise.”

“Fair enough,” he chuckles.

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